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After multiple pregnancies and several surgeries...

After multiple pregnancies and several surgeries involving my stomach area I have decided to take the plunge. Overlapping skin, lots of scars, not to mention reoccurring irritation and raw areas. I can keep it relatively under control with constant cleaning and LOTS of medicated powder & ointments. But when my gynecologist saw it and suggested abdominoplasty I took that as a sign to move forward.

Unfortunately my insurance does not see it as a problem. After submitting some very embarrassing pictures and letters of necessity I was rapidly declined any form of coverage. They have very little compassion for the quality of life this condition brings about. So I am totally on my own with the cost. Thank goodness for Care Credit that allows me to make payments for part of it.

I am so excited and terrified at the same time. I trust my surgeon completely but do not do anesthesia or pain meds well. I have panic attacks when in recovery and extreme nausea from meds. So I know I will be a basket case as the date of surgery gets closer. But I want to feel good again and that is stronger then my fear I guess. I am so glad to be on this site and meeting new friends that are going through the same journey. Hugs to you all and we can do this !! :)

4 Days Post Op ....

Hello everyone ... Had my surgery on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday evening. And I have to say that this forum is a blessing. Everything went well and recovery was no problem. Kicked my fear of being nauseated in the butt with patch behind ear and Zofran. I get a little nauseated in the morning but (knock on wood) have not vomited. I will not lie, first 2 days were pretty rough but not unbearable. Percocet, Flexeril and pain pump is making things go fairly easy for now. I tried not taking pain meds and that was extremely dumb on my part. Drinking a glass of prune juice a day and Metamucil capsules. Constipation has not reared its ugly head yet :) The day before surgery I did go into a melt down and was weepy all day. Not sure why but pushed forward because I knew I had an awesome surgeon and really wanted this for myself.

I cannot stress enough ... REST, REST, REST !! I get tired just going to the bathroom and back. But I keep focusing on the end result. So glad I am on the healing side of things :)

3 Weeks Post Op ....

I am 22 days post op and everyday is different. End of day swelling varies depending on how much I do during the day. Had visitors all day Sunday and I paid for it Monday. Stomach was as hard as a rock when I woke up and had to kick my feet up most of day. Some days my tummy looks very bloated and I question if it will ever be normal. But I sit and read other post that confirms I am not alone and it will get better :)

Dr. Copeland and his staff are very professional and really help to make this journey as easy as possible. I have called several times with questions and have always been treated with nothing but kindness. I have full confidence in him. A friend of mine was in a bad accident and had facial injuries. Dr. Copeland did the surgery to repair the damage and you cannot tell anything had ever happened. So I know when my surgery date comes I have the best doctor anyone could ask for :)

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