39 yo, mom of 1 via cesarean

After stalking this site for years, I've finally...

After stalking this site for years, I've finally scheduled a tummy tuck. I was super excited and now I'm super scared. :/ I'm scared of the recovery and the fact they may not be able to get enough skin even though my surgeon says he can. By the way, I did extensive research on surgeons before selecting this one.

39 yo mom of one born via cesarean 19 years ago
5'3 124 lbs ( gained 30 lbs during pregnancy but have maintained weight since)
Athletic build, worked out for years, can achieve low body fat but like many other moms, I cannot tighten the area below my navel. I assume from cesarean.

I posted my stats in case there is anyone with similarities and will continue to journal my experience as I found many others incredibly helpful!

I will post before pics closer to the date.
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