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Tummy tuck or liposuction. I have been debating...

Tummy tuck or liposuction. I have been debating what would be best for me as a single mother of 3 with limited help & it basically came down to the down time. I have been trying to get a consultation scheduled for the that few weeks & everywhere I call is booked up. I finally got an appointment with the lifestyle center 2/24/15. We discussed several different procedures and narrowed it down to tickle lipo. My target areas would the abdomen & flanks. Overall I was very impressed with the whole visit now I'm ready to schedule a date for the procedure.


paid in full

So I have paid for my lipo & its is officially scheduled for 3/27... I'm kinda nervous & anxious at the same time!!! The count down begins

the wait is over

I think I'm ready I have everything and I'm just anxious to get this over with

I have made it 2 the flat side

3500 cc removed from my


So I spring a leak & wet my cg... Omg I was not ready 4what followed I had to change my pads & fluids were leaking everywhere it looked like a crime scene. I then managed to make it to my bed to lay on a pad until my mom came to rescue me. There's no way I could see anyone doing all this alone. I couldn't see the incisions & then I started to get light headed.

today 1day post op

2days post op

3days post op

1wk post op

Everyday I end up swollen like a good year blimp but I have no pain. However I am still bruised pretty bad & I'm so tired of the cg but I have managed to wear it abt 2hrs per day. When I get up in the morning I take off briefly to look at my progress then I put it back on immediately following. After I get off I take off for abt 30min while I try to relax. Then I take off b4 bed to shower and massage. I have my 1st Venus freeze treatment tomorrow.

compression garments

post venus freeze

This was a very comfortable procedure & I absolutely loved it. It was extremely relaxing very similar to a ultrasound massage. The nurse put gel on me a massaged my treatment areas with a very warm device attached to a big machine. This works great... immediately following I have less bruising & little tenderness.


17 days post op

I am now 17 day out & so far so good. I'm very pleased with the results so far. I plan to work out this week, nothing major though. Just some long walks & maybe a little bit of time on the eliptical. Tomorrow I will meet with the doctor & have another venus freeze treatment. Happy Monday ?

No more bruises

loving the way my clothes now fit


So i have been so busy with summer activities for the kids, vacation, birthday parties & now back to school stuff. I went in for my 3mo & i had lost 5lbs & lots of inches. Overall I am still pleased with my results but i do have a problem area that we are trying to see if will go down by the 6mo mark or if i will need a revision. This is the area right under my belly button. I love the way my clothes fit & how great they look on me. I am not 100% flat but i haven't been following my healthy diet & exercise regimen either. Once I get past my birthday & kids all start school i plan to do a lot better.
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