I/O Thigh, Knee Lipo and Tummy Lipo Revision. Salem, VA

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Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the big day! I am very...

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the big day! I am very excited and I've been stalking RealSelf for quite some time- so I am prepared. My doctor tells me that I have a small amount to remove (she even told me that it's going to be a small change and most likely I'll be the only one who notices. Which is fine because I am doing it for ME! :-)), just pockets of fat, and that I can get away with wearing the stage 2 garment. That, I am very happy about, as I think I'll be much more comfortable. She also thinks I may be able to stop wearing the garment earlier than usual since I'm not having a large amount done.
I am 44 years old, 5'5" and about 123 pounds.
I've opted not to use medication so I can drive myself. We'll see how that goes. I'm not nervous right now so I hope I still feel that way tomorrow.
I had some lipo about 20 years ago to my tummy and flanks. I've had irregularities that have bothered me and I hope that Dr. Wray will be able to correct them. It's difficult to see in photos.
Other than that, I am doing I/O thighs as well as knees. My left thigh is larger than my right, so I'd like to see better symmetry and a better contour than I have now.
Left thigh: 22
Right thigh: 21.5
Left knee (right above knee cap): 14.5
Right knee: 14.75
Waist: 28

Here's hoping for a great outcome and easy recovery!

I will update if possible tomorrow(day of surgery).

Good experience

I had my surgery this morning. I was scheduled for 9am and things got started about 9.30. I did not take any medication so I could drive myself home. As just about everyone says the numbing solution is the worst part. Lots of poking and weird sensation of breaking through the fat. The solution worked very quickly and she basically got started right away. She began from the back first doing outer thigh, rear of inner thighs and knees. When she was finished with that, I flipped over and she numbed me up again, which wasn't as bad as the back for some reason. She did my tummy revision first and then front inner thighs. Then I was finished! Oh, and she used sutures, not open incisions.
I got on my garment. Used the second stage- so no zippers or hooks! yay!

I did not feel any twinges of pain until about 2 hours later, so I decided to take my oxy medication. It's 8.30pm now and I haven't taken anything since. But, I am feeling some pain around my belly button and the incisions in my butt crease. Nothing bad at all though. No problems when walking around, just getting up and sitting down I feel I want to be more careful.
I've been relaxing on the couch, but also bopping around the house and making dinner, etc. I feel good----so far!
Tomorrow I will attempt a shower, see how things are, and get some pictures. Very exciting!!

Amount of fat removed: 450cc
Taking arnica capsules supplied by the dr.
Plan on oxy maybe at night, and ibuprofen when needed.

Post op pictures, day 1

Day 2, doing great!

I slept SO much better last night, as I did not take the oxycodone. I just too a couple ibuprofen and was also able to sleep on my side, which was great. I am feeling good and doing what I normally do, for the most part. I have not gone to the gym, but I am planning on going walking with a friend tomorrow. I typically run or do body pump.

I am feeling surprisingly normal ( I did not expect this considering all the reviews I read about pain and tiredness). I do have some swelling, but just a bit in the areas she operated on, so nothing really bad or noticeable. The only thing bothering me occasionally are the bruises---just like any bad bruising would bother someone. So, I'm hoping that I continue to improve each day. I will take more photos tomorrow~

Day 4

Hi there. I'm at day 4 and still only really dealing with the bruising. (hooray) My knees are the worst, but I guess that's due to gravity. The rest of the bruising is yellowing, so it's clearing up pretty quickly as far as I'm concerned. I measured my upper thighs and today I am down 1/2". I'm sure that will randomly change. The most immediate change has been in my abdomen. She corrected some remaining fat around my belly button that was oddly shaped and left a small shelf on one side. That is smoothed out! Also, she did right above my c-section scar where I had a bulge that I hated, caused by the scar. That is totally gone! I go in on Tuesday for my follow up.
Still using ibuprofen up to 3x day, arnica gel, and OTC arnica tablets.

Follow up appt on Tuesday

I had my first follow up appointment on Tuesday morning and had my stitches removed. My dr. asked if I had any concerns and I told her that I notice I still have a bit of a ledge on my belly (which I was hoping to correct from my previous lipo). She believes it's swelling, but it's easy to correct if it's still there in time. She told me that when my bruising and swelling subside, I can stop wearing my garment if I am happy with the contour, otherwise, go to 4 weeks.

Things are looking good. I still have swelling so I'm hopeful I'll have more improvement. I tried on some of my pants where the thighs were a little tight and they now feel comfortable and I definitely have a better contour!! I've been working out and even did some running on Tuesday, wearing my garment of course.

The pictures were taken yesterday afternoon and the measurements, below, were taken this morning.
Left thigh: 21.5ish
Right thigh: 21
Left knee (right above knee cap): 14.125
Right knee: 14.5
Waist: 28

3 weeks & 3 days

Hi again, all is going well. All my bruising is gone, though i have some remaining discoloration. Maybe the very last of the bruise? I have been treating my scars with the silicone sheets, so I hope that will fade them soon! I've attached some pictures that I took today. I see a very subtle change visually, but in my clothes, I definitely have a better contour. My left side is still bigger than my right in the thigh area. I don't know if that will improve or not. My right outer thigh is completely smooth and the bulge on my outer left thigh is much less prominent but still there to some degree. My abdomen lipo correction looks good, though I still see the shape of the fat that was there( ie-the shelf). It no longer protrudes, so I'll see at my 6 week appointment if she can do anymore. I may see if she can do a bit more on my left outer thigh as well. All in all, I am very happy with the improvements!

6ish week update today!

I'm a little late on my 6 week follow up do to scheduling. The summer makes it tough when the kiddos are around.
Anyway, I went in to Dr. Wray's this morning for pictures and my follow up. I hope to get a copy of their photos on Monday and I'll post them when I do!
I mentioned my concerns to Dr. Wray and she definitely agreed that we should look at revising my left inner thigh (the bigger of them). In the time since my last update, I noticed that the contour was not what it should be and when I pinch both inner thighs to compare, I can pinch more of the left side.
I asked about the left outer thigh as well, and she said she likes where it is and it probably is not worth hitting again.
I have another follow up scheduled for September 19th (2 months) and we'll decide whether to do any revisions. I suspect I will at least be having my left inner thigh revised.

4 month follow up and touch up scheduled

I had a 4 month appointment with Dr. Wray and we agreed that I still have bulk on my inner thighs. She is going to do the touch up on Oct. 5th and is charging me a tray fee of $100. I only have to wear a garment/spanx for 2-3 weeks or until bruising is gone and I'm comfortable.

I am please with the other areas she did and I think once the inner thighs are revised, all will be great!

I'll request my photos from the office to post. Much better than mine.
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