Breast Reduction

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So far! Well to start I've had back problems from...

So far! Well to start I've had back problems from being top heavy all my life. The past few years my back has gotten considerably worse...I've tried it all and still no comfort! Finally my Dr. Asked in his serious voice is this is something I'd consider & I said yes! So I scheduled my consult ......

Had my Consult

So I had my consult it was pretty simple! We talked, he explained the procedure then he measured my breasts and took pictures! He said he will be taking about 250 cc from each breast! I'm fine with it because I'm so over these boobs! I waited about 2 weeks to get an approval from my Insurance company!! My surgery is Feb 28th....I'm nervous yet excited for this change!

Pre Op Apt

I had my pre op appt! It was pretty simple the nurse took my blood pressure and asked a series of Pre-Op questions. The Doctor came in and he was very nice the first thing he asked is was I nervous lol ha! I looked like a deer caught in headlights (this is really happening) lol!! He checked my ears, my belly, my reflex, breath in & out...ya know the basics! He then asked another series of questions before wrapping up...when he picks up on my past Anemia!! #grrr I was almost in the clear! I hate shots..but he's a great doctor so he sent me to get my blood drawn to make sure that's all good! Other then that I'm still good to go! I went to Big Lots yesterday & noticed they had a bunch of comfy sport like bras In a 2 pack I'm just unsure of what size to get?! FEB 28 is the day!

2 weeks to go or so...

& I cant stop thinking what if my nipples are too big for my new breast?

Last week heavy chested

And boy am I happy! I just keep envisioning my new breasts! Praying they will be amazing! Nervous about recovery with a 21 month old busy body!

So looking through pics I've noticed so many different shapes of breasts, I'm wondering will all my stretched skin make my shape off?! Or look bad?! Or will it be odd lol I dunno

Tomorrow Marks the Day

Tomorrow will change my life I know it will! I thought In this last week that us be nervous about the actual procedure but I'm not I'm actually more relieved because I no longer have to hold my chest up and feel this droopy boons weighing my life down so I am excited as ever!! No more constantly pulling my boobs up to feel comfy every minute! So yes I'm thankful, relieved...I can't wait! The nurses will be calling me today to verify my check in time & I'm good to go ladies! I'll be getting last min items today!!!

It's early ...

Please excuse all the typos in the last post... Lol


I also find out (late I know) my doctor reconstructs breasts for cancer patients! Let's see what he does with these bad boys lol

Happy with my Results!

First off I have to thank the women who have gone before me. THANK YOU!

Left breast is very very swollen but it totally matches the right breast tho once it goes down it will be perfec so I won't worry too much at this point. I go back to have my dressing removed Monday! My PS didn't give me any drains & I have this pain pump I have to carry plus meds so I feel good and When I get up I feel lightheaded & dizzy so Going forward I'm going to strictly follow the Dr orders. I will add more tomorrow... I'm exhausted!

Day 2: post op

I am delighted. More pics.. Still swollen on left side...::

More Day 2 pics...

Is that swollen boob ever going down.... I know patience huh!!! Do you think they will match?! Help... I'm a little worried not sure why? Lol

Oops forgot to add pics to above post

Day 3 post op

I go to the Dr tomorrow for my first follow up! Here are more pics. I'm off the pain meds because they were making me very sick! I feel a million times better and I'm now taking Alieve only. I still have pain and discomfort, my left still very swollen and bruised and my nipple is red too!! Now that I don't feel so overwhelmed by nausea from those meds I feel sooooo much better! This is def a procedure that takes time & patience to recover from!

Lol pics, pics, pics....

Nothin major I'm just posting pics because I want to see my changes daily...showing the bruising! Everyday it looks different! In love yet & still!

Old Bra... yuck!!

My old Bra.... Like so many others I've had in the past! Ready to try on the cute bras in due time!

First Follow up Appt

So I'm just leaving my first follow up appt! Tomorrow I'm having an ultrasound on my left swollen boob@ Dr is aspirating it or putting me back to sleep to wash out the blood! He does not like the fact that they are not even! So I will have yet another update on that in the Morning

Hematoma in left breast

So I went & had an ultra sound this morning to see what was under my left breast it was fluid, blood to be exact! It's very thick and they couldn't get it out in the office both yesterday & today! So within the next two days I'll be going back under to have the left breast flushed out....overwhelmed

Hematoma contin...

I've been in bed all day for the most part! Been kinda down about the left breast which I know is already going to be taken care of! I got poked in the left Monday & today (now tues) so ugh I'm having pain like you would not believe in both breast... I'm assuming these are the Zingers my PS told me about. He also advised me anything that looks bunched won't stay bunched as my stitches etc dissolve in essence my breast will "fluff" so I'm excited to watch my boobs transform even this funny acting lefty. I'm going thru Gauze like nobody's business so that's something to keep in mind for anyone going into the surgery. Gets Tons of Gauze excited as I was to get into a sports bra is as excited as I am not about just wearing my cream wrap they sent me home in! Lol at least to sleep. I was not a fan of wearing a bra to bed which is going to have to change So I'm on the hunt for super soft bras! I got a Marena Dupe I found at Walmart! I love it so far. As far as the Hematoma goes it's very painful my skin is like at its limit with the swelling & it just all around sucks! I hope to have an amazing turn of events and on a road to recovery! You ladies stay positive! I would do this over & over again!!!!

Evacuation Breast Hematoma

Good Evening All!

Whew. I'm pooped I must say! Monday was my first follow up appointment where the swelling from my breast reduction surgery in my left boob would not go down. PS tries pulling fluid out but he got nothing so he scheduled me for an ultrasound the very next morning (tues) I got an ultrasound on my left breast where they noticed fluid. At that point a Dr came in & introduced himself educating me on Hematoma. Dr numbed my breast & tried to pull out the blood but it was too thick! He then called my PS & I was scheduled for next day (WED) evacuation at the same day clinic...

As of this very moment I feel good! That Hematoma was draining my energy and my arm was starting to tingle which my PS did not like!! .I have a drain in the left breast now and I'm assuming he's going to take it out Monday if I'm doing okay! I have a surgical bra but the bra from Walmart is the exact same and more comfy ESP with this drain on my side! I think my Steri strips stay on until they either fall off or PS replaced them!! Well off to bed... Well really stalk Real Self till I doze off!

Walmart Bra (Surgical Bra Dupe)

This bra feels way better then my surgical bra.. It does not dig into my sides or my back! Fits very snug in the right places!

My Stats..

29 yrs old
5 ft
120 pounds
1 young child
My before breast size ranged from a DD on up and depending on my weight big as ever. I was a F cup during my pregnancy & a little while after.

hmmm pondering what body part ill attack next! lol

Im thinking Smart Lipo on my chin/face if possible but def on my chin! Im thinking smart lipo on my back/mid section as well. Invisiline for my teeth because i want them perfect!! And laser hair removal! lol SMH RealSelf got me!!! lol

Walmart Bra that feels great

Lol I keep calling it the Walmart bra ha! But it's identical to my surgical bra, hold me tight yet very soft & does not bother my drains! A few posts above or below lol I posted the hanger & tag... I'm going back for more like these and I hope they have many in stock! On another note my nipples are hurting omg... I think it's zingers ohweeeee!

1 week post op

My nipples feel as tho they are going to fall off! I'm wearing the drain for my left breast until Monday! The left breast swelling is going down & I'm finally starting to feel EVEN lol! Might can't wait till I can really touch them and rub some oils on then.. It's just so funny how I was so anxious to get the surgery & now I'm all anxious to see what my breast will look like in 6 wks or 6 months lol!! Well I'm up... Here some 1 wk pics! Enjoy & happy healing!!!

It's too early...

& I'm typing in the dark! Excuse the above typos n such lol

Old vs New

I love my new breast!!


Light on my feet

I got out today for the first time really since last Friday aside from Dr Appts. and Oh how light do i feel on my feet! Its so funny because i feel at times im right on my tip toes lol! maybe its just in my mind....

2nd Follow up -10wks post ops

Today was my second follow up appt with my PS. They finally took that damned drain out that thing was driving me crazy. I am no longer taking the pain medication but i am still taking a muscle relaxer for my back. I personally think its going to take another few months for my back to really loosen up. I have knots out this world! I go back in 2 weeks to get my tape removed, my PS said i could fully shower tonight and the drain site will close in 24 hrs just keep my guaze over it for 24 hrs. He was very pleased with my healing so far and So am i. Im realizing more and more day by day how much of a huge change this is....i am so happy that i dont have to feel the miserable feeling of my nipples hanging so low and driving me so crazy i just couldnt help bad mood swings at times! For that reason i am thankful for this surgery. Its crazy how i still go to hold my breasts up with my hand and arms or put on a shirt and go to lift my boobs up realizing they are already UP! haha Life changing! Another thing I noticed is i hug my son really close...I don't know why but it just feel different giving a hug now. what else.....hmmmmm PS said i can start adding some type of oil/lotion/ointment to my nipples now and then my incisions after the next two weeks. The nurse that checked me in had her BR done my the same PS as well...Apparently hes really NICE so i heard a few nurses whispering as i was changing in my room lol Another thing I learned is some great things you just wont find on the internet. I was referred to my PS thru my Primary DR and let me tell you after my consult I searched for him High and LOW but something just felt like i was in good hands...maybe it was because he just knew what he was talking about he didnt have to try to talk me into choosing him! After i couldn't really find much on him I was kinda like oh man should i have gotten a 2nd know second guessing myself. Again, just had a feeling that i was in good hands...and what do ya know i was in GREAT HANDS! So that kinds taught me a little lesson that i wont be able to find every great and amazing thing online! haha ill be adding 2 week post op pics on friday! oh i also made a video but i cant figure out how to post it!

(I am very into natural oils) What are you using on incisions? Nipples?

10 days post op

my bad not 10wks just yet! lol

2 wk post op

Hey Ladies... Will add later been super tired as of late.

2 Wks post op Update

Good Afternoon Ladies!! I been so tired this past week. I went under twice and that just totally took a chunk of energy out of me. I have my next follow up appt on March 24th to have my tape removed. Right now i have the waterproof clear 3M patches over my nipples because the scabs have come off and my nipples are looking great. All the tape fell off the right boob which is healing perfectly well. My incisions sites on the right are very smooth lines which im very happy about. I cant wait to start oiling them up once everything is fully healed! My Left boob is giving me a harder time, alot of pain, stinging, still swollen but its going down more and more every week. I still have the tape on the left breast and ill be baby some scars back to health esp where the drain was at and where the tape bothered my skin it scarred so i will be nursing my skin back to health on the side for that! (i will add a pic)

So im having a little difficulty feeling comfortable with myself around others who have only seen the BIG CHESTED version of me. Maybe its the reaction but i dunno. It makes me feel odd. But when im alone i feel UBER sexy! Im sure once my boobs heal my sex drive will be crazy because my old boobs would literally have me disgusted! I am looking forward to that i must admit!

Sports Bras- the 2 bright colored blue ones are too big now i mean they fit nice but getting baggy a little in the front after 1 whole day of wear and tear. The black bra however from walmart "the back smoother" that clasps in front is my go to bra!! It holds and keeps me high and tight. My doctor said that would be best to have that support for the next 6 months to a year before i start going all braless! It sure is ready to go braless this summer!

Right now i am taking showers as usual, after my next appt im going to ask about getting back in the gym...ive gained weight im not happy about so Im ready to start running but my left boob is like NOPE! So i am going to just let my body go ahead and heal!

Zingers...Zingers...Zingers!! OUCH! lol!

Pics. 2 wks post op


Going into 3rd wk post op

Right breast has dropped a bit. I have no problems out of the right! Lefty hurts, is swollen, gives me Zingers all the time! So we shall see what the doctor SAys! I will be happy once they really match! I'm glad that Hematoma is gone, but I'm a little nervous it's still got some signs of Hematoma!

2 different breasts

Ugh I'm starting to feel like my breast just took 2 different shapes. I know I must wait for the swelling in the left to go away, but it just seems like they will never match! The left is more round, right is flat or has dropped?! I'm frustrated.

Back Pain & Loving Myself

Soooo I'm up late tonight because I can't sleep. Go figure my back hurts, joints hurt, everything hurts. I've been dealing with chronic pain for some years now and I really try to avoid being overly medicated. I can't deal any longer and it feels good knowing that it all can't be blamed on my breasts! At first I was feeling as tho I probably needed physical therapy for another YEAR (not even kidding) yes a year to get my current knotted back in order... The pain is in my hands just the most so I am thankful for my reduction but I am going to go back & request they look more into the cause of my pain in my joints etc....

Loving MYSELF! I spent nearly my whole life till now lol with those huge sagging boobs & omg everyday I am happy. When I don't have to hold them up I am happy... They just sit so pretty! Ha... I feel brand new, renewed, like a force! This has given me the confidence I never knew existed! Now I'm anti sagging lol and refuse to let these babies escape me!! lol! My swelling went down on the left breast left side... Still a little swollen tho. I'm HAPPY!

3 wks Post op

My next follow up appt is this coming Monday to get my tape removed. Swelling from Hematoma evacuation is finally starting to go down very, very slowly! I went a few days with no tape.....worst feeling in the world! I could feel every stitch so I am more secure when they are taped, in a bra, & covered on Guaze!

3wk post op

New me in old sport bra

It looks like a crop top but anyways it's cold where I live like REALLY COLD and OMG my nipples never hurt so bad so I put this old sports bra on with some nursing pads.... I'm not on any meds so I just took Advil but they hurt so bad for about 2 hours!

4 wks post op pics, full update next.

Just pics for now... Hit another really tired phase... I will update with follow up, new bra, healing oils etc when my Son is not snatching my phone out of my hand every second! Recovering with a 22 month old is not easy! So please forgive me I will be coming around to show my love & see what I've been missing! Happy healing xoxo

Just a few pics....


5wk post pic

5wk post op

9 months or so post op

Omg! It's been a while! I am about 9 months post op and I miss them when they 3 months post op! I think I withdrew for a few months because I didn't care for them anymore or what they were beginning to look like! So have any of you ladies had any revisions yet!? I think I may need a few revisions!

9 mo Post Op

So I'm 9 Mo Post Op Breast Reduction! I need to go back and have a follow up for some revisions! I feel very flat in my right boob as it is also smaller!

9mo pics breast reduction


I am approaching my 1 year post op anniversary!!!! I am still very happy with my perky results! There are a few minor issues I would like revised.

Has anyone gone in for revisions!? If so, by your original DR or another surgeon? What revisions did you have done!?

My right is smaller then my left by about a cup of so you really can't notice until I'm wearing a bra! I think I have a few dog ears on both as well! I will post clear pictures as well! Thank You!!! I hope to get my revision before summer!
Dr. D M

I couldn't ask for more in a PS. I was referred to Dr Dean Mann by my DR. I had my appt with him on Jan 23rd. The consultation was very detailed, Dr Mann & his staff were very polite and down to business! Staff kept in constant contact with me regarding surgery dates, follow ups, etc! Dr Mann did an Amazing job on my breast.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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