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Hello, my name is Vanessa, I'm 31 years old and...

Hello, my name is Vanessa, I'm 31 years old and I'm having my long awaited breast reduction in 2 days. I'm starting to panic a bit, of course, so I decided to start a journal here to try to calm me down. I have found a lot of comfort, courage and tips from the reviews in here that it encouraged me to participate.
I'm scheduled to be at the hospital at 6AM next Thursday, 8 hours fasting food and liquids. All contracts signed, tests cleared, documents ready. Today I'll be preparing and storing food for the next days - light and easy meals like soups for the first post-op days. This way I avoid eating store bought and unhealthy stuff.
I'm married, no kids, 3 dogs and work from home. My wife will be helping me when she's around, but she'll be out the whole day on Friday, so, I'm a bit worried that I'll be on my own the following day post surgery. What did you girls find to be the most difficult things to do by yourselves on the first few days? I imagine I'll be in bed all day, working from my laptop and napping. Any tips to make it easier? I I'll ask my wife to place everything I need (medicines, water, food, phone...) at waist level to avoid raising my arms.

I'll post a few "before" pictures later today.

Before pictures

So, this is how they are right now.
I'm 1,64cm (5'5), 58kg (127lb), 32DD/DDD.
I've had big boobs since my teenager years, and I started gaining weight when I was 15. In 2011 I was 94kg (207lb), so I started a serious nutrition and exercise program and eliminated 35kg (77lb). It was the best thing, obviously, but skin can't hide what it's been through... Although I have loose skin everywhere, my boobs are the worst part, so, now that I've reached the weight I consider ideal for me, I decided it was time for surgery.

24h po

It's been 24h since my surgery. I can't believe I really did it!
I'm still in the hospital, don't know exactly why. I thought I was going home as soon as I woke up from the procedure. Apparently it is all going ok, I'm feeling fine, almost no pain. I had a bit of nausea yesterday, at lunchtime, but they gave something to stop it and it worked alright. Later I had dinner and some sleep, although the nurses kept showing up every 2 hours, and I have this plastic "boots" that inflate every 3 minutes. I still don't know when I'm going home and I still don't know how my boobs look like because I still did not have the chance to look at it, it's all wrapped up in bandage.

Just got home

I'm out of the hospital and could get a glimpse of how it looks like. My doctor said I must keep the tape until next Wednesday because it's helping to shape the boobs. I have a hell of a headache and my neck and chest hurts too, so, I'm trying to keep quiet, not raising my arms and taking my pills on time.


Almost nothing new, just feeling less tired and no neck pain. Headache was gone too when I changed tylenol to aspirin. Sleeping on my back all night is being hard, and today I feel like I got a cold... Sneezing and congested nose. I think it will take some time until I fall asleep.
My wife helped me with a shower last night, we've washed the tapes and dried them with the blow dryer as my doctor told me to. I can't wait to see how my breasts look like without the tapes, but I must wait until Wednesday.

A few other "before" pictures

I still can't share anything about my results because I'm still covered in bandage, but I found a few pictures I took with another bra. This is a 32DD wacoal too. In my good days (out of my period or pms) I used to fit in a DD cup.

Finally took a look at them!

Got my first PO appointment today. She removed the bandages to change them and showed me how my boobs are now. What a relief! They look ok. Very swollen, a bit bruised, but symmetrical, lifted and significantly smaller. I think they look a little like cheap implants ????, but she told me they'll set a bit lower with time, and look more natural.
She applied bandage tape again, in a smaller area, and said I will be wearing them for 2 months, to avoid enlarging the scars. ????

I also scheduled my first MLD session for tomorrow morning. It'll be a 10 sessions total. I fell I really need them because I'm bloated. My stomach, hips and thighs are ginormous now... Pms coming and all. But, in general I feel much better today. Flu is finally ceasing and I'm almost over with meds. I wish I could go back to my treadmill and to Pilates, but I know I still have to wait...

Second post-op appointment

The best thing now is that my flu is completely gone, so, overall feeling is getting better and better.
I've had two MLD sessions so far. It feels good and really seems to reduce the swelling a little bit, for a while.
Yesterday I got my second post-op appointment with my doctor. She changed my dressings again, removed half of my stitches and said it's all fine, I'm recovering alright. I'm scheduled to go back there next Wednesday. Until then, just washing and drying the bandages, and resting, which is starting to be more difficult because I don't feel any pain anymore. But I know it's for the best, so, let's have patience.
I'm very happy with the looks of my boobs at the moment. Looks like they're starting to settle down a bit. Still have the implants feeling, but getting better. I tried some of my clothes and they all look way way better, even with the swelling and bandage tapes.

18 days

Just had another appointment with my doctor today and she removed my remaining stitches and said now I can raise my arms and I no longer need to sleep on my back. \o/
She said I'm healing fine, the incisions are nicely closing and everything looks normal. I think my left boob looks perfect, the right one is bit more swollen, so the shape isn't as nice as the left. But I know it will heal and set with time, so, no worries for now.
I'm happy with the way things are going, I think it looks quite nice, specially if you compare to what I looked like before.
I fell some "stings" of pain now and then, and it hurts a bit when I do some moves, like bending forward or sitting up from lying down. But it's a mild pain, totally bearable, and it stops quickly.

pain and period

I decided to take my dog for a walk today and just found out it was a bad idea. She's usually super well behaved on leash, but I needed to hold her tight once to cross the street and now I'm feeling a little pain under my right breast :(
Also, I noticed I skipped my period this month. It was supposed to come about 15 days ago, but no signs of it so far. I'm not super regular, but haven't skipped a month in a long time... Anybody else noticed something like it? I don't know if there's anything to do with the surgery, anesthesia, medication... I will ask my doctor next week.

No stitches

Not much to report, but I took some pictures of my boobs without the stitches this time, just to keep recording my healing. It still hurts a little, but seems to be getting a bit better every day. I'm still feeling tired and very swollen. My right breast still is a bit weird, and I don't love the way my nipples are looking right now.
But my clothes are fitting way way better now, I love it!

First month

So I reached the 1 month mark. I'm very happy, almost no pain and almost back to normal life. I'm still keeping the bandage tape and my doctor keeps changing them. We were having weekly appointments and she changed it to every two weeks now, until I reach 2 months.
I still avoid carrying heavy weight and still wear the surgical bra all the time.
I'm pleased with the size and shape my boobs are getting now. It's way softer and looking a bit more natural now. By the last two weeks I feel I gained a bit of weight, so maybe they are a little bigger because of it. But I like it anyway.

Sep 26

Nothing new, just took the time to take some pictures with the bandages off. I think the healing is going quite well and I'm pleased with the results so far. I can't wait to be released by my doctor to make and apply the tape myself. At the moment I still need to go back to my doctor's office every two weeks so she can take a look at my scars and change my tape.


Just had my first period since the end of July, 2 weeks before my surgery. It was a total of 70 days ...


I just had my period, 67 days after my last one. Apparently, I'm back to normal.

(almost) 2 months

As we are having a holiday in Brazil next Wednesday, my doctor ended up taking my 2 months appointment today. We took pictures to document my process and she finally took off my bandage tapes for good! I'm so so so happy for it. I was really tired of having to blow dry them every day after shower. And it itches... She prescribed a gel to apply on the scars every day for 4 months and to keep the surgical bra for another month. And still avoid lifting heavy weights. My right boob is slightly bigger than the left, but she said it's still swollen and they'll both set a bit lower over time. But I'm super pleased, I like this size and shape, I can't stop trying clothes on ????

2 months

2 months pictures ;)
I'm applying scar treatment gel every day and I keep wearing the ps bra, but, besides that, life is back to normal and I'm loving my new boobs! Next Monday I go on vacation for a whole month, we are traveling to China and Japan, so I'm very excited!!

5 months

Totally satisfied! :))
Dra. Meliza Moutinho

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