Scar Revision Has Left a Big Red Mark

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I had a deep scar on the bridge of my nose that...

I had a deep scar on the bridge of my nose that was caused by cystic acne. It was very visible since it was slap bang inbetween my eyes. The dermatologist discussed CO2 but as this could only smooth the edges of the scar, a scar revision was more suitable (cutting the scar out). I agreed this was the right aproach and the operation itself went fine and stitches were put in. I was somewhat annoyed, however, that I had to go to a local drop in centre to have the stitches removed. The nurse had no clue what I had done and she was quite heavy handed (squeezing the actual scar to see if blood came out - wtf). I also think dissolvable stiches would have been a better option for such a delicate area. It has been 12 months post-op and I think it looks like utter crap. The deep scar is gone, but I have a big red/purple splodge. I was told there would be a faint red line once the scar heals, but I can't imagine this is going to happen. I'm thinking of going to a plastic surgeon and getting it cut out again. Should I go down this route? Apologies for the quality of the pictures, my camera isn't great.
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