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Hi fellow Partners in Plastic hell! Or explanted...

Hi fellow Partners in Plastic hell! Or explanted now and Happy!
I want to Thank all of you for the posts on this site! I have been back and forth for a few years now on explanting. MY courage has been born from all your messages of hope and love. 25 years ago I implanted my pretty much perfect smaller Athletic God given Breasts. ( SAME old story) Not really for me, I had a Boob loving Husband a million years ago. Trying to please him, I went along with the whole Bowling Ball theory, Bigger is better..No, is is not! I had Saline implants back then and I am forgetful of the size. They did not bother me at all actually.

SO, for the most part, the first 22 years, it was my dirty little secret that I had even had implants. With all the Big boy bras out there now, and all the many other " stuffed bra " looking gals, I fit right in. The marriage fell apart of course many years later. Still, being my health was fine, I did not beat up on myself about implanting all those years ago. That was until a few years ago. Things seemed to shift with time age. And one side was sagging to the point I noticed it and it bothered me. I had not idea of the outcomes you all speak of, and thought I had to implant again. This time, I had new implants, sub muscle and they were bigger then I had hoped for. I am over 6 ft tall, so My PS thought is would be fine. Silicone. The first few days I knew something was terribly wrong. I had severe pain compared to all those years ago and just did not feel right.

This went on for several months. All the time, just hoping things would settle down.. I ended up having them replaced, above muscle and smaller, still silicone. That was over a year ago. Still, not realizing, or maybe just fearing just taking them out, period! I have had nothing but issues since. Their was some tearing from the under muscle implant and that area still seems inflamed, I do trust my Doctor and were in contact through all of this. I hung in and have tried to just live with the discomfort, until I became ill last August. Tired all the time, fevers, pain, numbness and tingling I started researching possibilities of somekind of Silicone allergy and found this site. It has changed my life. I am set up May 1st for explant! As scared as I am, I also am so ready to be free of these toxic bags of waste. My Primary Doctor has ran some blood tests on me and I have some Liver issues now. We are hopeful this will clear up after I heal from Explanting, Ive put this in God's Hands now. I am sure things will improve by reading your stories. Thank you all so much! I look forward to once the healing is on the way I can see the athletic body I was born with again, and not this over stuffed and hard looking one. I have had so much bloating as well and weight gain that It will be wonderful if my body goes back to how I used to be. SO, thank you so much! Fake no more!

Hello out there!!! Just a nervous Nelly here...

Hello out there!!! Just a nervous Nelly here tonight. ( Grapefruit) My Surgery has been moved up to Monday- April 29th now. NOON!! I am SO excited to think of being on that other side as so many of you have talked of. Being I am still on this side, it's scary !! So many years wearing these fake bags on my chest. And like I said, hiding them too?? Yikes.. I will pray tonight for patience on this next journey! Best of luck to all those who already have had explants and who are explanting SOON! Peace and healing to everyone!

Hello lovely Ladies!! 5 days after explant and...

Hello lovely Ladies!! 5 days after explant and still so HAPPY for not having to deal with the horrible health effects of the Un reals!!! I noticed on the Internet a picture of Keira Knightly and her New Husband. I loved seeing the fact, she wore the most beautiful Dress, that even showed she is a small chested gal even more!! KUDOS to her for never shoving the Bags in and being un natural! I too, find myself and always have found myself seeing smaller breasts as just so feminine and Sexy! Okay, enough of my ramblings for Saturday!! Off to the happy couch for rest - healing and the Fluff Fairy... Happy Lazy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Ladies!! Thanks again for all the comments...

Hello Ladies!! Thanks again for all the comments and support on this site! It has been so very helpful !! I am give or take 10 days post explant now. Feeling light and so much healtier each day. It is still a process, rest, heal and patience for ME! But, the fluff fairy, does exist, she has been stingy thus far with my little ones, but even SO, I can tell it is alittle less saggy looking now! The little ones were traumatized and trapped under big devil bags of toxins, after 20 some years, I need to be patient! :) My PS has been wonderful post op, Stitches are out and He put me in a different compression bra then I first had. Not as tight I guess for my case, he wants the Nips to breathe sorta speak! I trust him and will be praying they continue to perk up day by day. Going from a 38 d bulging ugly Matronly looking chest, to this smaller, maybe a 36 a- 38 A Chest again, WOW... I love it. I am somedays having mental games, I look in the mirror and 99% of the time, NO REGRETS! The 1 %, is not regret, just that nervous energy I get, because of 20 some years having that OTHER look.. and also, just the health issues, almost, 90% better now. Less pain, I can sleep, I can BREATHE again sleeping, which is Huge! I embraced the little boobies on my trip to the first post op. I decided rather then Hiding myself in A jacket, Ive pulled out blouses, button down, that I could never wear with the gapping buttons, hated that look! NOW! I have a whole new excitement when I go to my closet. ALL those cute button down tops, I can wear now! I sported my favorite top the other day to the PS, and embraced my small chest. It was a very freeing and Overwhelming feeling. JOY! I need to stop stalking ladies chests though..lol kidding, sort of! I notice now though, so MANY ladies, like myself, who stuffed the Implants in, and they do NOT MOVE.. I was one of them, and NOW, I am not..SO HAPPY about that! I have always thought the flatter look, smaller chested look, is so much more attractive anyway. It has made me want to get even more in shape, healthy and just LIVE again!! 53 years going on 40?? Hope so, but As I close off on this rant, just know, Thanks for all the kinds words of support and I want to pay it forward with anything I can help anyone with! ALthough I am not perfect by now means, fluff fairy will be back, hopefully! :) My patience is strong now, I have hope I can only improve with time. Peace to all, rest, heal and be Happy! We are all in this together and God IS GREAT! :))

HELLO !! Update, 15 days post op.. The Nips...

HELLO !! Update, 15 days post op.. The Nips finally perked up..:( Therefore, I am happy! Hoping for some more fluff, Patience and Faith !! Love that I am implant free. Thank you all for the Support and all the many stories! I know they have all helped me! Happy roads to explanting! And Healing!!! :) aka lil Hoots
If I can figure out to post a pic, in a bra, I sure will someday!! :) Droid cell.. not sure how to do it?

aka lil HOOTS~~~ Three week post op Day!! :)

Hello girls!!
I had my Three week post op today!! I hugged my PS.... I am SO happy to be implant free! He seemed happy to get that hug! I have little boobs. NO DOUBT that they are still in the stage of improving with time. Slowly, but surely, I can see them coming back to life after 20 some long years, a few surgeries and lots of trauma to them. I am HAPPY to be natural. Happy to be free. I can breathe again.I joked with my PS today, about feeling like his One and only flat chested Mermaid. HA! With all the rains, I was kinda drenched when I was at the Appt. It really matters to like your PS. To trust him. To be patient and kind to ourselves. My Breast I feel will keep coming back, they are alittle concave yet, but seemed like each day they fluff ever so little. 3 weeks out, I was told today I can swim again! SO looking forward to getting back into my life, WITHOUT, the bags. Or Grapefruits as I called them. Merena I was told for my incision scars, not that they are closed and healing! Best of luck to all of you healing and all who will be having an explant. I am going to continue to be patient, sounds like even 6 months one can be still fluffing and healing! My PS said I as lucky with all the years of implants, and issues, to have the Shape of the breast I have. I know, I have no pictures, sorry! I tried, not able to post. I am a shy one though, so I would have been in full attire anyway! boring ! :) But, thanks again to all the stories and courage ! We rock ladies! We really do! As I walked out of my PS's office today. Several young, I mean, YOUNG, twenties? Some sitting with the most gigantic Boobs I have ever seen, no doubt, newly planted ones, because their shirts were Low, showing all.. :( Made me sick for them. And I also met a few walking in, with HUGE.. I mean HUGE breasts. Again, these young ladies, proudly, flaunting almost the whole upper portion of the breasts. ALL the same, looking Huge, hard and well, almost to perfect in size. That's the dead give away. I simply walked by them, smiled, wearing my ever so small compression bra, under a blouse, proudly, Natural, flat and Loving it!!! AMEN!!

MY Little nips are coming back to me!!! YEAH!!!!!!

I keep updating because I am SO thrilled with the after 3 weeks post op !! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! That day marks my One month Anniversary of removing the toxic huge bags! YEAH! Happy Anniversary to the other April 29th Brave ladies! And all others implanted awaiting surgeries, and explanters healing and breathing again! Last night, as I was rubbing Fractionated Coconut oil on my Breasts to massage them, I noticed something wonderful again! MY NIPS!! :) Shrinking up to how they were all those many years ago!! I am SO happy with this. With the huge and stretched implanted look, my Poor little nips, stretched into the biggest and yuck looking Nips. I love these changes. I was called a Grasshopper by my buddy NFBlonde a few times! I love that! She was so right! I had to be patient, and I will continue to be patient. I will rest still, and be tender to my little hoots! They are still and will continue to heal. I can see this is a process of time and faith! SO, with that, and this ever so long rant, happy explanting and healing ladies!! :) Oh, and honest, Smaller boobies ROCK. Said it before and I will say it again! :) I am starting to feel that Athletic swagger come back into my world. I am not perfect by no means, but, I am healthy once again!!!!!:)))))) aka little hoots

ClearPoint Medical Compression Bra 3218 Classic comfort bra

?? Gosh, not sure who asked me about this Awesome Bra, so thought Id just post. I seemed to run alittle small, but It is a compression bra,, so that is what my PS wanted! It has been helping form the small little girls I have, My Nips love it! Tight, but not binding.. love it! It has some seams, it is flattering ever! SO, not sure who it was, but hope this helps! more to post in a few days!! Happy Memorial day Lovelies!!

Happy Memorial day Girls!!

It's a cold and wet one up here in the North..Minnesota that is!
I am almost at the one month Anniversary of the explant. So happy about that. With all the many health issues I had over the years, the last years the most, I am glad they are gone. I had some Liver issues and lots of joint and muscle issues. Tired all the time. Most of that has left. The joint issues slid back in, slightly, in the last several days. I had a RA appt made months ago, before I even had an explant date. A week or so ago, the Doc drew all kinds of blood to check some things out. Even though, the implants were out. She felt, I would not have RA by looking at me. Wrong. :( I got the results yesterday and it kinda hit me like a brick. It is low range still at least. So, miracles can happen.. I am a health nut normally, so I just have to dig in and really research this beast of burden now. I cant say if it is from Implants all the years? I will never truly know this? In my gut, I feel it is. Just because of my overall health before and then during the last years. Sad, but still happy to be implant free! This, is not going to suck any joy out of me. If anyone else out there has RA, or knows of someone and what they have been on or do to combat it, Id appreciate any info. I will be rechecked in 3 months to see its levels. Okay, carry on all you cute little small busted Beauties and small boobies to be! Life is precious short and full of turns. I plan to go to battle with this new one in my life! aka lil Hoots

A day at a time! Patience is Key!! Best of luck to all of you Ladies out there!

Hello fellow non plastic, non fake, soon to be non fake Beauties!
Alittle over 4 weeks since the Explant! Yeah! I still am changing. Maybe even smaller
lately? All I know,is my Nipples rock! HAHAHA. You guys understand this sillyness ! My Nips with the big old bags in them, well, they looked like they were inflamed and stretched out to the Max. They were! They, are really shrinking up to the Youthful size I had all those years ago in my early twenties. At 53! That is Huge! I still am sore. Up and down days! But, all in all, better with time. Slowly starting to do alittle working out. No jogging, not ready for that, but walking seems to make me feel better now! I am amazed at MY PS and his skill at sewing me back together. Many times now, Ive been cut open on the incisions. It could be a real mess. It's not! The PS will be retiring soon, he has a gift. I think he is truly a BIG boob man himself, I can tell by what walks out of his Shop. BUT, I also am happy he took care of me and my desires of having my Flatness back! We must connect with our PS. And really, feel like we trust them. I did with him! I wish all of you the best with future explants and already explanted..Rest. heal. eat right and repeat. OH, and pray! It works! :) I did buy some lightly padded bras from VS. It rocks to be little again! Love it! Hugs Ladies!!

almost 6 weeks post explant!

Hello lovely Ladies!
Just wanting to thank all of you again for all the courage and hope out there. Also, to you nonfat Blonde for that sisterhood of having our explants same day, same time. God Bless all of you and best of luck in the explanting girls to come!
At almost 6 weeks out, I find myself still having little ups and downs, but NEVER regretting the explant. I am 53, so I tire easy, but for sure, I have more energies! I can breathe again! That, and the little ones, are the best thing ever! I did find out I have RA, plus I have Lymes, so, most likely, some of my stuff is related to that. I believe as Ive said before, the RA though, is from the implants. No proof, but what is in my Guts!! I shared I bought a dress the other day, and the sales clerk wanted to see it on me. I proudly walked out in it, my little training bra aka compression bra, and sported the dress! Instead of sharing with everyone, in a small town that I explanted, I just say, I am embracing my Flatness at this time of my life, no big boy padded bras for me! Some of the ladies Ive said that too, seem happy to hear that. I do have a few VS padded bras for those times I may feel like I need a boost, but the wonderful thing is, they have been just laying in the bag, waiting I guess? I like the Natural. And, truthfully, my boobies feel better still in the tightness of the compression? So, I am finally, letting the boobies/ lil Hooters, have a voice. We put our bodies through so much abuse, it is time for me now, to really listen to my body. My skin seems better, my Hair is not falling out, and even growing again! I know, it's because the implants are out of there! SO, advice I can give at this stage, Rest, if you don't, you will set yourself back, pamper you, resist the urge to work out the first part of this healing, it is not worth the set backs. Walking seems okay, and I have been walking for a few weeks. Nothing more. I am guessing, at my exact 6 week mark, I will start with some small weights for the arms again! I know Ive changed all my eating habits, I sneak in a candy bar yet, not going to lie, but for the most part, Clean eating!! SO, peace to all of you beauties! I am off on a little two day trip, calling it R&R for ME! My sewing machine, my Bible, journal and a few good reads! Hugs! aka lil Hoots

6 week Anniversary!

Hello Friends!!!
WOW. Six weeks! Honest, it does fly by! When I look back now, I can really see how that word, Patience, is Key! Thanks again Non fat blonde, early on, she used The term, Patience Grasshopper, I ended up loving that and still do! Thank you Hon! Not much to report different from last week! I am still seeing improvements with time and massage. And, also wearing my Compression bra yet, seems to be key for me. My lil hoots are still perking up and the massage is the best part I think of this process. For sure, that is so healing and really needed once we get to start that! I can sleep, breathe and seem the brain fog used to feel, gone!! If you are on the fence out there on explanting, or nervous at all, that's okay! But do yourself a favor, and gift that to yourself! It will be the best thing you can ever do for your health and Body! Have that faith all will turn out. I mean, I am not going to lie and say that I still have that door open for the fluff fairy to come back some more! :)) But, that fluff slowly does happen, and our bodies seem to just start blooming like the small little blossoms! I am not perfect, but I am implant free and Love that! I do still believe my RA, low range, was caused by the way over to many years implanted. I will pray that goes away! In the meantime, take care of YOU, lets love our bodies again and I wish peace and happiness to all of you lovely and strong Ladies! aka lil Hoots ps.. I have a Droid-DNA cell, I have not posted any pics,I have no idea how too! Although I did send NF Blonde girl a pic of the littles! ( In my compression bra!) It did feel good to share that! We had our explants the same day, and time!


Just a quickie today!! Watching Kelly & Micheal, although, he is off this week. ABC.
Anyway, I LOVE, seeing Kelly Ripa, embrace her own Natural, very small chested self. She is beautiful I think, and part of that, is to me, she is small on top. Just youthful. If she had big fake boobs, she would look older and raggy! Yeah for the little ones!! I did over due with some yoga last night, at home! At 53, I am going to back up the thought process. 6 Weeks out, I will not rush this healing! I could tell my incisions were not liking my movements, SO!! NO WAY, will I mess up the progress I am making. Walking and biking for this chick. Compression bras, and still, rest. I suppose it all depends on the age and person too!! Have a great day!!!! aka lil Hoots

9 weeks post OP... not sure, lost track of time!!

Hey girls!! Happy healing and explanting to you from Sunny Minnesota!
I have had good days, and today, BAD..
I love my Compression bra yet, but thought it was time to update my wardrobe.
I think I tried on, maybe 25 bras at Macy's today..Bad idea. It made me feel bad, and that I will never find that Perfect bra! Ive spent money on the Zee bra, although they are fine, not quite what I am looking for. I tried on way to many brands, high end, low end to even remember right now! I walked out, with just a Brief shaper, for a dress I need to fit in this Fall, knowing one thing!! I need to get back to the Lake and start to swim. That, first off, is an issue. Ive let myself slide into, well, being Lazy again...SO, no more woe is me. I truly, love being small chested! But it is a strange and still new thing! I dug out an old Wacoal Bra, spelled wrong maybe, and I love it, it is a 36 C.. Stretched out because of years of Implanted fakeness filling the cups, it actually, fits kinda nice. To try and find that same Bra, nope, discontinued..:( I will keep trying, in the meantime, two or three implantings ago, Before I actually really had the big ones inserted, Yuck and barf at that, but, I found that the 36 C fit.. Although, trust me, I seem more like a 38 A cup.. A cup? Ha.. cracks me up, but at 6-1, I am sorta, kinda like a Gabby Reece in Size, AMAZONISH, only with little hooters... Lil hoots that do not seem to beable to find a better bra, then the dang little compression bra. SO, I will just keep wearing that for now. They seem perfectly happy all tight and squished in there..LOL
SO, sorry for the rantings, it was a long, exhausting day. Never again, will I keep trying on bras that long..No way! I should know I was at my limit. Yikessssssss.. So, I do know one thing, catching a glimpse of my 53 year old figure in a mirror, I honestly, love the look I have, FLAT, sorta, kind of, with nips.. As Ive said before, It's all about the Nips anyway to me, and why Pad the hell out of them, and hide them? It's all I almost have? Well, alittle more, but you guys know what I am saying. I feel, if we pad up ourselves, it's kinda like not excepting our Natural God given bodies still. Okay, enough already, Happy 4th to you guys!! Be safe, take care of YOU!! aka lil Hoots

Wacoal Bra NN 85567 36 c

WHOOT whoot.. the lil hoots scored a very pretty bra yesterday! I finally found a Wacoal bra, that really made the little ones look perky, but yet REAL! No padding, so the Nips are free to breathe! I am truly not clear what size the lil hoots are, the right side, is not as full as the left, that is for sure, on the top anyway, thankful, the bottoms of the breasts are both the same. I have no pics, because I have a droid DNA, and never figured how to post, Non fat Blonde did get a private text though, with my compression bra on! HA! Best of luck to all explanting coming up, and all healing still. This is a process..If in doubt of taking the toxic bags out, read these sites !! Run as fast as you can to the best PS you can trust and consider a friend, and remove ASAP.. I wish, I had done this 20 some years back, but cant look back now, only ahead!! Happy 4th peoples!!! aka lil Hoots

August One 2013

Hello Lovely ladies!! I have been having trouble getting on this site lately, and also, just kinda been busy!! Congrats to all of you explanters and soon to be. IT IS THE BEST thing Ive done for my almost 54 year old self and body. I LOVE, my not perfect, but real and squishy lil Hoots...I find that I still, like my Clearpoint compression bra the best. SO do the littles! I had my explant on April 29th, seems like years ago now, you truly do start to just live life again. I love not wearing padded bras too. It was hard at first, but now, it's more of a PROUD to be natural in my mind thing. And the athletic body, is starting to come back. Big boobs are gross to me, natural big, or Fake big. I know it can be a different process for all of us. I still see tiny fluffing going on, just enough for this girl, to be very pleased. I also find, I am not as boob obsessed now. SO, if I am not on here cheering you soon to be, or just had explants, I am always smiling when reading your updates. It is an ebb and flow. A new pack of ladies come on, and cheer each other along, as the time of surgeries come and go. Pretty cool stuff on here!!! Just rest and heal, and remember, all our bodies heal differently. Patience is key and just being Real!!! Take care to all, I am not going to be on here much, but my prayers and hugs go out to all!!!! lil Hoots ps..I still deal with my New found RA issues, low range, not sure if it was from the surgeries, implants. I feel deep in, it is. SO, if in doubt, get the suckers out asap..You will NEVER, regret it...never...best of luck!!!!:)

Happy Anniverary, Year 2....

Hello Lovely Ladies...I have stayed off the site pretty much the last year or so. I think the most wonderful thing that happens, is we get our life back. I can't speak for everyone, but I found that I stay off this site now. I hope that I helped others while going through that first year. I can share now, two year's and a day out, it is fantastic! Aside from the fact my Husband left me through the last year, his loss, my reward! ha! Seriously though, It took the second year for me to see real change in what I used to hear was called, the "fluff Fairy" . She came this past year! I never have regretted removal and have never looked back. I love my " littles". I am mid age, no pictures to put out on the Web, I am not into that whole scene, but my Doc, said I look youthful and perky. ;) I will take that. I will not have to worry about the things drooping or hanging when I get into the Nursing Home stages, 30 years or so down the road. Ive had patience. You have to have that! Just baby yourself, take care of you! I was blessed to loose not only the bags of hell in my body, but the fake and hellish person I used to call, Husband. Gone, may they all three RIP...kidding, of course, but still funny to me.. Also, Blonde Chica out there, I lost your Number and contact! Happy Anniversary to you Darling! You were a blessing and sunshine that first several month's ~ We had our Surgery dates the same day, same year! Miss you ! Best of luck to all out there, go for it..you will not be sorry! God Bless....little hooters! aka Grapefruits no more..;)
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