32 Year Old Mommy of 3. Size 44g Breast. Hoping for Large C to D - Salisbury, MD

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Well I guess I'll start from the beginning I start...

Well I guess I'll start from the beginning I start developing breast in 5th grade. By the time I made it to Middle School they were a large C. Which was weird considering no one else had any boobs at that time. I can remember being picked on constantly by boys, I just always hated them. Getting attention for all the wrong reasons even from grown behind men. When I graduate high school I was a triple D breast. All through High School the back pain and neck pain just only got worse. After I had my first child they increased with breastfeeding they never went down. And in the last three years I've had two kids and breastfed the both of them and they increasingly got larger. Now I have the shoulder indentations that sink down probably close to an inch and the neck pains and headaches and I'm just done.
I can't wait until Tuesday to get here so I can be on the other side of surgery. I Won't Say I'm too scared a little nervous nothing too bad it may pick up the closer I get to my surgery day. My only it's you that I'm scared of is just waking up from surgery you know getting home to my kids. Here where I'm getting my surgery done I have to stay in the hospital for 24-Hour observation before I can go home. My expectation from this surgery is that they are smaller I'm not too caught up on the size as long as they look pretty good the surgeon that is doing my surgery, he did my neighbors and hers are fabulous. So if I get even a little bit close to her look I'll be happy. I will add a few before pictures later.

Day Before Surgery....feeling a little scared

This time tomorrow....I will be at hospital waiting on my surgery to start. I just need to stay busy so my mind won't start thinking to much on it. I can't believe its finally my time. I guess my next post will be from the other side of surgery. I know I promised pictures and I will post some before pictures hopefully tonight.

As Promised here are Pictures

I met with my plastic surgery on Monday. Had a few questions basic things that I saw that you ladies have posted about. It's about 8 hours before surgery feel a little nervous but looking forward to getting it done and over. My post earlier today I promise pictures before my surgery. I don't know if I'll get to update you guys tomorrow hopefully I will. I really love that I found this website it really helped me to get a better grasp of what's going to happen tomorrow and thank you guys for sharing your story.

Had my surgery today

Hamot Surgery today seems like all went well. I've been feeling sick all day throw it up a few times and get comfortable but overall happy. They seem to be really small I don't have any pictures yet maybe I'll be able to do something tomorrow just wanted to update.

Day 2

I am know home. Been super tired today. These pills have me so high. Over all pains not so bad. They are really small I don't have any pictures yet but hopefully tomorrow. The plastic surgeon said they took off almost 10 lbs. They also removed my drains out this morning really didn't hurt getting them took out.

24 hours after surgery

Well here are my girls now. They are smaller but I think they will be really nice once they are healed up. Sorry for so many typos in this post but as I stated before I've been taking a lot of the pain medication.

The swelling is getting really bad

WHAT CAN I DO I AM SO SWELLED UP AND TIGHT ACROSS THE CHEST I CAN'T breathe? Should I go back to hospital???

I have had a bad last few days

Hello everyone over the last two days I've been dealing with a lot of swelling make it hard to breathe but I finally feel like I'm turning the corner a little bit. Today I visited plastic surgery for the first time since surgery I'm not for sure what's supposed to happen today but I'll update you guys as well what he says. This by far has been the toughest surgery ever. I've had two C-sections and they will both were quite painful but this has been a ride. I am just about 1 week post-op so hopefully this week will be a lot better than last. I will say I am loving the size more and more. If i get a chance i will get my husband take more pictures for me later today. Don't worry my shorts have been washed. I guess with my husband taking care of things they seem to be on top of the clean clothes pile and hekeeps putting them back on me.

More pictures

Well Visit the plastic surgeon today not much to tell. He didn't remove the steri-strips he said everything looks good I'll see him again in a week basically said if the stereo-strips start to come up.just start to trim them off as they come off. I must say today is day 6 and it has by far been a better day thank God looking for better days ahead.

Hello everyone

Sorry I haven't updated in few days. Wasn't much to talk about tightness in my chest is getting better and my left breast is way less sore then right. I haven't added any new pictures because tape is mostly still on. Did anyone else end up with really bad headaches after this procedure? Been having them around the clock last five days. Hopefully its from the medicine I read it can be a side effect. Mostly throughout the day as well as anyone but physically I'm starting to feel a lot better. Will update soon. With more pictures.

Almost 2 weeks out

Well today has been my first day back working. It wasn't terrible but I've noticed some new swelling especially in my right breast and I had a weird bruise on my left breast. The tape on the bottow of my breast have started to come off. I want to say the scars don't look bad but my breast are uneven. I normally not one to complain but I am a little unhappy with this but hey they are smaller and no one but my husband will be looking at them like that but with they where are more even and I think one's a little bigger but there still seems to be a lot of swelling.

Today I have had smaller breast 3 weeks

Well here my update. I am starting to wonder if I will ever feel normal again I am healing very slow. Its been 3 weeks an I still can't do most things I need to be able to do. All the area in my incision is very very tight I still can't even wash my underarms because I can't reach because of the tightness. I'm thinking that I may need to add some muscle relaxers but I will check with the plastic surgeon about that. I still have steri-strips around me nipples down T cut. Wondering how long it will be before they are completely off this tape is doing a number on my skin. I am in need a retail therapy be feeling a little depressed because nothing fits the same anymore without the big girls. Looking forward to being healed so I can find things that work for my new body. Will post more pictures after tape comes alway off. As for me scars under breast I don't think they will be bad at all. Its great being able to vent on here with you lady's. I am praying things get better before Christmas.

Put on a dress i have had for years

Tried on a dress i have had for years but never wore it because my boobs have been to big for it.....well it fits perfectly. Only thing that made me smile today. Everything else has to be replaced because way to big in the chest area now.

I will be glad when this is all over

I saw the plastic surgeon office on Thursday, I have caught an infection in the incision on my right breast. Now I noticed I have an opening in the area where bottow breast meet the incision that runs from my nipples. I am so jealous of people who have had the surgery and it's been a walk in the park I've not been away from me. A few days shy of a month and I can still barely get a shower I do anything looking forward to getting this healed and over with. I know I need to be patient but man he said I should be feeling better and about a week long over that week.

I am sorry its been so long a whole Month

Hello everyone I am sorry it has been so long didn't even know ao much time had passed. I am starting to feel a lot better still have some trouble with reaching up for things and I am reall sore after a long day. I am still wearing my sports bra 24/7. When take off bra they get tighter right away. My infection is finally healing up not really draining anything anymore. Mighty jump it's holding up better now looking forward to then heading up completely. I'm falling more in love with them in 2017.

4 months update

Hello just updating my journey. Overall things are healing and looking nice. I finally got infection on my right side all cleared. I been hitting the gym aince the beginning part of January. Its crazy how much more I can do without my old breast. I still have a few things that hurt like quickly rolling over in my bed but I can lay on my side and can tolerate laying on my stomach for small amount of time now. The sensation in nipples hasn't really returned ???? but I can deal with it if its permanent. Here are a few updated pictures.
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Dr. Arrington's office has been wonderful. This has been a quick process. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.

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