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November 23 2010...I have always been overweight....

November 23 2010...I have always been overweight. I was a chubby child and teenager, wearing sizes 16-20 jeans for a majority of my life. When I turned 21 I was my heaviest at 230pds (I am 5'7). My fat seems to accumulate around the midsection. After changing my eating habits and adding exercise to my daily regiment, I am now 175pds and wear a size 9. Even though I have lost weight and changed my lifestyle, I still have a lot of weight around the midsection. I have tried everything to get rid of this; weight lifting, dieting, personal training.. thousands of situps and crunches, but no luck. Currently, I workout 5 times a week, running 3-4 miles a day, weight training, and I have just finished Insanity (Great workout!! Gives you awesome muscles!) However, I still have a nice layer of fat on top of my abs and decided that I need some surgical help.

After researching, I decided I was going to get a tummy tuck but learning that the procedure would cost $10,000. I had to find an alternative. I found out about smart lipo through a friend who had it and thought it would be something for me.

This website has been a great help in my journey. I have looked at everyone's before and after pictures and almost read everyone's blog to get a better idea. I am so grateful a website like this exists.

After much debate I decided to go for it and my appointment is on Dec. 10, 2010. The doctor told me I was an ideal candidate for the surgery and because I am young, never had children, and non smoker, that I should see great results. I think the hardest thing for me is that I cannot workout for a month :(

I am really excited and nervous..

I will post pics of my before and after the day my surgery.

**fingers crossed**

So I had my surgery less than 24 hours ago.. they...

So I had my surgery less than 24 hours ago.. they took out 3500 cc's altogether from my flanks, and upper and lower abs.

Here are some key things I have experienced.

1. I went to the Women for Women clinic in Salem for my procedure.. love them! I originally only wanted to get my lower abs and love handles done, however, after talking with them I got my upper abs done as well for only an extra 500.

2. The pain factor depends on the area being treated. My lower abs did not hurt as bad as my upper abs.

3. Do not do an extensive ab workout the week of your surgery!! I regret this because my abs have been worked on so much that when my doctor was trying to remove the fat she had to break the fiberous connections that surrounded the abs. That hurt.

4. Make sure you have someone to help you get around. During the middle of the night I got up to use the restroom by myself..Getting up on my own hurt, my abs burned and my whole body felt like it was on fire. Take the medications they tell you to take. Have someone help you get up.

This morning I went into the doctor office for a cleaning. They removed the bandages and squeeze out the excess liquid before changing dressings. That really did not hurt, I am very sore from everything but not in great pain.

The results: So far my whole body looks different. I look like I have lost 20 pds according to my husband, I cant really tell yet because of the padding. I have a lot of loose skin on my lower stomach area, in fact, I have a cat-like pooch that is made up of skin and liquid. My upper abs look great! In fact, I can see my ribs and my upper ab muscles underneath my skin.. When I sit up I can see my mid section abs poking through too, I don't have those tummy rolls anymore its flat all the way down! The only sad thing is the extra skin..I am hoping it will tighten soon.

So far I am very satisfied with the results.

I will post pics once I feel comfortable enough to stand and take pics.

December 12 2010. I woke up extremely swollen...

December 12 2010. I woke up extremely swollen today, it had been little over 24 hours since my surgery. My stomach feels like I am 6 months pregnant and I am full of fluids (I think it's fluid it doesnt feel like fat). My garmet is really tight and the padding is leaving weird impressions on my loose skin.. (it looks like silly puddy). It hurts to walk still, I have to hold my lower stomach when I stand or it feels like my insides will fall out. I heard I will feel like this for another 4 days or so..

2 week PO: So it has been two weeks since my...

2 week PO: So it has been two weeks since my surgery and I am starting to feel the healing process begin. My stomach is starting to get a lot of lumps and waves and the area around my belly button is really starting to swell. In the morning time I feel super tight and fit but by the end of my day I feel bloated and 7 months pregnant. I talked to my doctor about it and she said that is common. As for my results so far I am a little disappointed that I am not seeing the same great results that others have posted. I keep reminding myself that everyone heals differently, I am starting to become afraid that the lumps will become permanent. Lastly, I am a little worried that my appetite has gone away, I feel like I had gastric bypass I can only eat a little bit at a time without feeling sick. I don't know if this is a blessing or not.

Lastly, I am starting to wonder if my flanks are going to change I have been looking at the weekly pictures and really have not noticed any differences in the flanks. I hope they will start to go down or something I hate how wide my body looks from the front view.

Feb. 20 2011.. So it has been a little over two...

Feb. 20 2011.. So it has been a little over two months from my surgery and my results are starting to look great;however, I am still really wide. In addition, I got really flat in the front but the starting to develop a "muffin back top." I am now wearing a size 5-7 pant size from my original 9 before I had my first surgery in Decemeber. My Dr. advised me to do my back as well but I had to decline because of financial reasons. So, in another month (3 months from original surgery) I am getting my back done.

March 21 2010: I came into the office around 12:30 for my pre operation set up. We took the pictures of my back, weighed in (I am officially 3 pounds lighter than before my surgery even though they took out 8pds) but I LOOK like I have lost about 20! Furthermore, I think the missing 5 pds went to my boobs because I went a cup size (previous 36c; now 34D) My husband thinks the boob increase is an extra bonus to the surgery.

Anyhow, today's surgery went great. The purpose of my surgery was to remove the back fat and flanks which would help with the wideness and "back muffin top."

After taking my medication I laid down on the surgery table and fell asleep within 5 mins. I remember the first time I was stressed and scared because of the surgery but this time it was completely different. I was soo relaxed and calm the whole time; I only woke up when they told me to roll over on each side so they could operate on my flanks. I did not feel a thing the whole time. The surgery took about 3 hours to complete but it felt like it was only about 5 mins. They took around 4 pounds of fat out of my sides, but as soon as I stood up I could see the difference (even though I am covered up with padding galore because I leaked everywhere during surgery).

I remember the first time I had surgery I was out of it the whole day, didn't eat, couldn't walk, stand up on my own, etc.. having my abs done was intense, but getting my back and flanks done is a walk in the park. I came home and slept because of the medicine but I am not in any type of pain or anything I feel great right now! I left the dr's at 5:30 and now it is 9pm and I am completely fine, no pain or anything I don't think I would go shopping or any house hold activities but I feel great.

Cant wait to post pics.. I took some yesterday to show my 3 month progress pics and I will take some tmw to show the after flanks and back fat removal.

I recommend this to anyone, I have been very pleased with my results so far.
Women to Women Clinic, Salem OR.

They have great bedside manner.. I really enjoyed everything, when I was thirsty during the procedure they gave me water with a quickness. The surgery lasted a little over 4 hours and I was always well looked after. Very helpful and friendly staff. Always willing to answer my questions and spend extra time with me when needed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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