Almost 4 Years Later, Opted for Removal of 400+cc Implants Rather Than Revision for Implant Malposition - Saint Petersburg, FL

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I've always loved the look full breasts, and I...

I've always loved the look full breasts, and I hoped and prayed that some day that I would get boobs. I had been a 34B since I was 16 years old and pretty much stayed there until I got implants. When I had children, I loved the feel of my breasts when my milk came in, and I liked being curvy as I had been thin my entire life. So fast forward to my early 40's … I received a settlement and decided I wanted breast augmentation. I was happy for a while. The 421/457 implants put me in a 34DD, and I liked the way they looked initially. I had a different size implants to address asymmetry mostly likely caused by nursing on one side more than the other. I nursed both kids for a relatively short time since I struggled nursing having small and inverted nipples so other than the asymmetry, my natural breasts were in good shape.

So as I said, I liked the way my breasts looked with implants, but I felt the left one drop very early in my recovery process. I thought this was normal. Over time, the implant settled into a very low pocket, which I dealt with since I liked them overall. I tried several bras and bathing suits and could never feel quite comfortable. The band always pressed down on the front of my chest with the weight of the implants. Some days I couldn't even make it out the door before switching to a sport bra. Honestly, I liked the sports bra look better since it eliminated side boob and gave me more support. I researched different types of bras, and even thought about ordering some from a polish bra maker. I wondered if the low implant was causing the issue as I have friends with implants that don't seem to be have the same issues.

I finally decided to explore revision surgery since I got tired of the sports bras and the asymmetry was much worse. At this point, I don't even sleep without a bra, and many times I double up the sports bras for support. Revision surgery seemed very invasive to me. I needed mesh on the left side to provide support, and a lift if I wanted to go much smaller. I just wanted to go back to the beginning when I could wear a 34B and be comfortable. Sure, I'm not going to be able to wear a halter or a tube top, but on a day to day basis, I feel like I will gain back the freedom of feeling comfortable after a long day at work, and being able to buy cute little bathing suit tops. Additionally, I really think I look heavier and matronly with large breasts. I am 7 pounds heavier with the implants, but I feel like it's 20.

Obviously, my biggest concern is what I will look like post implant removal. After weighing all my options, I opted for implant removal altogether with no lift. I may get a lift later, but I am interested to see how my body will heal on it's own. I am obsessed about how I will look, and how much asymmetry I will have afterwards. I may end up getting some skin removed under my left breast or even fat transfer, but I'm not ready to make those decisions yet. My surgery is just two days away, and I am excited yet anxious to see the results. I already have photos under my profile as I posted my photos to obtain feedback from several plastic surgeons. I will post progression photos once I get to the other site of implant removal.

Thank you to everyone for posting your stories. It has been very helpful and encouraging. Good luck to everyone!!!

Surgery tomorrow!

Pre BA Photos... These photos encourage me when I start feeling anxious about my implant removal. I'll post some after BA photos a little latter.

Love hate relationship with my implants

Post BA and more recent photos (last year). Over the years,my implants have dropped and now thy make me feel huge! I was 144 post BA and now I'm 151. Not a huge difference, but I feel like my implants have put 20 pounds on me. They will be out tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

Surgery is behind me! Time for healing. :-)

Just riding back from the surgery center. All went well. I'm so excited to see my boobs but I am all wrapped up!!!

Day 1, explant surgery

Overall I am feeling great! Medication seems to be helping me manage the pain, and I have been resting a lot today. I'm dying to see my big reveal when I go see my ps tomorrow. I peeked a little, and so far I am happy. I'm hoping the tubes get removed tomorrow too. I've only produced 24cc's in each breast for the entire day. Cross your fingers and send good vibes my way that I will get them out tomorrow.

Post Op Appt

Here's the big reveal. Doc said to wait probably six months before we discuss a mastopexy on the left side. Otherwise feeling good. :-)

Just a little ingenuity

I added a carabiner clip to a lanyard and viola! Carrying my lil hand grenade looking things are a cinch to carry around. Just thought I would pass this along. The drains should be coming out tomorrow. Woohoo!!!

One out and one to go!

Got one of my drains out today. The other produced too much fluid yesterday. ???? things are progressing but I am ready to get back to normal. Patience is not my strong point.

6 days post op

6 days post op and moving right along. The left boob has always dropped so explanting really just returned me to pre BA state with a little bit more skin. They are definitely filling up. I have mixed feelings about whether to address the asymmetry. Anyways... Hope to get my right tube out today then stitches removed on Wed. Looking forward to bra and bikini shopping. :-)

6 days post op...I forgot to upload the photo.

10 day pic

Well ladies... I'm moving right along in my recovery and very happy to be implant free. I continue to be lopsided, but I am learning to accept that my breasts do not have to be mirror images of each other. My left is obviously lower and more deflated and my righty is wide with more projection. I am leaning on not having a lift but we will see. I do love having my natural imperfect boobs back, and I'm happy that I have enough breast tissue for a push up. I can get fitted for a bra in two weeks! Right now I'm at a 34D, and I can see why I was so uncomfortable trying to fit my augmented breasts into a DD. Anyways... That's my 10 day update. More to come as things progress.

Sports bra

Pic w a sports bra 11 days post op

4 weeks tomorrow!

Here's my 4 week update. A little less lopsidedness, but it's all good. Still sooo happy!!!

4 weeks post op!

Went back to the gym today. No upper body exercise yet but feels good to be back at it! Also started sleeping without a bra. Anyone's else try? It's feels sooo good. :-)

7 weeks!!!

Hey ladies! I'm at 7 weeks and moving along. I love my new boobies, and I can't wait to go bikini shopping later today. Just wanted to share a quick update.
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