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I have always been big busted. When I got pregnant...

I have always been big busted. When I got pregnant with my first child, my boobs got bigger and after he was born, they never got any smaller. As I got older, they continued to grow larger.

I had thought about a breast reduction every once in a while, but did not pursue it because I didn't think I could get my insurance to pay for it and our family could not afford it.

I am now 58 years old (good grief, I'm old!), 5'6" and 139 lbs. I currently am in a 36DDD bra, but can find only one bra that really fits me and I'm spilling out of that. I went to a fancy lingerie shop and told the lady that I needed a DDD and when I tried it on, I could hardly get any of my boob in it. She finally put me in a G cup.

I have had deep grooves in my shoulders for as long as I can remember. I was not having a lot of problems otherwise though, until about a year ago. My back began hurting 24 hours a day, every day and nothing seemed to help. So I went online and began to research the breast reduction surgery. One of the things that several of the people said was that you should have your problems documented by every doctor you saw. So I made an appointment with my GP. When I told her that my back was hurting and I thought I needed a breast reduction, she never even examined me. She made some notes, asked me what kind of problems I was experiencing and gave me a referral to a PS. I didn't get really excited about this, because with my Anthem insurance, I figured I was in for a real battle. I waited about a month to see the PS. When I went in to the office, they took some pictures, asked me a lot of questions and set me in front of a video. When the doctor came in, he looked at my breasts and then began reciting information about the surgery. He sounded like a robot! I asked to see pictures, because there were none of a reduction of their website, and they finally dug up one faded photo. Well, his office submitted my paperwork and within about two weeks, I was approved. But then I realized that I was not at all comfortable with this man. So, with my insurance approval, I set about looking for another doctor. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to go out of town, because there is only one PS practice here. I finally found a doctor about 1 1/4 hours away who participates with my insurance and who I felt comfortable with. I thought we could just get the insurance company to change the doctor's name on my authorization and I would be good to go. It early December and I had just met my $3,000 deductible for the year. But the insurance company said I had to release the authorization from the first doctor and start all over again with the new PS. I was so reluctant to do this because I was afraid that somehow it would not go through again. The new PS got it through in about 3 days and I was scheduled for December 27. Life was good and I wasn't going to have to pay for the surgery!
About a week before Christmas, the nurse called me and said that my surgery was going to have to be moved until January. Apparently they had a lady with skin cancer who needed some kind of procedure done and they just decided to take my spot. I begged, I pleaded and complained. I tried talking with another nurse. It's not that I am without compassion for that poor other woman. But it obviously wasn't an emergency, or they would have already had her in the operating room. Well, nothing I said made any difference and my surgery did not happen in December. I was so angry that I started to change doctors again! But I decided that I did not want to push my luck with the insurance company and called my PS in January to reschedule.
I am scheduled for February 21 and I am really scared. I have had several surgeries and two children, but nothing scares me like this procedure. Perhaps it is the pain, the drains and the scarring. I have thought about backing out, after all I am older. But I have talked it over with my husband, and he reminded me that the pain will not go away and over time, will probably get worse. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life in pain everyday. I have gotten a lot of good advice on this forum and appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. I am a very private person and would not normally tell everyone all of these personal details, but hopefully I will have something to share that will help someone else out there.
Now I am trying to prepare for my surgery, which is two weeks from today. I am having my husband move the recliner back into the den, have purchased a couple of surgical bras for afterward, am searching for Arnica Montana because several people really recommended it.
I find that the closer I get to the surgery, the spacier I get. I guess it is pent up anxiety and it is taking my concentration from other things. I don't have small children at home any longer, but I am concerned about my dog jumping up on my lap after the surgery. Poor little thing, I know he won't understand why I can't have him on my lap.
Well, I will keep you updated. I have my pre-op next week and I have a list of questions for the doctor. I have heard from many of you that you experienced a lot of nausea after the surgery, so I am going to ask for some anti-nausea medicine in my IV. Someone suggested that I take a pillow and blanket in the car for after the surgery. Since I have such a long ride home, I will certainly take that advice. Several people have recommended wedge pillows for the bed to help with sleeping, and I am going out to see what I can find. Then there is the cooking that I am hoping to do and freeze, so we will not starve until I feel like getting up again. Thank goodness I have a wonderful, supportive husband and he is willing to do everything that he can to help. I will get through this. I have read so many of the post op comments and almost everyone is glad that they went through with the surgery, I will just be glad when I am on the other side. I was thinking about what this might change, besides the pain in my back and neck. I really want to go get a nightgown that has spaghetti straps and be able to wear it without my boobs drooping half way to my waist. Somehow that just ruins the effect! Maybe now I will have my chance.

Completed my preop yesterday. Took an EKG and...

Completed my preop yesterday. Took an EKG and blood work and had a meeting with the doctor. She answered all of my questions and described exactly what how she would perform the surgery. I will go home heavily wrapped, with two drains. She also gave me my prescriptions and did include a prescription for nausea. When I asked her about pain and how long she thought I should be out of work, she said some women went back to work as soon as their bandages and drains were out and they were not on any narcotics. That would be wonderful, but does not coincide with what I have been reading on this forum. I guess everyone is different, so I can only hope I am one of those lucky people who does not swell, bruise or have any pain. LOL!
This morning her office called to schedule my post op appointment. They want to schedule it for Tuesday (surgery is on previous Thursday). I am not happy about this because I do not want to have to deal with the bandaging and drains for 5 days. Hopefully they can change this to Monday, but the nurse said she thought the doctor was going to be out of the office that day. Ugh!

Well my surgery is in 4 more days. I am trying to...

Well my surgery is in 4 more days. I am trying to keep the nerves down by staying busy. My husband moved the recliner back into the den for me and I bought a wedge pillow for my bed. Cannot find zip front sports bras. I need to try them on but will probably just order something. I think my poor husband is tired of hearing about the BR. I know he will be glad when it is over also .

Two weeks post op tomorrow and things are going...

Two weeks post op tomorrow and things are going well. I went back to work last week and am adjusting fine. Had appointment with PS this week and she said everything looks good. No itching yet and very little pain. I guess I am really lucky and hope
my good recovery continues. Breasts look really good. I am curious to see what size I am when I have to be fitted for my new bras. If you are hesitant about having this surgery don't hesitate. I look like I am much younger because I no longer have those huge saggy matronly breasts and my back doesn't hurt any longer. I feel free.

three months today

Today marks three months since I had my surgery. I have not had a lot of issues during my recovery. I have healed well and have been released by my doctor. I am happy with the way everything has turned out. I am a little larger than I would like, but overall I am happy with the results. My scars are not bad and are quickly disappearing. There is still some soreness, but I have resumed normal activities except for sleeping on my stomach. I would encourage anyone who is considering this surgery to go forward and don't be afraid. I was so frightened about the whole procedure, but my fears were unfounded. I feel better, have no more back and neck pain and I look and feel better in my clothes.
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