Levulan and PDT - No Reaction? - Saint Petersburg, FL

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I recently had a basal cell carcinoma removed...

I recently had a basal cell carcinoma removed surgically from my lip and the path reported basal and squamous cell carcinoma but got clear margins. whew! So my derm recommended I treat the AK on my face with Levulan and PDT. I went in this morning for the treatment. They put the Levulan on for 15 minutes and then put me under the light for 1 hour. I finished the treatment 4 hours ago and I see absolutely no change. The dr. even looked at me and advised the tech to treat my lip because he said I had it on there too. I will come back and write a review after I see how this works.

PDT day 2

End of second day. After abut 8 hours in the first day I started getting the redness. This is not horrible at all but I'm not sure how well it will take. I can see of the spots that were flaky are definitely more red but I have no pain or issues at all. I suspect I'll have to do another treatment but knowing how this progressed will make me less anxious next time.
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