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I'm just under two weeks away from my surgery. I'm...

I'm just under two weeks away from my surgery. I'm having a breast lift, full tummy tuck and liposuction. I'm excited and can't wait to feel "normal". I have significant stretch marks and extra fat and skin. My 1st son was 10lbs 3 1/2 oz and did a number on me. 15 years later I had my second son. Between the two pregnancies my breasts have also deflated. In a bra they don't look bad. I have a good amount of tissue, just too much skin making them sag. The only thing I'm struggling with is stopping smoking completely. About two years ago I started smoking again after being smoke free for 10 years. I'm only smoking a few a day, 3-4 sometimes less and some days non at all. I'm down to one a day and I've read all the reviews saying stop stop stop. But the closer I get the more I want that ONE. How bad is one a day really?

so after my last post

So after my last post I felt that one cig before bed wasn't all that bad. So as normal I had one and then 3 puffs in I had an epiphany. I was having it out of habit, not really want or need. With the few I have a day I dont have a "need" for them. Rarely do I ever have a craving, I just enjoy smoking. So after my 3 puffs I put it out and decided that I really am gaining nothing by smoking that "one" before surgery but possibly causing problems for myself. It's just not worth it to risk anything, no matter how small the risk. I've wanted this surgery for over 20 years now and it is my time to shine!

issues scheduling surgery

So yesterday the surgery center called to get some pre-op info. After finding out that my mother had Malignant Hyperthermia she tells me that they cannot do my surgery. It's their policy that even if I've never had any issues with anesthesia, the potential is there since this diagnosis can be genetic. I'm freaking out because I'm only a week away! I should never have been scheduled there. I told my Dr about this at our consultant so I would've assumed he was aware of this policy. I have to be done at the hospital instead. I really hope the same time I s available. It's important since I've scheduled my time off for recovery. And now there will probably be additional costs too.....ugh!!! I paid in full, no insurance would cover this, this is all me.

I'm crushed.....they cancelled my surgery!!!

So at my consultation it was never noted in my chart that my mother had Malignant Hyperthermia. I was only one week away and now it's been taken away from me. I have to get a genetic test done to see if I have this too. If it was noted like it should've been I could've had this taken care of already. I am so sad, disappointed, angry.....you name it. Has any else ever had to get this test done?

back to the drawing board...

So after speaking with the medical director of the surgery center, it's been decided that under no circumstances with they perform my surgery there. Not even with a negative test result. My Dr immediately issued me a complete refund without even being asked. Although they did not include my initial consultation fee...I'll be requesting that soon. They really dropped the ball. I asked for them to get me a quote for using the hospital, but I'm sure it's going to outrageous. In the mean time I have scheduled a consultation with Dr. Perrotta. He does not use the surgery center, but has on site operating rooms at his facility. Now it's back to the beginning and starting this process all over again.....but the dream to get "me" back is not dead.

2 new consultations scheduled

So the devastation of having my surgery canceled the week before it was supposed to happen has worn off. I am not letting this dream die. I have two consultations scheduled for next week. I'm still waiting for the old Dr to call me back with a quote to use the hospital. I've waited 20 years what's a few more weeks right?

so original PS no longer an option

On Wednesday I called the office to see if they had gotten my quote to use the hospital instead of the surgery center. I've been waiting for a week and a half and have heard nothing from them. They said they were waiting until the end of the week and if they still hadn't heard they'd call the hospital again. Today I received a copy of a letter that was sent to my GP stating that they are advising me not to have any elective surgery until my risk of Malignant Hyperthermia has been evaluated. The only definitive test available for this is a muscle biopsy ($6000-$10000). I am kind of pissed that they didn't just tell me upfront when I called. I've been waiting thinking they were working on a new price when they never intended on ever doing my surgery. I understand the seriousness of MH but I am not the first to ever have this family history. Now I'm sitting here, loan completed, cash in hand and no surgery. I will not omit this info from a consultation just to get the surgery done. My health is more important, but I still have the dream of getting "me" back. Two new PS consultations this week. I hope they both will consider doing my surgery.

two new consultations and I've made my choice!!!

So I had two consultants this week. The first one with Dr. Arrington and the second with Dr. Perrotta. Dr. Arrington was nice, but not very informative. Short answers to my questions and didn't explain the procedure. Dr. Perrotta on the other hand explained in detail the procedure. He drew on the white board to show me the type of incision he uses for the BL too. He doesn't feel that i need lipo, he could feel my hip boness and upper ab wall easily. I'd like my outer thighs done but he only does two procedures at a time max. So maybe later. He also addressed my family history issue of malignant hyper. He was confident that there would be no iss u e. He would consult with the anesthesiologist and make sure to avoid using succinylcholine, which is the triggering agent. I feel very comfortable and confident with my choice. I am soooooo excited! In a month I'll be on a whole new journey to a new me!!

Surgery is scheduled....3 weeks away!!

So after meeting two new ps, and making a choice I am absolutely thrilled with I called to schedule. They are able to get me in in just 3 weeks! New surgery date is scheduled for April 24th! I am getting soooooo excited!

just want to thank everyone

Before coming across this community, I felt like I was the only woman who looked like I do. I had a 10 lb baby when I was just 17 years old, so i went from being a kid just starting to understand her body to one completely embarrassed by it. I've never felt comfortable in my own skin. 15 years after my oldest son was born I had another. I've got a senior in college (almost 22) and a kindergartener (6), crazy right?! I've wanted to have this surgery for a very long time. All of you have made me feel so much more normal than I've ever felt before. My body is like your and yours is like mine. We all having varying degrees of stretch marks, extra fat and skin and it's not from anything I did wrong. It's actually norm to look like i do. Now as "normal" as I've felt within this community, does NOT mean I don't want my surgery. I want to feel sexy, confident and hold my head up high! Everyone on here is so supportive, understanding and encouraging. I am a little nervous but 100% excited. So thank you all for sharing your pictures, stories, pro and cons and tips. I appreciate it!

Pre-op appointment is tomorrow!

I am getting sooooo excited! My pre-op appt is tomorrow morning and I will be just 2 weeks away from the new me. I have a high pain tolerance so I am not worried about recovery. I know it will be bad but just for a short time and it'll all be worth it. I'm a "non" worrier by nature and always have a positive look on things. So I'm not worried, just excited and can't wait for 4/24 to get here!! I know I've picked an excellent PS and feel confident that he will work his magic to get my body back. Woohoo!!!

count down!

So the preop appt went well. I didn't sleep the night before...nervous, anxious, excited idk, but I was up every hour. They took pictures, measurement for my binders and answered any last minute questions I had. The Dr also suggested to lipo the Mons. I agreed. Now I'm all set. I got my antibiotic and pain med prescription and a thick info packet to read over. It has the dos and don'ts, what to expect, possible side effects etc. Now I need to pick up my recovery supplies, put together some freezer meals, clean and keep myself busy for the next 11 days.

Keeping busy with "before" shots...this wait is going to drive me crazy!!

So I'm going stir crazy waiting for these last few days to pass. I am so excited to start a new chapter in my life. I know this will also jump start my weight loss again. I've been stuck for about 6-8 months. I am currently 5'5" and 198.4 as of this morning, but I fluctuate between 194 and 199, I'm assuming water weight. Anyway I wanted to stay busy and thought that I'd post a few more "before" photos for everyone. I know that I have been on here everyday looking for women who have similar body types so hopefully I can help someone too.

12 hours left

So I'm just under 12 hours from my surgery!! I've been extremely calm and have no worries. I am just excited to finally get my body back. I wanted to post my measurements as of today. Chest - 44" under breasts - 36" waist at the BB - 39" and hips - 46". I'm not having lipo, my ps will only do two sx at one time so I don't expect hips to go down. Hopefully after muscle repair my waist will shrink a bit though. Now I need to try and get to sleep.....somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

made it through to the flatside!

I'm less than 10 hours post op and feeling great! I did get a few minutes of nausea preop after drinking the liquid to neutralize my stomach acid. It tasted like a liquid sweetheart, and on an empty stomach it felt funny. No vomiting but a few minutes I was worried I would. Then just as quickly it was gone and I felt fine. My surgery went well and was completed in 4hours. I'm laying comfortably surrounded by pillows on my couch. I have not yet seen a thing! Cg and binder for breasts are to stay in place until po appt on Tuesday. I'll post pics then. I have a walker with wheels to help me get around. Ps says to stay hunched over. It's kind of surreal that it is done! Good luck to everyone still waiting. Ill post any new developments, and pics soon!

3days post-op and feeling great

So I'm 3 days PO and feeling pretty great. I'm staying on top of my pain meds taking 1 every 4 hours. I'm also taking several vitamins, a benadryl (Percocets make me itchy) and an antibiotic. My drain fluids are starting to become clearer and produce less. They haven't bothered me all that much. I've been camping out on the couch with tons of pillows and cushy blankets making me quite comfortable. With help I can get up and down pretty easily. I do have a walker so that's been very helpful getting me around the house without any issues. I've been peeing like crazy but still have not had a BM. I don't feel uncomfortable but will probably start taking some benafiber. I was instructed to leave bandages on until tomorrow so I haven't seen a full view yet. Only little peeks where the cg has come loose. I was preparing myself for a much worse recovery from what I'd been reading, but it hasn't been all that bad. My lower back is a little stiff from hunching over and a tug now and then on the drain but otherwise very manageable. I can't for my "reveal" tomorrow. I'll post pics soon.

5 days PO

I am now 5 days PO and feeling wonderful. I can almost stand completely straight and can now get up and down without any help at all. I no longer need the walker to get around. My lower back does get sore if I stand for too long but it is a minor inconvenience. I finally took some pictures today. I am definitely swollen but see a HUGE improvement. I am in love with my boobs! I did not get any implants just a lift, but it has been over 20 years since I have seen them "UP" not laying sadly on my tummy. PS says that they will settle into the normal shape in a couple weeks and the nipples will point out as the bottom fills out. He just wanted to make sure that there was plenty of tissue pushed up to get the upper pole fullness and youthful look. Even though they are still shaped funny I loved them! Zero pain with them! A small twinge now and again that is probably the nerves but that is it. Now on to my belly NO MORE FLABBY LAPWARMER!!! It still feels kind of surreal that this in now my tummy and I love it. Yes I still have stretch marks, but a ton were removed along with the fatty stretched skin. I am swollen, as we all are at this point but I still think I look great. The marks I do have left are all at the bb or below, no longer do I have to panic at the thought of my shirt riding up and looking like a monster. My bb is kind of a weird shape right now but i attest that to being swollen and only 5 days PO. Stitches from my boobs and bb come out tomorrow. This was the best thing I could've ever done for myself! I took a shower yesterday and for the first time (FIRST) time in our marriage I did not try to cover myself up, hide behind the towel, or rush to quickly dress in front of my husband. He helped me into the shower and waited unitl I was done to get me out and dry me off. I felt good...even great for him to see me, no longer do I have to feel ashamed of my body. So here are my first pics. Thanks ladies for being so supportive and getting me through to the flat side!!

who still needs meds?

So I'm 9 days PO and still taking Percocet every 4.5-5 hours. I got a refill last week when some of the stitches were removed. I had it filled thinking that's all I'd need. Yesterday I skipped a dose and was miserable then when I finally took one and it kicked it I was able to be comfortable again. So obviously skipping doses won't work so I'm trying to just stretch out the time between each pill. I go back to the ps on Tuesday to get the rest of the stitches and my drains out. YES my drains are still in and one side is irritated, red and swollen. I hate to sound like a junkie, or a wuss but I think I need another refill. Is this normal to still need the meds?

2 week PO pics

3weeks PO

New measurements .... chest 43", bra line 36", waist 36" and hips 46". Not a huge difference, but I do still have swelling. 1 inch down in breasts, since I only had lift and didn't want reduction or implants. I am happy with the size of my breasts and they are almost completely rounded out. I do have a stitch that's bothering me though. I'm wearing sports bras without any underwire but it's still getting irritated. At the end of the anchor incision there is a loop of dissolveable suture that sticks out and my bra rubs it. I've tried to put a band aid over it to keep it from sticking up, and then some gauze but it's still sore. My waist is down 3" and that makes me very happy. Still little swelling but it comes and goes throughout the day, and most is lower at the incision. Almost all scabs are gone, so hopefully by the weekend I can start using my essential oils ( rosehip seed and tamanu) and the Scar away silicone sheets. My incision looks great, a nice thin line. It is still raised, but time will flatten that out. I did not have any lipo so no change in hip measurements. I can't wait to be able to get back to the gym so I can start working on my thighs and arms!! Lastly my BB.....it is turning out sooooo cute! At first it had that stretched "I had a tummy tuck" look to it, kind of like the trek symbol . Not what I wanted but better that before, but as time has gone by it is rounding out! Yay, I'm actually going to have a cute round little BB......I'm even getting excite to go bathing suit shopping!

feeling good

So I went to the ps on Friday and they took out all of the sutures that were irritating me. All of the knots at the ends of the incisions were still poking out under the breast and on my hips. They also took off a piece of sachet in my BB. Now it feels so much better and my clothes don't irritate. Yesterday I started wearing the silicone sheets and was surprised how comfortable they are. Now I just need to wait out the next couple weeks until I get the ok to start back at the gym. I need to get the rest of me to match my perky boobs and flattened tummy!

It's been so long since I've updated

So I've been enjoying my summer with my new body and have neglected to update. It's kind of a good thing since I don't have any complaints, side effects, healing issues etc. Since my last update I have felt like a new me. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and am working on toning my muscles to compliment my new sleek tummy. My breast have dropped into a beautiful tear drop shape that not only look natural, but stay put when I take off my bra woohoo!!! For the first time in forever I haven't worn a bra under my swim suit!! Like who does that?? Me...I used to always wear a strapless bra under my bathing suit. Not comfortable at all. And this year it's been a bikini. Never in my life, not even as a kid have I worn a two piece. Not anymore....my belly is showing and TAN!! My scar is healing beautifully, no longer raised but just a darkened line that will lighten up as time goes on. And it's so low that no one knows or can see it even with a bathing suit. My doctor did an awesome job and I would recommend him to anyone.
Vincent J. Perrotta

From my initial consultation through the follow up care Dr. Perrotta and his staff have been wonderful. For me this was an emotional decision since I've felt uncomfortable in my own skin for over 20 years. Everyone there put me at ease and were encouraging and excited for me and my upcoming transformation. Dr. Perrotta explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed at any of my appts. His work is professional and thorough. I felt he gave me excellent suggestions for the outcome I was looking for. Right before surgery he did his markings and took his time to measure and re-measure, and my results are fantastic. My stretch marks are now below my bb and my scar is low and thin. I've had no complications, very manageable pain the first week and would recommend him to anyone looking for a reputable, professional and caring PS! I would do it all over in a second!!

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