36 Years Old, No Kids, Time to Swap 36L Boobs for 36C or D - Saint Paul, MN

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You know the story. Yada yada yada - by the time I...

You know the story. Yada yada yada - by the time I was in high school the boobs were huge, and have just been getting bigger since then.

I've been wishing for a reduction for about 15 years. I had a consult several years ago and was denied by insurance, and never followed up on it due to fear. My mom just got accepted by her insurance company for a reduction, and her success made me go see a surgeon. To my surprise, I was approved right away, and I have a surgery date set for November 10th, just under 3 weeks from today. I chose the earliest date possible because I have an anxiety disorder and I just want to get it over with quickly.

I have spent the last several weeks reading and researching as much as possible about the procedure. I have another consult with my doctor next Friday, Oct. 28th, and I will bring my notes and photos in. I am hoping that I will be able to have a superior or medial pedicle reduction. My doctor initially thought I may need a free nipple graft, but according to research I should not. So besides that research and measurements, I will also ask him to give me a narrower breast with more upper pole fullness to prevent bottoming out with the Lejeur procedure. My biggest fear right now is having wide, flat, boxy breasts.

I came into this thinking I would be happy with *anything* besides what I currently have, but I know I need to be an advocate for myself in this and I need to ask for what I want. My doctor is very personable and I know he will be open to discussion. I have no reason to think he would not be able to accommodate my wishes.

So here are some photos. They were very hard for me to look at. I was, honestly, shocked at how huge my breasts really are. I have been in denial for a long time. I'm ready for this!

The date

My surgery is scheduled for the same day (Nov. 10) that I broke my ankle last year. I think it's a good sign.


Surgery is in 15 days and my anxiety is off the charts. Waiting to hear back from my doctor about an Ativan prescription (I've taken it before; I have generalized anxiety disorder) but until then I am feeling pretty bad. I had three panic attacks (with vomiting) yesterday. Wish me luck that my doctor responds ASAP.
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