SmartLipo - Still Living with the Nightmare After 1 Year

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No pain - will go back to work the next day is...

no pain - will go back to work the next day is what the saleswomen said. Board Certified Dr. big lie. Sent me home vomiting my toenails. 6 hours home, husband had to call ambulance after losing consciouness. ER doctor's called clinic to tell them I was at the hospital and they said "sorry we don't treat complications" and hung up. 3 day hospital stay, lidocaine overdose diagnoses. 27 days off work, wore the garment 24 hours for a good three months. Couldn't take off for 7 months. Still feel pain after 1 year and 5 days. Abs stomach and flanks are now full of scare tissue and feel like I've been doing set-ups non-stop for a month. I also weigh 20 lbs more then before the procedure. - Just be happy with what God has given you.

Sono Bello

My first clue should have taken place when "meeting the doctor" before hand usually didn't happen, but they made it available to me. Upon arriving for procedure they started filling me full of narcatics, waited half an hour and then had me sign all the consent forms which indicated everything I'd been told so far, may not have been true and If I backed out I couldn't get any $$$ back. Dr. took cell phone calls during the entire procedure and WAS NOT board certified as advertised. Assistant changed blood pressure reading on records when the Dr. told her "never to document a blood pressure like that on records"

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