Much Needed Arm Lift - Saint Louis, MO

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Between losing 30 pounds, aging and genetics my...

Between losing 30 pounds, aging and genetics my arms have loose hanging skin. I used to have beautiful arms with well defined muscles. Sigh... I'm told I won't need lipo but may seek other opinions to be sure. I don't want to be less then satisfied with my arms as I have been with my mini lift and breast revision. So here are the first of my post pics. Surgery will be some time in Oct as I have two weddings to attend in September. I hope I'm only out of work two weeks.

Another consultation

Today I had a consultation with a different PS. I really liked the fact that pictures head to toe were taken. This PS wants to see op notes and pictures from all my surgeries as well before we have another discussion. He marked my arms and told me to go home and look in the mirror and think some more about dealing with a scar. To get a tighter arm the scar will show slightly in the back. He explained about safety and the possibility of nerve damage. He doesn't think I'm a good can for arm surgery or lipo as I had lipo on my arms with tummy tuck I. 2006. I forgot about that and looking back it made my arms worse. This doctor does smart lipo and pointed out all the areas where I could benefit. Under the chin is one. He also said he doesn't do mini facelifts and move the cheek pad (I had wanted that kind of facelift ) now I love my current ps but I was so impressed today with the time, honesty and detail of explanation regarding outcome. I had previously been told I would have a nice thin scar that would fade to white. Now I know it is common for the scar to be thin post surgery but more often then not it will get wider. Any ladies out there a year post op with a thin scar? Would love to hear what you all think. I'm even more undecided now as this ps said I would have to do some talking to convince him to do this surgery. He doesn't think I need it. What to do ?
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