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Hi, brand new on here as of today! Took 15 yrs to...

Hi, brand new on here as of today! Took 15 yrs to make this decision. A size looking to go to size C. Have the "I breast fed" deflated boobies! Had a consult yesterday but left there not quite "excited", so I am going in tomorrow to a different doctor for another consult. I have a friend who works for him and she looks great. Dreaming at night: Saline? Silicone? Gummy bear? 300? 325? 350? If I decide to go with this doctor, it will be scheduled 23 days from now. I'm sure he will help me choose what is best. After looking at countless pics, my husband is set on 325!! LOL I am 5'4" and 125. I don't want BIG just better. Thanks for letting me ramble. I just quit my job of 9 years as manager of a gym and find I have way too much thinking time on my hands!

June 12, 2014

After my second consultation, I found the right Dr! I am 5'4", 125 and a 32A. I have been thinking about it for 15 years! We decided on the gummy bear by sientra. Dr. Dann Leonard will be doing my surgery. What stood out the most was that he took the time, explained why he choose those, showed me on my body the differences between 2 or 3. HE was also excited about doing it! The other doctor was was sooo different, very clinical, didn't want to see my "wish" pictures, etc. I'm so excited! Also super glad I don't have to think anymore about : Saline or Silicone, smooth or textured, what size....omg that was exhausting me ! Will try and upload the one dumb before pic I have. Love reading all your stories, thank you all so much for sharing!

Wish boobies


Hard to quit!

So, since this is realself, I have to be really honest. I am having a very hard time trying....not trying, QUITTING smoking! Any good advice from others? I keep telling myself it will be like buying a brand new car and first thing you do is smoke in it! Nicotine really constricts the blood vessels for healing and I really want a great outcome! I just want to bite my own head off. Giving myself 3 days to quit!!

Reading up on recovery. ..

I've been scouring the pages and links Miss Beth shared and I think I'm finally going to put to good use the adjustable bed frame I got about a year ago! I purchased it for my back and neck (chronic pain from 3 car accidents). I usually sleep in the recliner since my hubby doesn't like it jacked up too far. Might be time to kick him out for a night or two! Lol

Just sayin...

I just want to say how I appreciate all the stories, advice and humor I've found on this wonderful site! I know it makes a lot, if not all of us feel like we aren't going through this alone. The 24/7 boob thoughts are enough to make you CRAZY! I've learned some very valuable things for when I am post op, had some of my confusion about size and drains clarified, and laughed a few times. You are all a blessing to me, so THANK YOU! So excited for "Christmas" in July! That saying has a whole new meaning now!

Pre op one week away!

Yay! One week countdown until my pre op! Had a bit of nerves this morning thinking about potential pain. Hubby got a little frisky with my small chest the other night. Between him, very sensitive nips (the ONE good thing about my girls), chest presses, and the fact I'm probably going to see Aunt Flo real soon, have all made these little babies sore and really sensitive. I keep telling myself, JUST WAIT, this is NOTHING! Amazing how we can psych ourselves out with this, what I call, " BOOB BRAIN". You think of nothing else, 24/7, since you made that "yes I am!" decision! I have my pre op, daughters 27th birthday this weekend, my birthday the following weekend, lots of shopping for pre and post op, so I am hoping all of that will make the next 15 days go by quickly. Craving chocolate this week, bloated, and actually found myself teary eyed at 4am this morning when I read someone in the state north of me was getting her boobies done this morning! Will be glad to have my period done before surgery. ...just hope I'm not on it for my 50th bday! I'm rambling, so I will end this with a question. ...... What usually happens at a pre op appointment? Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Not sure what I would do without these two. Toofy, the big orange one starts out every night sleeping on my chest. The other one is not a lap cat so she won't be a problem. I told my hubby he's going to have catbox duty for a week! He's sooo excited, lol.

just in case...

I'm not posting about this to whine, just thought in the future someone else may read this and be able to relate and know someone else felt this way. At this particular moment I couldn't care less if I get a BA or not. Yesterday, I couldn't wait for the days to go by. Not sure if it is hormones, disagreement with hubby last night...probably a combo of both. I guess I disrespected him by telling a long time friend. ..MALE... about my surgery. He is a single guy who has had girlfriends who have done BA. He guessed exactly the cc's suggested. He's informed and no threat to me at all. Of course, it was okay for hubby to tell his father and childhood buddy , "because I know them well" . This being said after he tells me, " this is between you and me and no one else". Okay, instead of being really depressed, I am starting to get angry again. Double standard and isn't it MY body? Maybe all of this is not such a good idea. I would hate for someone to stare at my chest later and have to deal with the fall out. (haha on that). Thanks for listening and I hope no one can relate to this blog. God Bless.

Early Bday present!

Ho Hum

Even after this last week, I don't see myself backing out of surgery. I have my pre op in 4 days. Just wish I was excited about it like I used to be. Kind of have that ho hum feeling. Today I'm going to make a huge batch of turkey burgers to freeze and get some hamburger cooked for tater tot casserole and some for spaghetti and throw that in the freezer. I also went out and bought 4 little bottles of Ensure with the muscle building formula. Figure they are going to cut my muscle and protein is going to help repair. Posting some more before photos in a little summer dress and a nightgown I like to wear around the house. OMG!!! WHERE THE HELL DID MY ENTHUSIASM GO?????? Someone pleaseeeeeee smack me !!!!

support team ...

Tis my daughters 27 th bday today! Mine is 6 days away.... can I be 28? Lol. Thought I would post pics of my soon to be support team. My mother and daughter will be there for my surgery and the rest of that day. Hubby gets 4th of July duty, but I'm sure the other two will pop in all weekend. Pre thanks to Mom, daughter, and hubby! Xoxo

Boobie time out!

So, I had to take a BOOB BRAIN time out today. I asked my husband to take me shooting. This was only my second time (had to relearn everything!) I figure after BA it's going to be awhile before I am ready for the kickback of a 9mm or just the thought of holding up a rifle. ...... took my first shot with a 22 and hubby told me I was done and to go home. BULLSEYE! I actually prefer his 9mm to that and my .380. We had a great time and it felt good to think about something else! Major cramps today and I'm not allowed any ibuprofen. Day after tomorrow is pre op and I can finally narrow it down to size. Afraid of going too small! 11 sleeps left! Yay!

More sad "befores"

A pic for Coloradomaiden

Pre op day!

Well, decision made. 270cc on left, 320cc on right. Maybe a slight little tuck under crease on left to really help even them out. Sooooo much pre op and post op info to digest. Came home and read my book, UPS delivered my new zip up, talked to my sister in law for a long time. (She's on surgery #6 for bc reconstruction). Got some pointers from her and got some really fricken awesome news! My brother is in the coast guard. He was studying soooo hard for a test last time I saw him.....he's being promoted to Chief! I was told not to share that on facebook and hopefully my sis in law won't find my profile on here and tell him! I am just so proud of my little brother! I did tell my sis in law about RS tho. I think with everything she's been through she would be a great help and also not feel alone! Ok, so back to the main story..... Have to take 500 mg of vit C and a multivitamin twice a day. Said I could have arnica and bromelein (sp) , if I wanted. He had no documented proof it helps. 5 days before surgery I have to wash, twice a day, with Hibiclens soap. My prescriptions are: Cleocin (antibiotics) 1 tab 3Xday for 3 days starting that night. Dilaudid 1-2tabs every 4 hours as needed for pain. Promethazine 1tab every 6 hours for nausea. Skelaxin (muscle relaxant) 1tab 4X a day for first 5 days and then as needed for pain. Imma gonna be soooo drugged up! I may take percocet daily, but I am a lightweight when it comes to drugs! I really wanted to go bigger on the boobies and that was the first question I asked. Also asked him again why we were choosing Sientra, shaped, textured, round base with high projection, under the muscle! He said I am pixie like tiny in the size of my overall chest and with my neck issues and arthritic bone spur where my bra strap goes across my back...he doesn't want toooo much weight. He said I should end up a full C. I also want the natural slope instead of round and for my boob width that was as high up in cc's they go. I did pick the ones with the most projection and they should turn out nice......just probably not VAAAAVOOOOM size. He also said workouts would be easier too, which is good because as soon as I can, I'll be hitting the gym daily getting ready for Cancun! Well, I think that is about all. I'm going to post a pic of my new zip up....it's fricken cute, all flared at the bottom! Love you all!

New Venus Zip up for surgery day

Forgot more about pre op

Drains, drains, drains....for at least 5 days. No shower for 5 days....ick. I will have to wear the band for 2 weeks. No bra for 4-6 weeks, just camisole type. Just sent a text to PS assistant to clarify the bra, strap, camisole .....what the heck am I wearing home?!?!? After I got done talking to my sis in law, I took a nap.....brain exhaustion! Ok, so 4 weeks no bra, now she says 3 weeks in strap and just a camisole with no built in bra. Guess I can take back all my sports bras from Wallyworld. Will have to check at Costco for camisoles. Ok, think I'm done now! Lordy a smoke would be good right now !

Pain in the neck

Yep, weather change today. Rain is coming, and of course, not supposed to be very nice this weekend. End of June and it always rains or is cloudy on my birthday. Doesn't really turn into summer until July. My surgery date they are saying 90. So glad we have A/C. Woke up with pain in my neck and a headache. Think the nerves in my neck are re growing. Probably have to have them burnt again after I recover from boobies. 1 1/2 percocet this morning not helping one bit. Oh, well, been here before, quite normal for me. On the bright side, only 8 more sleeps before I grow some boobies! Jessf too!

Just updating

Hi all! Sitting out in the backyard by a bonfire with three males....hubby, his best friend, and my stepson. They are chatting and drinking, I am looking at boobs and I won't share with them! So, since I am pretty sensitive to pain meds except percocet, I thought I would take one of the Dilaudid instead of my normal percs to make sure nothing weird happens. Well, I felt like doing another 3 mile walk! I am going to have to take those with a muscle relaxant or I will want to get up and do stuff! This is the last Friday night with the itty bitty titty commitee! Hope you're all having a great night/day! Time to roast a marshmallow!


Happy 50 Boobies!


Ok, so we all had fun at my 50th until I found the boobie balloons! Then it turned into a riot! Think they were a tad too big for my frame! No recovery that way... or morning boob. I tell ya tho..... one popped. .... and down it went.... big reason why I chose silicone over saline..... and helium! Definitely a birthday to remember! Xoxo

Usual workout shirt.

I thought I would add a couple more pre boob pictures in a t-back top and slightly padded bra I wear to the gym or to walk. It's one that I wear a lot and I want to compare!

3 more sleeps

Oh, I have not been sleeping very well! Starting to get a bit nervous! We are getting ready to have our first heat wave of the summer. Normal high right now is about 77. We will be 87 today and 97 tomorrow....thank God we have A/C ! I could not imagine heat on top of surgery. I have coffee with the seniors and dinner with a couple of friends today and the rest of Mon, Tues, and Wed will be spent cleaning the house and yard. My husband set up my grandsons little pool for me so I can "redneck" it. Just have to be very careful not to burn my chest! I sure wish it was Thursday already! Lol, I know 6 other ladies that wish it was Thursday too! Xoxo

Life goes on...

Life just amazes me. I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of a free fall. Here I am 36 hours from my 15 plus year wait for BOOBIES!, and am trying to be excited. Had some serious issues with my son, who can't seem to make good choices and is going to suffer some serious consequences. All hell may break loose tomorrow, the day before my surgery. Don't get me wrong. ...I'm seriously looking forward to my surgery and having decent size boobs that aren't full of milk! Just hate the cloud over me. I had a lovely chat with a very special lady, (thank you, Red), who really listened and gave me some very good advice . I truly appreciate you, Red! I keep looking up....Putting all my troubles in Gods hands, at least every 5 min. I'm really good at taking my problems back from God. I guess my point in all this is.... I'm doing this come hell or high water because it's MY time. Us Moms give our heart and soul over and over to our kids. Some kids tromp on your heart more than others. There comes a point where we can't help or fix. Thursday, I AM FIXING MY BOOBS ! I will be happy, joyous and not let anything take that away from me! So, if anyone comes across this update and is having any reservations due to family, husband, kid, or relative issues..... keep on with your plan for BOOBIES!!! You deserve it. You're worth it. No regrets! Love all the ladies on RS.... you help so much!


Well, it's finally here. Check in is in 6 hours! Can't sleep. I have most of the day to sleep. Made sure I ate a little and had my cup of coffee so I don't end up with a headache before surgery. It's the midnight cutt off of no food or drink now. If you had asked me 3 months ago, I would have told you I wouldn't be doing this. Too many things just came together all at once to make this possible. I quit my job as gym manager and got most of my money from a divorce settlement (he still owes more, but we're friends). Anyway, here I am! Thanks for all you supportive and loving ladies! I'll post pics as soon as I can and give you the drugged version of my BA! After all, I have been named the crazy lady....gotta live up to it!


Just a pic . Too good of pec muscle, no squishy so I am In A LOT of pain.... Update later lovelies


Able to take a pic. Not much else. Reallllly PAINFULL. I'll come out to play later. Cleaned my drains and I'm wiped out . Every time I stand up, my teeth chatter really bad. Non stop. Love you all....hope the other 7 are doing great.

Midnight .....day 1

Right now I'm hungry but don't want to move. Hubby went to bed an hour ago. Poor guy used to just sitting. He's been a life saver. Omg, at the rate I'm typing this on my phone it will take hours. Very painful , a lot of it due to the strap across my back. It is sucking my shoulder blades together right where my spine is twisted and have none spur. I asked Dr Danns assistant (also my friend) if I could take it off for a couple of min. NO ! It's a long way till Monday. Drains are a pain. I'm just going to have to stay drugged until Monday. Trying to stay on top of pain, but have to argue with hubby. He has them all set by the hours. I said that's great, but that may not work for me. I'm being careful but if I want my muscle relaxant a half hour earlier...give it to me! Getting sleepy, more meds and antibiotics at 2 am. From what I can see, the twins look good. Omg, fell asleep while writing. Be back later Zzzzzz

Day 2

Sorry about the typos from last night! Ooppps. Posting a couple of pics. Sorry about the drain tubes....maybe my experience and pictures will help someone else. I like how they look, just not the amount of pain. It is side boob pain today. Omg, getting tired of watching Andy Griffith reruns! I know that I usually fall asleep anyway but..... grrrr. Will write more later, I have to supervise a double date between the new twins and a pair of frozen pea bags!

Day 2 pictures

Day 3 part 1

Just posting a pic of my lovely drain containers. Really big difference in color. Going to ask the doctors on RS what they think. Will see my PS Monday morning. I'll write more later like I promised.

Surgery day to post op day 4

I finally feel like sitting down and writing more than a few sentences. Thurs July 3rd was my surgery day. Got to the center at 7am. Checked in and was taken back to my bed. They had me change into paper gown, usual blue hat and blue booties over some fluffy pink socks I brought. The nurse also gave me a hair tie to put my hair in a ponytail. Got asked the same questions by two different nurses. They started IV in my right hand. Piece of cake this time. Met my anesthesiologist, Dr. Clark. He asked a bunch of questions and then they brought my mom and hubby in to sit with me. I asked Dr. Clark what kind of tunes I'd be hearing while I slept. Classic Rock! Yea baby. Little Aerosmith. Nice. I knew from the last time I was in that surgery center that they all played music. I requested country when I had my neck RFA (I was awake for that). Dr. Dann Leonard came in next to mark me up. I told him what the doctors on RS had said about lifting my fold. I asked him why he wanted to raise the left and not lower the right like these doctors had suggested. He said he never met a woman that wanted her boobs lowered. That answer worked for me! He was extremely thorough when he made his marks. I could see him really thinking hard. I knew I was in good hands. They let me pee and then put those puffy leg things on and walked me to the surgery room. I remember getting comfy on the table, making a joke and lights out. That was about 8:15am. Not sure how long my surgery was. I didn't want to wake up. Hubby got me dressed after I had some apple juice. Guess they had given me morphine shot in the leg because I said how come my thigh hurts. Chest pain was pretty bad. I was chattering/shaking. They got me to a chair in the recovery room and I thought I was going to throw up. Because I hurt so bad they gave me stuff in my IV so I had to stay another half hour. Don't really remember the ride home but do remember making mom change lanes to do the quickest route. Did not like the bumps ! Thursday and Friday were terrible. Hurt so much. Slept an hour here and there. Shook every time I got up. Teeth wouldn't stop clacking together. Hubby has been great! He's got my meds all lined up and takes care of the two drains I have. They have to be "stripped" every 4 hours and every 12 hours they get measured and dumped. I came home with a strap and some bandages so the strap won't chaff my skin. Absolutely NOT ALLOWED to take it off. No shower until the drains come out. (Can't wait to wash my hair!) Saturday was better. Have the morning boob pain. I'm also getting sharp shooting pain in different places. My sternum is a bit sore too. I can't see all of my breasts but can tell they are changing each day. Sometimes they get tight again so I'll ice for the swelling. Smooth move tea helped with the constipation but haven't found anything to help with the whale sized ball of air in my gut! First and second day the pain was so bad I honestly couldn't say it was worth it. I switched off the Dilauded and went to my normal percocet I use for my neck. That worked better for the pain. I'm starting to like what I can see. Have super sensitive nipples. I'm able to get up and clean off and eat by myself and then its time to stop. Your body really tells you when you've had enough. Today is Sunday. I made hubby get out and go golf 9 holes. Nice and quiet and I'm ready to rest. I'm sure I've forgotten things. I will included some pictures for day 4.

Day 4 post op

Before and Day 4

Day 5 part 1

I just got a comment back on my question to the RS doctors. It was really positive! Happy with that. Amazed at how little it takes to wear myself out. First day alone. I have a friend coming later to take me for my first post op appointment. I'll update when I get back!

Day 5 part 2

Drains are out! Yay! Finally got to see what they look like in all their glory. I'm adding picture. No shower today, I get one tomorrow. Yuk, can't hardly stand my hair anymore. I'm pretty wiped out just from this morning. Food and nap and pills for sure! I have to keep my strap on for another week or two. Actually have a cami on now since have no tubes anymore. Boobies are sore just from being let out and caged up again. Very happy with results so far and they will only get better from here!

Holy Hell Morning

OMG, what do you get when you combine morning Boob, tight strap, heart burn, and tender shoulder and neck muscle..... You get to cry on hubbys shoulder at 4 am. Thought I was back to day one. I forgot to use the neck pillow and about 3:30 thought I would crawl in bed with hubby so he could wake up to his "girls"....laying flat on my back for the first time did not go well. I couldn't get up and it all hit at once. Couldn't take a deep breath or loosen that strap fast enough! Iced my neck and shoulder, took pain and muscle relaxants, heart burn meds, and tucked myself back in my chair. Omg that was AWFUL.

1 week post op

Didn't sleep very good last night as I got my "morning boob" at 12:06 am! Feel pretty good this morning. My mom is coming over today so I can go find something to wear ! No bra for a month, no sports bra, no cami with shelf! So the headlights are blazing and my teenage stepson will be here this weekend. Too hot for zip up or sweater. Eek, help. Maybe those petal things will work. The A/C turns those headlights on high! Adding some pictures. Rt side still higher and tighter. It has the bigger implant and I use that side more. Funny story: Learned last night I have to totally redo my depth perception. Was in the kitchen and leaned into hubby to kiss him goodnight and.....BAM .....smashed that left boobie into his chest! Ow! Not used to there being ANYTHING in between us. Never felt it through all those padded bras. Hurt like hell but sure made us smile! Good luck to all you pre boobies, happy healing to post boobies....and lots of love to all infected with BOOB BRAIN!

Afternoon Delight .....only not what you're thinking!


YAY, (redid pc)!!!!!

First outing

Had a great time at the fair tonight with a few friends. Watched some bull riding. Bulls won for the most part, only two 8 sec rides. It was realllllly hot today. Ended up just wearing my strap and a strapless sundress. Made it about 4 hours and was time to take the girls home. Too much nip rubbing on the fabric as i walked. They burn right now. Wish I could walk around with nothing on but my stepson is here! I may have to go hide in the bedroom and spend some time with the peas....freeze them so they are numb! Next time I will cover them with bandaids! Should have thought about that! Keep that in mind girls who aren't allowed to wear a bra! I will say, it felt good to get out of the house!!!! Ok....PEA TIME!! Luvs and hugs and happy healing to all!

11 Days post op (I count 12...but going with RS count)

I had purchased 3 bikinis for Cancun in January. ...this was BEFORE I decided to do BA. Think I'm going to have to return them. I will wait a while until the girls settle in a few months and try them again. Hopefully I'll get back to the gym soon to tighten up the bottom half. This sitting around, still semi bloated is NOT HELPING! Wanted top half bigger....not the bottom, lol. Anyway, bikini top does not fit! I'm okay with that!

For anna1989

They were yummy! Homemade raviolis!

2nd post op appointment

I already wrote this whole thing out and a bee buzzed me and I lost it! Grrr. I am cleared....don't need to see PS again for 5 months. Strap is gone! I can wear very loose sports bra for a little support if I want. No under wires or push ups. Still need the gravity factor! He did remove my mole. In about 2 weeks I can start slowly exercising and can get fitted for bras. We talked about my right side being bigger. Perfect would have been 20 or 30 extra cc's. He had to go with 50 because of the sizes the sientra anatomicals come in. He tried both at 320cc and it made the left a lot bigger. If I'm not happy in 6 months, I can have him lipo a bit out of the right to even it up. I asked him why he just couldn't take belly fat and add to the left! He said it has more complications. I mean, who wants to go smaller at this point ?!?!?! PS also said he had a very hard time lifting my pecs, especially my right. Too strong, too tight. Maybe there is still some swelling in the right and it will go down more. I'm going to have to start using my left more, lol. So, I'm pretty much free for the next 5 months...after I take it easy for 2 more weeks! I laugh because I thought I wasn't going to ever make it 12 days ago! Thanks for all the love and support from all of you!

Forgot some...

I forgot, PS gave me lotion to gently rub on my breasts 2 times a day. NO MASSAGE. I'm also supposed to rub the incisions/scar firmly back and forth with the lotion. He says it's the moisture that helps scars the most. My glue should start coming off in a week or so by itself. Think that was it. I'm going to call and ask about pools, hot tub, etc.... forgot about that!

Fun shots!

OMG had sooo much fun pulling out the piles of sexy I never wore! It's like shopping in my bedroom! I even found a couple of things too small so I'm starting a get rid of/give away box. Blows my mind that I have things too small. Also have 2 after and before of a summer nightie I like. Well, didn't like and now I do! Today I ordered a VS leopard bikini and last night hubby went onto the Venus website....2 dresses and 2 bikinis. ...plus one corsett like shirt. Excited!

pathetic me

Ok, I'm just whining today. Tired of sleeping on my back, it hurts, as does my neck I somehow kinked last night.....then there are the super hypersensitivity of the nips with radiating nerve pain around my entire set of boobs. Ughhhh. That was it....just whining... I'll be better later....Still a happy girl!

Just tracking changes.

Nothing big to tell. Subtle changes I'm just keeping track of. The bathroom lighting sure looks better than natural daylight, lol.


I was complaining about anything touching my girls.....so hubby handed me two plastic containers .."Will this help?" Roflmao!

My Implants

Sientra gummy bear. Round base, shaped, textured. My BWD was 10.5 and 11.0cm. My right has 320cc and my left 270cc. I wanted more cc's, but based on my breast width, you can see the stats on what sizes this particular implant comes in. If I had gone bigger, they would stick out the side too far. Since these are shaped, a perfect pocket is made to fit them so they don't rotate. Picture an egg :) Hope this helps those that are interested. I picked round base vs classic (like Britt56) . I wanted more fullness in the bottom and not so much upper pole because that was big enough with my pecs.

3 Weeks / New Bikini

Hit my 3 week mark. Still getting sore when I do too much but life is getting back to normal slowly. Too much touching, friction, rubbing tends to make the sisters really sore. Mainly my skin and nipples. Tried a dress I ordered on line....too small! Almost couldn't get it over my girls to get it off. Panic! I managed but not without really irritating them badly. Sending it back for larger size. THAT IS A FIRST....dress too small because boobs are too big! Posting new bikini pic. I have two more new ones and will update those later.

First time being sized.

Taking all this with a grain of salt. #1. I got sized at VS which tends to flatter your ego and your boobs. #2. I'm only 3 1/2 weeks post off and have more changing to do. 32DD fits but since my back doesn't like it tight, 34 D was more comfortable. I think I will end up lg C/small D. I will try Nordstrom for sizing next. I'm waiting for VS to get me the 34D in nude since I am allowed a bra on Thursday, FINALLY! I must say, I almost cried after being sized. To go from nothing to THIS is pretty fricken incredible! I actually got stared at last night at the festival.... I should say, the Sisters in a strapless dress got stared at. That's a first.


Great dress when you aren't allowed a bra. Keeps the girls somewhat stable and the pattern hides the headlights!


Thimk I counted 25. Was always in search of one that fit. A lot of new ones I never wore. Waste of money. Some will be given away, some will be tossed, but the new ones will go to Victims Assistance for women that are raped and go to the hospital. Their clothes are taken as evidence and they need something to wear home.

4 Week Update

Just posting to keep a record. I did notice a small hole under my left breast. PS said to put antibacterial ointment and a bandaid. Said it looks like I lost a stitch. I'm still waiting on that right breast to catch up to the left as far as roundness goes at the bottom. Otherwise, LOVE MY BOOBS. Trying to build up my energy to clean out my closet. I was up at 4am, did breakfast, went on 1/3 of my normal walk, and took my mom to the doctor. 8 hrs and I'm ready for a nap! Happy healing to all!

Pictures didn't load!

Still Trying to load pictures

3rd time the charm?


Not feeling the boobs right now. Spilled boiling hot coffee and grounds on my arm. I see the blisters starting...the air hurts. OUCH !! Still planning on the beach tomorrow if it doesn't hurt too bad!

Thank you!

Thank you to all that sent me well wishes about my arm. It is doing better. The itching phase has started so I know its beginning to heal. It doesn't look pretty but I'm sure it will be okay. Spent Saturday at the beach and it was super relaxing. My house is usually filled now with noise since my daughter and grandson moved back in. She has friends. He has a 5 yr old friend. ...need I say more? I cook double what I normally do and on the weekends it's been crazy with backyard camping and bonfires. Felt good to get away with hubby and hit the beach. I'm definitely a sand, water, sun lover. Kept my arm wrapped in light gauze the whole time. We stopped at the casino on the way home and pigged out on crab legs and everything else. I need to get my butt back to the gym! Girls are doing better. I still wake up with morning boob but it doesn't last long. They feel weird when I bend over and then stand up. I don't think they're changing much except getting softer. The left more than the right. Anyway, thanks again to all that commented on my arm. Happy healing to everyone and calmness to those that are coming up soon!

oops spoke too soon.

Guess I'll see the doctor tomorrow!

What else can go wrong

Airbags deployed

New Baby.... Lady Red!

My new license plate will be BLIEVR. Says it all! I want to thank each and every one of you for your care and concern for me. You are all amazing! XOXOX. (p.s. told my hubby I need a naked booby pic in my new car, LOL, coming later !)

6 Weeks

Oh, what a long 6 weeks! Boobs are feeling pretty good. Getting softer. Still wake up with a little morning boob but only lasts about 5 minutes now. I have a serious case of boob greed. Wish I had been able to go bigger with the same implants. At this point, I wouldn't even care if I had a little side boob going on. Probably 99 percent of the swelling is gone now which explains why I can't wear my large sports bra anymore. I still think my right is slightly bigger than my left and my left nipple seems to like to look to the side more than straight ahead. Have to remind myself they are SISTERS, NOT TWINS! Hubby is thrilled with them as long as I flash him daily.... which usually leads to more, lol. My arm is soooo much better. Hardly noticeable this morning. Loving my car but still a little nervous driving it! Uploading a few pictures but still waiting to find a nice spot to have hubby get a topless in a topless car pic or a pic of my NEW yellow bikini on the hood, lol! I ordered a new dress from Venus and had to send it back because the chest was too tight. Just got a new size (med) which fits the girls but looks like a too big sack on the rest of me. First time ever for that problem. Sending it back...obviously not the dress for me. My old bras finally made it to the Victims Assistance to help clothe rape victims when they have to give up their clothes as evidence at the hospital. I've been seeing a chiropractor for the headaches from the accident. Really ready to be done and go back to my normal pain level. Honestly, I can remember ONE day in the last 15 years that I woke up with ZERO pain. Keeps me humble and gives me empathy for all those that suffer from chronic pain. I understand. Happy healing to everyone and to those that are getting ready for BA.... go bigger and load up on PATIENCE !!!!!!

6 Week Boob pics

This is why you take lots of pictures!

Almost 2 months

Hi Ladies. Yes, I've been MIA. Lots of things going on. I have a house full again and more on the way. Been helping the other ladies in my life: sister in law had another breast surgery, my step mother is getting ready for mastectomy and reconstruction, have been taking my Mom in for back pain and has surgery wed for pain shots, also been going to doctors with my daughter for fibro myalgia flare ups. I've also been to the chiropractor 3 times a week. Last week I was the taxi for my stepson to get to and from the state fair everyday for work. My dad will be here this weekend from California before my step mom has her surgery. I've kind of been "boobed" out and apologize for disappearing on everyone. I am VERY FRUSTRATED AND NOT HAPPY with my own boobs. I feel like I have two very different sizes. They should have put the same size implant in both. I really don't want to have my smaller one redone. Don't really have the time or money to do that. Especially when I need to find a job !! I hope all of you are well. I'll try and take some time and catch up with all of you soon. Love to you all.



A few weeks shy of 4 months since BA. Girls are doing good. Still a little lopsided but in a bra you can't really tell. I am back at work at a different gym so my muscles are being put to use. Hope everyone on here is doing well. Still dealing with family health issues, things with my son, and Halloween. ..... that sounds funny, Halloween, but it takes 3 weeks to decorate my house. Working full time has been a huge adjustment after being off work for 6 months. I am at the point where I feel like my boobs are a natural part of me. Tend to forget about them until I get out of the shower and see myself in the mirror. Got to show them off to my sister in law who has had 9 breast surgeries. ..... she said they were beautiful and could she please have my nipples? Lol, poor thing hasn't gotten hers yet. My step mom had her mastectomy. Now my dad jokes that is ex wife has one left boob and his wife has one right boob....so all three of them should hang together. .... He cracks us all up. I haven't taken any pictures in almost 2 months. I suppose I should just to see if there has been any changes. My love and best wishes to all of you..... the ones I used to chat with daily and to the newbies I haven't met..... BOOB ON !!

About 3 1/2 months

Soft and squishy

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