Breast Lift with 535cc Saline High Profile - Salem, VA

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Im so thrilled!!! I've waited a really really long...

Im so thrilled!!! I've waited a really really long time for this. My journey began a few years ago when I attempted to go to Miami to have them done. Its a HECK of a lot cheaper -- BUT -- after 1 failed trip and a LOT of headache ( I promise to fill you in on a separate post) I left Miami Boobless...

But Now I have my surgery date set for 4/21/16 with Dr. Wray. So far she's been sooo awesome and VERY honest. She gave me all of my options and her recommendation. She recommended having 2 separate proceedures. First the lift - then come back and have implants put in. I have to be honest this alone totally threw me for a loop. I have 3 kids all under 9yrs old. No way I could 1) come up with MORE money for a second surgery and 2) put that kind of stress on my family. Well, after expressing my concerns she said she could do it in 1 procedure, but she thinks better results are possible with 2. So we booked for 1 procedure. My goal is to full them up and put them back were they were in my pre-baby days. I mean... if nursing is so good from them... Y cant we keep the boobs??!!

Photo before

These didn't load. Here are the boobies b4. I hv to admit... im getting kinda nervous :( i cant believe im about to be cut... my nipples... its a crazy thought to think of then cut around and trimmed ... yikes... ok..ok.. i need to stay focused...

To Wedge Pillow or NOT to Wedge Pillow.... That is the question

OK.. I cant decide. I found several on Amazon for like $30. but do i want to buy this weird pillow that I may only use for like a week??? There are some out there who didnt and were just fine. How do I know that I'll need it?? And then again... isnt it better to be over prepared that miserable?!! OK.. I NEED HELP! what did you gals do/suggest?? I have 9 days left.. so I have to make a choice.

Anyone else set a countdown widget on their phone...

8 days and counting... Ok Im actually nervous today! but still excited... and a tad bit guility. I mean... this is a lot of money to spend on myself ;/ especially with kids. I feel like I being so selfish and I feel bad for feeling good about it .. *** any moms know how i feel?? or am I just being emotional?!!

9hrs...45 mins .. 21 sec.. 19 sec .. lol not that im counting

Well, tomorrow's the big day! I am full of nerves! I hardly ever get nervous about things. But for some reason this entire day I have been full of butterflies and anxiety. I even thought about taking something for the anxiety but then remembered that the pre-op nurse said not to take any medications the night before. I really can't believe this is happening and I'm terrified! But excited at the same time! I think that's a Broadway song :-) anyways wish me luck tomorrow I'll be on the other side!

On the Other side! !!!

First thank you all soooo much for tour kind wirds abd prayers. I had my syrgery 10hrs ago and OMG the strughle was real!! Lol they gave me anti nausea meds but i still threw up like 5 times!! I think the trick is just knowing ur body. I know my body cant handle heavy meds well. And after each kid/c-section i always threw up after. But the "pain" of having a BA really isnt that bad. Im more focused on keeping food down. My operation took longer than expected 4.5 hrs. I took 2 Ibprof around 6 hrs after bc i was scared the pain meds would make me sick again. Then 6 hrs later b 4 bed i took 1 pain med. I set my alarm for 4 hrs later n took another 1. So far so good. :) im still all wrapped up so i have no idea what they look like!!! But who cares lol i made it thru :) tomrw i hope i can move around more. . I miss my kids. N my son (9yrs) was soo worried about me.. sweet boy... i had to figure out what to tell them. I hate lying but the last thing i want is for them to say MY MOMMY HAD A BOOB JOB on the soccer field lol. Do for now they think i hurt my back n im resting.. :/ kids... anyways Cheers to day 1. Ohh.. i dont know what size my PS went with bc i was too busy pucking. I think i heard 525? But ill check tomrw.

The Pain

Just a quick note about the "pain"... i think what is worse is the lower back pain from having to sleep sitting/propped up. Mannnn, I actually thought about going out and buying a recliner LOL The "pain" (for me anyway) is really more pressure which is totally bearable. It just like my 2 year old is sitting on my chest and doing the monkey dance.

2 nurses called and checked in on me today.. i thought that was very sweet. 1 from the hospital and the other from Dr. Wray's office - Her name is Velvet. Both told me that the pain meds are really more for pain and not pressure. So if I'm not in "pain" that I dont have to take the narcotics and they recommended just taking it at night to help me sleep. SOOOOooo I hope that some1 finds my description helpful.

Now the next problem is overcoming boredom... i'm not use to just sitting ... Netflix here I come!!

The air bubble sounds your boobs make. . Let's discuss

WTH.. lol it sounds like a boob fart! ! It's not painful but when i move my arm sounds like air (???) Escaping or bubbles maybe..n ummm.. should i be concerned? !

The BIG Reveal

... YES.. the size is still shocking. Im a mix of emotions right now.. 1) the incisions look GREAT!. I think my PS did an awesome job. Her cuts were small and precise. I think my nipples look GOOD (all things considered). I mean, I've seen a TON of boob jobs so far and I'm lucky that mine look so good =) 2) the size is alot for me to comprehend so far. I have 535 in Left and 525 right Naturelle Saline. Um... when the bandages came off I honest was at a loss for words. Am I happy? sad? i have no FREAKN idea!! LOL i could cry and i have no clue WHY LOL. I mean - NO way i can say i have boob greed.. I mean LOOK at these things. 3) If they drop a little lower i think i'll be ready to say that I'm happy. I hope they wont sit so high up. I do like the cleavage .... just not too sure about the Madonna Cone Boobs or are they more Austin Powers... IDK.. you guys tell me. 4) Theres this weird kinda pulling away from by body in the center. Its hard to explain, but I hope that Its not because they are TOO big. Dr. Wray said she took alot of skin off... what if she took too much and now my boobies dont have skin to settle lower???? All this to say: I'm not that one who is going back for a revision over a little pulling or over sizing. Dont get me wrong, I am all for revisions. but I think i've had my full serving of this journey. Cant say that I'd want to go thru this entire process again. I'm trying to stay positive - thats why I am not saying i love or hate them. Right now they just kinda exist. My nipples do have feeling and infact today they were so hard you could see them through my sexy BA bra AND t-shirt. I was so self conscience at karate practice for my kids. I wanted to keep my arms folded... but they are too big and tender I couldnt cross my arms!! LOL SO.. alot of random stuff in this post. I promise to be more imformative for those following me for the sake of advice. but right now... I am what I am.. a Freakn ball of emotions and a HOTT MESS! =) Opinions are most welcome. My PS did say that she thought they looked perfect.. so.. i think ill kust wait a few weeks b4 i give my final opinion

Day 2-4

Im counting day 1 as my surgery day.

Day 2 - was rough... I think the actual augementation was fine.. the BACK pain from not being able to sleep like a normal person is what REALLY got me. I gave up on the pain meds because i really had very little pain. just mostly muscle tightness and back pain. so IBprof and ice packs were all I used

Day 3 - mannnn... i wish i could shower! just to be able to wash my hair omg! OHH and another thing.. the BLOATING... WHOA! I looked 6months preggo. Just from air. I panicked and took 3 laxatives thinking it was constipation. But to my surprise.. um NO.. it was just post surgery bloating. And to that end... when the actual laxative kicked in ... OMG I HAD CRAZY cramps and went to the bathroom non-stop. Go ahead you can laugh... I am. UUGH.. just another life lesson about how I have the need to control everything. Sometimes I just need to RELAX and let things take thier own flow.

Day 4 I went back for a follow up and the Dr released me from the bondage LOL all i could think about was having a decent shower! She gave me a perscription for muscle relaxers. I dont really think they do well with relaxing my muscles... but they definately KNOCK MY A$$ OUT! back pain...?? what back pain?? I cant move my arms to get them under the blacket - cant even lift my head. LOL Best night sleep so far. I think I'll keep these things on the nightly routine list LOL

1Week Post Op

Yesterday was officially 1 week ;)

I have been having some concentrated pain in my left breast towards the lower incision around my armpit. I also have this weird Gap in between my two breasts where it's almost like my breasts is pulling away from the rest of my body. It's kind of hard to explain but it feels like my sternum is raised only in my breast area and then it sinks back down towards my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it looks really awkward. I decided that I should call my dr. And talk about what's been going on. I figure I paid all this money I might as well reap some of the benefits of having access to a nurse and the doctor whenever I need them. So I called the doctor and she told me to go ahead and come in. I live about an hour and a half away so I had to have my husband drive me because I still don't have full motion in my arms yet. Im soooo glad i went bc she really put me at ease. They basically told me that my breasts muscles are still "angry" at me because of the manipulation. So the swelling is whats causing the pulling.

As for the concentrated pain that I'm feeling basically I can feel the implant towards the bottom where my muscle doesn't fully cover the implant. The pain that I have is just the internal "stuff" being irritated. She advised me to use low heating pad to help calm and reduce internal swelling.
All in all.. I felt like they were too big for my body. And I really questioned whether or not I should have gone with for 75. But now looking at these pictures I think they're going to be ok. I still have a lot of drop to do and fluff LOL so I'm just going to be patient. :) what do you guys think? ??

Ichy boobs and tight bras

Ok.. the girls hv been super ichy around the incision tape!! Like fire ????. .. so iv been gently rubbing the area with coconut oil (i figure hey.. it worked on my tattoo). Anyways here's a quick picture I am officially one week and 3 days :-) tomorrow is my 2 week appointment with my doctor. I think she's going to go over massaging but I have no idea. I plan on talking to her about the morning boob let me just say, morning boob is real!!!!!!!!!!!
I also want to go over support bras cuz everything is so uncomfortable right now I bought a bra from Victoria's Secret and it's 34dd. Probably one of the ugliest bras that I own but even that's super uncomfortable so I'm just back to my handy-dandy sports bra. :) I hope you all are having a good start to your week!

Posting pics

These didn't load for done reason

Morning Boob - The official definition

Morning Boob - adjective That annoyingly painful TIGHT feeling you get in chest when you first wake up; The throbbing tight muscle spasms your pectoral muscles give you as a result of getting implants; The result of your boobs screaming "WTF did you do to US" as they tighten up and sit high on your chest; The unexpected and hidden side effect no one really talks about; The reason why you reach for your muscle relaxers as soon as you get up. How to use in a sentence: 1) Husband @3am: Babe, Why cant you sleep? You: I have Morning Boob, can you get me 2 Ibprof and 2 muscle relaxers please..QUICK 2) After taking a nap, I almost always get Morning Boob. 3) Morning Boob will make you walk like the hunchback of notre dame. 4) Be sure to take your muscle relaxers before bed and again in the middle of the night. If you don't... you'll get that Morning Boob. LOL =) hope that helps everyone!!!

Bottom Tape is off!!

PHEW!! Im so glad she removed that tape. It was SOOO ichy and irritaing. It was pulling on my skin. I felt instant relief when she took it off. I have 2 small open areas. Lucky for me i did my RealSelf research prior to by BA and I was totally prepared. It looks a little scary to the naked and untrained eye.. lol but I know alot of you gals went thru this so I wasnt scared not 1 bit!! She told me to keep it clean, and treat it with like Neosporian (I totally spelled that wrong.. anyways) Other than that, I go back in 3 weeks. They have REALLY softened up!! and they giggle!! LOL GO FIGURE! I plan on really cleaning out my closet at the end of te month... maybe try on everything and purge the stuff that i use to hide behind =) .. its like shopping.. only FREEEEEEE lol Question of the day: How many naked boob pictures do you guys still have on your phone!! LOL Today I went to record my daughter at gymnastics... and BOOOOOOOBs were the first thing to pop up in my gallery --- I HURRIED to close the screen before anyone could see.. OMG.. TOTALLY Embarrassed. how about u gals?


Here are the open areas.. no biggie ;) these thangs happen. Ooh.. the dark areas are little bruising and ironically irriation from the tape. My PS told me to clean the tape residue use vegetable oil... omw to the kitchen as wee speak!!

Question: Can you feel you implants?

Ok.. can u gals feel like a clicking kinda feeling inside ?? I feel it every now and then. Doesn't hurt. Just feels.. ODD. Sometimes whtev i walk or bend over... Anyone else able to feel it? Thanks ladies!
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