17 Years Old and I Want a Totally New Nose - Saint Petersburg, FL

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I hate my nose so much :( My mom says it's alright...

I hate my nose so much :( My mom says it's alright for me to get it done so I'm planning on getting it down after I graduate HS in May. I have a list of surgeons I 'm interested in here in my town of St.Pete, FL and I've done alot of research. I'm just worried I won't be able to get the results that I want? My nose is very wide and bulbous with no definition WHATSOEVER and ugh i just hate it. I want a super cute tiny nose (I'll show pics n everything of my current nose and the nose that I want to get) I want to love myself and honestly I do. It's just my nose ... and that's rly the root of all the negativity I feel towards myself. I want to feel as confident and beautiful as possible before I leave off to college and eventually the real real world. I just want to know if I want is possible or atleast close to being impossible. I guess it is dramatic but I think dramatic change is what I need.

Ok sooo

I decided I'll be getting an alarplasty thanks to some suggestions! I've gotten! Thank you so much everyone. And for the people telling me "you're so young!! ur nose is so beautiful.. stop trying to be asian etcetc" just stop. You aren't me and you never will be. I do not like my nose. And that's that. Instead of suffering and forcing myself to "accept it" begrudingly (which I've been trying to do for the past couple of years) . I'm going to change it.

Anyway, so I decided that I'm going to get an alarplasty because all I really want to change is the width after much thought. My tip and bridge are OK. I think a super pointy tip won't match the rest of my face. So, I decided to keep the roundess of it. But the width of it is what really kills me and makes me hate my face so much. I'll probably be getting the surgery around May or June? So stay tuned. Thank you!
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