The "Giant Marshmallow" Shall Be No More - Saint Louis, MO

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Hello RealSelf Family: I have loved this site...

Hello RealSelf Family:

I have loved this site from the very first time I logged on. I have enjoyed the stories as I can relate to so many.

I am 42 years old. I am a wife to a wonderful husband who loves me just the way I am. I (we) have five children (his and mine), three boys 22, 22 and 13 and two girls 19 and 18. I have had three C-Sections and a hysterectomy in June of this year. I gained 50 lbs with the first child, 29 with the second and only 9lbs with the last one.

Over the years my weight increased until I reached a size 20. My heaviest weight was 227. Over time I got down to a size 16 and stayed for many years.

April 2008 I had a breast reduction for medical reasons. My breasts were a 40DD. I didn’t mind that they were that size; the problem was that they hung as long as my arms…lol. The pain in my shoulders, neck and back had taken its toll and I had to do something. I went to what was supposed to be a C-cup. The problem with that was that I had a severe case of a-symmetry and the doctor failed to correct it. I have one C-cup and one D-cup. I am please the results with the exception of the a-symmetry. I am thinking of trying to get this corrected with the tummy tuck.

I have wanted a tummy tuck for over five years. For a long time, I thought was forced to live with the kangaroo pouch left from the previous C-sections. Once I learned that I didn’t have to live with this belly, I started to research my options. I wanted to have a tummy tuck for my fortieth birthday, however perimenopause thought otherwise. After six grueling months and finally getting to a new normal for this body, I decided I wanted to try this again. I lost my job was unemployed for 10 months and had to put it off again. During this time, I lost 20 lbs and got down to a size 14. I managed to keep it off for over a year.

Upon returning to work, the weight returned. I thought I would wait until I lost the same 20lbs again, but later realized that the difference in my waist size was three inches, so I decided that I would go ahead and have the tummy tuck at my current weight and size. I am not a small woman by any means. I love all my curves as I am blessed enough to be evenly proportioned.

I have my pre-op appt with my PS on 12-28-11. I will be given my medicines to take after the surgery and see some additional before and after photos of my PS’s work. I am very excited and cannot wait to see the results. I have not done any of the final prep work as described by so many. I will begin this process at the beginning of the year. Since I have had so many surgeries, I kind of know what to expect, I think…lol. I will continue to post as time gets closer. It is really wonderful to have a family like all of you who understand why I want to get rid of my “Marshmallow”.

I will post pics of my before very soon.

Hi Realself Family, Had my pre-op appt. on...

Hi Realself Family,

Had my pre-op appt. on January 4, 2012. Saw some great before and after photos of the work my ps performed. The physician's assistant, Marilyn was the sweetest woman in the world.

I received a bag full of goodies, my binder (and I will recive an addtional one in the hospital), silicone scar gel sheets, anicare tablets, cream, antibiotic shower cleanser and prescriptions. I still have all of the prescriptons from my hysterectomy.

I was also give a prescription for Lovenox for blood clots. Has anyone had to take these shots?

Now for the sad news. I will have to reschedule my surgery for the 17th of February. Had a few financial hiccups, tuition payments for my daughter, deductible for my car repair from an accident my son had in November.

I am determined to be ready next month. I DON'T CARE WHAT COMES UP!!!! I have sacrificed for years for everyone else and this is the one selfish thing I am going to do for myself.

I am so excited that this is going to happen. I look at the marshmallow everyday and laugh saying...."Your time is almost up"

Now for the crazy news. I have NEVER been one to pack on the "holiday pounds". I don' know what the hell happened this year. I managed to gain six pounds over a three week period and I am having a fit. I am determined to get this off as well.

Doing better with the eating habits. Never been on a diet. Usually would make better food choices and exercise. Better choices are back, but excercising has been like a chore since my hysterectomy.

I have an appt. with my GYN this week and will have my hormone levels checked because I suspect that to be part of the problem.

What ever it is, it will be changed

Until next time.....
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