8 Years Later, Still Love the Results.

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The school year would end and a new one would...

The school year would end and a new one would begin. I saw "Mother Nature" work her art on the girls in my class, but I looked the same every year. I always thought I looked like a boy. I was thin, had an athletic sort of build but always wanted a fuller female figure.

At about 35 years old I decided that I was ready for implants. I had watched the TV show "Storm In A D Cup" (I think it was BBC) and it answered my questions. This was an extraordinarily personal decision. I didn't choose to do this for a man, not for anyone but me. I wanted to buy bras, to wear clothes that looked good, not pad my bras and hope no one noticed.

My breasts were almost A cup and had an odd shape. I hated them.

I went to the surgeon, told him I wanted a D cup and I was ready to get this ball rolling. We scheduled the appointment, I got the surgery done and went home.

The first night was terrifying! I didn't know what to expect but there was considerable swelling and discomfort. I couldn't do much right away, but in short order everything was fine. One of the nurses told me to sleep on my stomach and that would help prevent capsular contracture. In my case, she was right. I've had NO problems whatsoever.

My implants were behind the muscle, saline, smooth, round. At first they looked fake. I was pigeon chested, but really that was to be expected. As the muscle relaxed things settled down and now people are surprised to learn that they're 'not mine'.

Mammograms are interesting. I can't say that it really makes a difference, there's nothing comfortable about them anyway. The technicians are able to work around the implants so it's all good. One of the things they said in the afore mentioned TV show, was:

Tests had been done with lab rats concerning implants and cancer. Rats were exposed to cancer. Rats without implants had a higher mortality rate than those with implants. The logic was that cancer needs a dense area with an uninterrupted blood supply. The implants impeded the cancer. In some cases they eliminated it.

Having said that, I know that it cannot prevent or cure cancer. It was just information that I thought was worth hearing.

So, here I am about 8 years later. Still have the same implants. I quit looking down at my chest some time ago... they're 'mine' now.

Hope this helps!

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