31, 5'10" 160lbs. 36a, 492cc mod+ , Looking to Restore Fullness and Loss of Volume After 3 Pregnancies and Breastfeeding

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I have decided to review under here to help women...

I have decided to review under here to help women who are specifically looking into natrelle which my surgeon prefers. He showed me these and Mentor on his table and the mentor seemed to cave in the middle and has a more abrupt edge. I was thinking about doing a BA along with a TT but with limited healing time before I go back to work, the BA was my priority. I have tried on sizers but not with the surgeon present so I go for my preop next week and am excited to get his opinion, I've had so many on here and I need some assurance. He wants mod+ on me but he said a minimum of 500. He also said a lift is recommended but then he said i should be ok without, i could decide later down the road to do it under local anes. His assistant briefly mentioned a bwd of 14. The 492 looked great in their provided 38C bra, the 533 was spilling a little out in the middle but I know I will lose some cc going under the muscle. Too.many .choices. Others have told me to go with hp to help with roundness at top but I'm concerned with being too round and fake looking. I have tons of saved photos. It's so hard because some look great at 600 and some women look huge with 350 any suggestions would be great!

Allergen chart

here's a link for a chart I found online that helps with the profiles, cc's and dimensions for Allergen Natrelle

I originally posted under the mommy makeover but...

I originally posted under the mommy makeover but I'm waiting on the TT until next year or after, I just don't have enough recovery time this summer. I'm 5'10 and 160lbs. Decided on 492 silicone mod+ by allergen. The inspira line is highly filled versus mentor. My BWD is 13.5-14 so the 492 fit in that range. I don't want to be a DD so I decided against the hp which would have to be 600-650 for the width to work. My doctor is pretty straight forward but I was really tossed up between the 492 and 533 initially. Excited but very nervous for Monday. I have purchased a couple cheap bras that have front closures but that's about it.

All done!!!

So I'm home since 1245 or so. Surgery was about 915. Everything went well and the staff was wonderfull! Kept my mind and anxiety at ease or at least tamed it down a lot! Got 492 mod+ and im happy. right now just sternum and muscle pressure, took 1 percocet on ride home and now it's kicking in! trying to rest but thats hard for me so just laying in a very quiet place and drinking water to flush out the anesthesia. Ill post pics from today and some before pics from last night in my favorite bra( it was but that thing was sooooo worn out, I'll be glad to chunk it. hoping the hubby can Figure out how to make homemade chicken noodle soup, ive been craving but he is taking care of the 3 boys right now, i think they are outside in the yard. any questions feel free to ask! Thanks everyone !!

1 day post op

Well this morning was rough! Very, very stiff. Didn't take a pain pill last night so I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed, my husband also elbowed me 2x in my right boob in his sleep, ouch! Ate some toast and some fruit then took my keflex and a pain pill. Just called the surgery center and she said everything sounds normal but I could come in if I wanted to. I don't think I need to, I'll wait till my post op visit Friday. Also asked about ice, she said that constricts more so she said use a hot pack for about 15 min or so. I have one thats cloth that you put in microwave. I just want to use it up high by collar bone where it's tight, I'll see if that helps and let you know. I haven't been nauseous at all but I am going to start taking physillium husk tablets I've had in my cabinet to help get my bowels going, it's just fiber, not a laxative. Hope everyone has a great day!

Swelling Question

well, its day 2 post-op and this swelling hasn't gone down, at all...has anyone else experienced swelling into their armpit area, its so tight its a little numb or at least I cant really feel a lot when I touch there, and a burning sensation comes and goes. I also still feel like I cant take deep breaths or like I want to cough but I cant. any advice would be great! my post-op isn't until Friday but I may see if something has opened up for tomorrow, I haven't taken this surgical bra off, they told me not to so I haven't even peeked :)

Pics..day 2 post op...swelling!

First day out

Well I decided to ride with my husband and boys to my youngest sons appt. It's about a 30 min drive. Didn't realize opening doors and getting a seat belt on would be so tough I feel like the swelling has gone down some. I haven't taken any pain pills since yesterday morning. I was able to put makeup on and my husband pulled my hair into a bun. It's just nice to get dressed and feel semi normal. We stopped into a local bagel shop and maybe I just am overanalyzing but I felt like I got stares...you can kinda see my straps of the surgical bra, my appt is tomorrow at 845 so I'm excited to see what's going on under there. Still very numb in 2 areas, right side by my armpits and my entire left nipple. Happy healing everyone!

1st post op appt.

So I finally got to see them, I think they are what I envisioned size wise and I know they will drop and get fuller so I'm good with that. I did ask about the left incision area burning more, in surgery he lowered the fold then realized it would give me a double bubble look so he closed and redid it how he did the right side. He said absolutely do not push on the right side, so no band for me, and keep them very supported in this surgical bra for 2 weeks then switch to one which covers lower than my incision. No lifting my arms more than 90 degrees up either. When the tech took my bra off if was a very weird feeling, like I was going forward lol, didn't realize how much this bra holds them in. I go back on Aug 19th for another check. All stitches are either internal or will fall out on their own. I can finally shower. He did put some cushy type tape under my left incision and also used the tape to bring my nipple up on the left. He said if I need a revision it will be no charge to me...hopefully I don't but nice to hear


Finally figured out how to do this layout. I know it's super early but here so far! The cleavage was me laying down last night

Not a good boob photographer but I'm learning slowly lol

I think these are better angles than the ones in the surgeons office this morning. And as a side note, this tummy bloat is a real thing...it's awful! Plus I took a pic of one of my incisions, the right side. Left side has lots of tape across it . Sent s pg13 one to hubby while he is at work at the hospital. He was in the vehicle with kids during my appt so he hasn't seen them yet either

Updating today because...I just feel better!

About to leave for a peach festival at a local orchard (free peach ice cream, yay!) Last night I handwashed my surgical bra and hung it up to dry so I tested out a zip front genie bra sz lg...it was very tight but it worked, nice back support and also coverage below my incisions like they told me. So I slept in that. Also just for fun tried on a 36d bra and it fit ok, large gap between the bra and my skin in the center but my boobs don't move much now so who knows if it will still fit later down the road. I'm getting more range of motion back and the swelling keeps going down daily....I rubbed vitamin oil on them last night because of my existing stretch marks and also I noticed my nipples were peeling! Don't know if anyone's experienced this before. Ive also most definitely gained ay least 5lbs and my stomach just feels bloated..I may try a veggie/fruit 1day cleanse thats in my fridge, my brother gave me to try for my bday and he loves their products. hope everyone has a pleasant Saturday! Thanks for reading my review????????

Swimsuit, just for fun

So I have a top I love, wore it while I was still breastfeeding my youngest and it fit, but never really filled it completely out, I think they looked saggy. Anyway, found the pic of me wearing it a couple years ago and tried it on tonight for fun. It's a szlarge and the cups are pretty decent.

Pic by request from another user (took off the tape on my left side just for picture)

Went to the beach and boardwalk for games and rides today with hubby and boys. They start school soon and we are running out of time! I honestly didn't think about my boobs very much today, only on a few rides with my kids. I guess that's a good thing. I wore my genie bra today because it was going to be a 100 and that surgical bra I can't wear with most of my summer tops. Anyway, I used a very small safety pin to hold it together at the top in case it decided to unzip like a few days ago, it actually worked lol. Got a dress from zulily that is kind a of a babydoll type top (if i am saying that right) and its a large but i feel like it looks strange because the top part doesnt go under my boobs and become fitted it just sits on them and then flares from there so it almost looks maternity style, maybe i can get a belt or use a thin scarf to tie under there. I go Friday for my 2nd post op. Hopefully I can see my scars and ask him a few more questions

2nd post OP appt. And bra/bathing suits

Went for my checkup and he took all the tape off and said my incisions were healing very nicely. They look long to me but I can't see them so it doesn't bother me. Also I mentioned again that my left nipple is still numb, he said he has never seen it before but one of my nerves ran right down the center and it had to be cut...but he says I should get feeling back within 6 weeks, I just am concerned and I always worry so I'm hoping what he says is true. He said I can wear a regular bra without underwire for now until I get feeling under my right breast. Went to a local store in my town and they hardly had any selection, ended up not buying any but I posted the pics and let me know what you think, they were sizes 36d and 36dd. I also got a nice dress on clearance that I going to wear tomorrow for my 11th wedding anniversary, I just am going to put nipple covers on, hope a night without a bra is ok?? I got a bathing suit from amazon, it just came today and it's a sz 10, I'm thinking I may need a 12, looks a little small to me. Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Some more progres pics

Bra shopping

Went to VS on Tuesday looking for a comfy non-underwire bra, ended up buying some bras that were on clearance also with wires. They sized me at 34dd and some 34ddd. The 36 band width I've always worn was incorrect and also made me look too wide.
The bra i have pictured is a push up non underwire with pretty lace fabric, it's a 34dd.

Bathing suits

Ordered a dozen off Amazon and I am really liking Jessica Simasons brand. I am pretty modest so it's hard to cover them up but still look my age. Also have a comfy sports bra ive been wearing, its Danskin sz large. Any suggestions??

More pics to see progress

All bras and 1 bathing suit top I had before my BA, just took pictures to see my progress


Had my stitches out yesterday and they feel better already, still a little sore. I don't notice them much throughout the day, they are starting to feel a part of me. Went to VS again and tried on some more bras now that I'm cleared. I'm measuring a 34ddd/36dd. Pushup bras make me look huge so my favorite is the dream angels lined bras, no padding. The best fit was the 34ddd.

More pics, clicked upload by accident


They feel like my own now, no more pain or swelling. Still some areas of numbness but sensation is coming back very slowly.

Bra updates

Hey there! Ordered some Wacoal bras off Amazon to try, 34ddd seemed to fit good, 34dd in one style and 36dd was a little too big in the cup. 1st pic is me wearing a VS no wire push up

Scar, fluff and bra updates

Found some bras as VS during a flash sale for 19.99 and they are ones I've been eyeing but just didn't want to spend 60 each on. Also showing how squishy and soft they have become and my scar updates, raising my arms not very noticeable, but from underneath they are still pretty dark. I'm still measuring In a 34dd but I feel like I spill a little bit out in some styles, they didn't have any in 34ddd for me to try on. I'm happy so far, I know they could've been bigger and lifted but I'll wait on that!
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