Lower Abdomen. Just Can't Seem to Lose the Pooch - Salem, OR

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I had my lower abdomen done 7 days ago. I am...

I had my lower abdomen done 7 days ago. I am pretty thin with the exception of a small pooch just below my belly button, I regululary excercise doing 1 hr sessions of hard cardio 5 days a week. I faithfully watch my portions whether dinning in or out and when dinning in I prepare healthy meals. I've been doing this for years, but just can't loose the pooch while everything else is toned.

The first five minutes (exactly 5min just as the technician said) were really painful. She kept warning me that it would be a 7 or 8 on a 1-10 pain scale and I didn't believe her. As soon as it sucked up my fat it was definately an 8. After exactly five minutes that subsided into a more discomforting senation of about a 5 on the pain scale and within 15 minutes from the start it was down to a 2 or 3 where it remained until the end. Removing the suction wasn't bad as I was numb. She massaged the area for about 3min or so and that wasn't painful at all. I was able to wear my skinny pants when I left though the area was really swollen.

It remained swollen for four days after. During these four days the area treated was pretty tender, but numb. After four days the swelling just went away. At day 3 I started to experience these sharp stabbing type of pains in the treated area. It felt like sparks or getting shocked as the pains just randomly occurred all throughout the area, it was not a constant ache. During the day I am a busy mom of two and I work full time, while the sharp pains are not pleasant I am too busy to dwell on them and therefore am not bothered much. At night however when I am trying to sleep they are more bothersome. Any clothing or bedding that rubs across the treated area increases the sharp pains all over. Trying to relax and fall asleep is a bit difficult with the pains. On the 5th night I took 2 IB proven and eventually fell asleep. I called the center that treated me and they said they could prescribe something stronger for the night, but I am not a big fan of pain pills I can make it through it. I asked about the Lidoderm patch that I’ve seen on others reviews and my doc said he thought it wouldn’t do much as the pains were more internal. I found that during the day I have been wearing control top nylons and this helps. My doc also said that patients who experience the stabbing sharp pains usually see them disappear one week after treatment. I am there so hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

At 7 days post treatment my stomach looks just as it did before treatment. I know that the results of the treatment won’t be visible for 3 months or more, but looking at others before and after pictures who had a similar appearance I have every confidence this will work for me. The technician was very optimistic, said I was an absolute ideal candidate. She said she was certain I would get the results I was looking for. The suction was great and my fat/skin was pulled all the way to the back of the suction cup, which she said is optimal and doesn’t happen for every patient. By day 6 I was back to my regular exercise, the first few minutes were uncomfortable, but I exercise in spandex and it offered the support needed in the treated area. Within a few minutes of beginning exercise I no longer felt any sensation for the remaining exercise time.

Overall yes there is pain and discomfort, but I want results. The five years I spent exercising hasn’t always been pleasant either, but it has paid off too just as this will. Though I am still feeling the effects of the treatment I would absolutely do it again. Like having a baby and going through labor and delivery, it is full of pain and discomfort but most people do it again after their first baby because the end result it worth it.

Well just as the the doctor said I was pain free...

Well just as the the doctor said I was pain free by day 8. I was skeptical because as I went to bed on day 7, I still had the sparking pain, but when I woke the next morning they were gone. I couldn't believe it, in fact I didn't want to. How could it just disappear at exactly one week after, but it did. Now it is 15 days past proceedure and I feel great, no swelling, no paid it is like it is never done. I haven't taken a measurement, but my stomach seems a little flatter. Could just be wishful thinking. I am looking forward to what the next few months bring.
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There aren't a lof of providers in my area offering this service. I was already a patient of the dermatology office and enjoy the staff and environent.

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