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I had a wonderful experience and I'm two days...

I had a wonderful experience and I'm two days post-op and having no problems. Yes it hurts, but it's going to be wonderful when the swelling goes down. I wanted to be rid of my turkey neck and my deep naso-labial folds. I'm healing incredibly well (because I am doing EXACTLY what Dr. Scheu told me to do). I can't open my mouth very wide due to the swelling but that is resolving quickly. Bottom Line: It's going to hurt. You are going to look like a bashed melon for a few days--but then you are going to look beautiful again.

Day 3 I'm 72 hours post-op side view.

I'm doing great! Washed all the blood and gunk out of my hair yesterday and started putting neosporin on the stitches. The bruising around my neck is getting much more pronounced but I am healing very very well and I am happy with the results so far. Dr. Scheu (pronounced Shoy) gave me his personal cell number right after the surgery and his staff has checked on me regularly.

Day 4 post surgical

I forgot to put my chin strap on and woke up about 2 am and put it on immediately. I am convinced that my continuing to use the ice belt has helped my swelling to resolve much more quickly. I have no fluid under my eyes today and my black eyes seem to be resolving while I rock the Jackie O. look with the scarves and big black sunglasses. Pain is getting better although still sore which I'm sure will take about 1-3 months to totally resolve. I couldn't be happier with my progress and can't wait till they take the sutures out! Dr. Scheu used the tiniest sutures I have ever seen and I'm sure the scars will not even be noticeable in a few months.

Day 5

The swelling continues to resolve. I can open my mouth a full inch and the bruising is fading rapidly. I am becoming more and more confident of an excellent result and I can’t wait to get the sutures out so that I can wear some makeup to look like the woman I normally am! I am not going to hide under a scarf and sunglasses today. I’m in no pain & feel great! I do wear the chin strap at all times while in the house because it seems to be helping me heal more quickly and for the swelling to resolve.

Day 6

Feeling better and better as the swelling and bruising continue to resolve and will be happy to have the sutures removed tomorrow so I can cover the bruising that hasn’t faded yet. I think I got a beautiful job and I am delighted with the results so far! My ears are sore and as a side sleeper, I find having to sleep on my back to be the most difficult things since my husband tells me I snore when I sleep on my back. I'm getting the stitches our tomorrow and can't wait because I will be able to use makeup to cover the residual bruising FINALLY!! I use my own formula of mineral makeup and I find that it provides a great cover for bruising and everything else!

Day 7 post op

I get my stitches out today!! I am thrilled beyond words to be getting the sutures removes as they are getting itchy and I want them gone. I did my hair a put on a bit of eye makeup for the trip to the doctor. Everyone in the waiting room was floored at how good I looked 7 days post op, no one could believe I had a face lift 7 days ago! Swelling continues to resolve as does the bruising. It’s hard to believe that I had surgery a week ago today. I am delighted with the results and the beautiful job done by my surgeon and expect to be at work next week! I am confident that Dr. Scheu did a beautiful job as people are commenting on how great I look ONE WEEK post op!

Day 8 post op

The bruising under my eyes has almost completely resolved and the swelling is continuing to decrease. My surgeon is delighted with my progress and remarked to me that he enjoyed doing my procedure because he felt as though he was restoring a masterpiece to it’s original beauty. Awwwww...…
I am thrilled by my progress and my results and I cant wait to put on makeup for the first time in 9 days!! All of my photos are taken as soon as I hop out of bed in the morning because that's when I look the worst (even before I had surgery. I'm as happy as I can be with my results and can't praise Dr. Scheu enough.

Day 9

Getting better every day. Ears are less tender, swelling and bruising continue to resolve. I have steri-strips over the incisions that I have been instructed to leave in place until they fall off. Note to Cover Girl--need a makeup base that covers steri-strips! Other than that, I'm still flying slow and low and not doing any strenuous activities. Chewing is no longer painful and I can open my mouth without pain. Still have the "tight" feeling that come from swelling and I wear my compression bandage all the time because it will help resolve the swelling and retards the formation of scar tissue. I'm also trying to avoid salt and salty foods as much as possible to assist in the swelling resolution. Feeling good and looking better every day. I expect to look a lovely and well cared for 40-something instead of the 55 I will be in December!

day 11 WOW

Today I really see what a fabulous job Dr. Scheu did. I went into this with REASONABLE expectations, I knew I was never going to look 21 again. I wasn't as concerned with looking younger as I wanted to look BETTER. I truly believe I will come out of this looking forty-ish which is fine with me since I will be 55 in December. I am thrilled beyond words with the results that get better every day. My swelling is about 60-65% resolved and the bruises are gone. Here's today's pic with hair done and makeup--and I was EXCITED to be putting on makeup and doing my hair to go to breakfast. I also strongly recommend avoiding salt as I've noticed my swelling is really going down since I started making a serious effort to limit my salt intake--not that I ate that much to begin with--but salt is addicting. I used to salt the tar out of everything without tasting it but my husband doesn't eat much salt so a few years ago I stopped using it when cooking and gradually have started using less and less over the years so that there are a lot of foods that are too salty for me--hot dogs, chips, etc and I TASTE my food before salting now and I ask for it not to be salted by the cook when dining out. It has really helped the swelling!!

day 11 Wow

Notice how smooth my neck is and how the cheeks are plumper and more youthful.

Day 11 Before and After

Here's how you can really see the difference. Here's the before pic taken about a year before the surgery next to today's picture. Even 11 days post-op with a 60-65% resolving of the swelling, you can see vast improvement. My neck is smooth, my jawline is tight, my nasolabial folds and marionette lines are GONE. My cheeks have that plumper youthful look and I am delighted. My friends and family are speechless at the improvement and even my husband who fought the surgery tooth and nail said I am looking great. I am thrilled with the improvement.

Day 12 Post surgery

I had a dinner that was salty and it made me a bit puffy, but the pictures show the swelling in my neck continuing to resolve and that I'm going to have a clean jawline very soon and the turkey neck is GONE.

DAY 13 Post surgery

Puffed up badly during dinner at the outback because of the salt in the food, but pushed fluids and wore my ice belt after dinner with my compression bandage and it resolved last night and today it looks very good. Swelling continues to resolve and check out that nice clean jawline! I'm thrilled to death and looking forward to getting back to work.
Ladies: If you have this surgery, seriously LAY OFF THE SALT. It was actually painful when my face swelled at dinner (We were at Outback for 2 hours) and my ears hurt the most. I had a take a painkiller along with the ice belt so I strongly emphasize keeping your salt intake to an absolute minimum.

Day 13 photos

oops--forgot to add these to my update

4 months post op and I couldn't be happier!

My board certified surgeon, James Scheu did a fabulous job. I look early 40s and get carded when I ask for the senior discount LOL which I thoroughly enjoy. I had one little waitress card me and she then said "I hope I look as good as you do when I'm 55 years old!" which reinforced how happy I am with the work I had done. Here's my before and after pics.

Four months postop

Four months later, my surgery looks beautiful. I've had no problems no complications the swelling is gone and I couldn't be happier with the results. My doctor is absolutely fabulous and I strongly recommend the St. Louis LSL facility. Dr. Scheu was fabulous and I can't be say enough nice things about it! They took excellent care of me and I got excellent results and I'm thrilled to death!

I forgot to mention the numbness

The numbness is also resolving which I did not expect to happen for at least a year. My face has about 75% of the feeling back. The neck is not as good as I only have 25% or so of the feeling but it won't bother me if I ever get it back because it's a small price to pay for looking so much better!

6 months post op

Doing good and looking great! Dr. Scheu in St Louis is THE MAN!!

7 month photo!

Doing great 7 months post-op, feel great, no problems! So very glad I did this!!

Here's What I Learned From This Experience I Want To Share

These recommendations are based on my personal experience. This is what helped me to get a BEAUTIFUL result. Your mileage may vary.

Any MD can call himself a PS with NO training and NO experience. Board Certification in PS is hard to get and requires specialized training. If your doc is not Board Certified, RUN AWAY!!!
Some docs might do beautiful boob jobs but not facial work. Make sure you look at photos of the procedure YOU are having, not pages of pictures of great boobs or tummy tucks.
When you speak to them, ask them these things: How were you treated post surgery? Did you have adequate pain meds? Was the doctor responsive to any concerns you have/had? Are you happy with your results? MOST IMPORTANT: If you had it to do over again, would you have the same surgery from this doctor?

1. Don't eat salty food and try to keep your salt intake to a minimum. You have NO idea how much more comfortable you will be if you just do this.
2. Follow post-op instructions TO THE LETTER!! There's a reason for them!
3. Wear that compression bandage as much as possible for the first 30-45 days, it will support the sutures, help prevent stretching of the suture line (my scars are literally invisible) and help to prevent scar tissue from forming. Keeping that bandage on 24-7 is the best thing you can do to ensure a great result. Is it ugly? Yes. Does it help with pain? Yes!!!! I took exactly ONE pain pill the night after surgery and didn't need another one. The support from the compression bandage is very helpful in reducing pain and it keeps your scars narrow and invisible. I can't stress this strongly enough, and it's only 30-45 days. The results will be forever.
4. Push fluids!! You want to rinse out any salt you ingest and if you forget and eat something salty, pushing fluids will help you resolve your swelling.
5. Ice is a great healing aid. Use your ice belt (ask for a second one so you can have one in the freezer while wearing the other) as much as possible the first 3 weeks. I used to put mine on the second I woke up because my ears were so sore and it helped a lot. Even 30 minutes twice a day will help keep the swelling to a minimum and most of my swelling and bruising resolved within 2 weeks. I knew it was still swollen, but no one else did!! After two weeks if you hadn't known I had surgery, you would NEVER have known. Even so, I kept wearing the compression bandage and ice belt because it was my best insurance for protecting my investment!

9 months later....

My ears have feeling again! The numbness has resolved by about 50% which is fine with me, I have always hated having my ears touched. The lift looks great and I have no issues remaining. I have noticed that eating something salty will cause my face to swell and it can feel uncomfortably tight when this happens. I don't know if this will resolve or not but I don't eat much salt anyway. Other than that, I have no issues. My ears are no longer tender and I can't even see my scars, they are literally invisible including the one under my chin which was lumpy for a month but has flattened out and disappeared. I could not be happier and I love love love having to show my driver's license (with the picture that was taken in 2007) to prove my age when I ask for the senior discount. LOL

Almost a Year!!

I'm having no problems with my lift. The feeling has returned to my face, my ears are no longer tender and the feeling has returned to them (which is good because I kept burning them with the curling iron and not realizing it!! I had some pathetic-looking burnt ears because I couldn't feel the heat of the iron so I kept accidentally singeing them. I've also got about 50% of the feeling back under my chin and my neck too. The LSL looks good and is holding up very well and I'm still extremely glad I did it--and only 7 more payments and my face is paid off! I'll probably have my eyes done in 3-4 years or when they need it if it's sooner and I will definitely be going to Dr. Scheu again for that!

As I turn 56 next week.. 15 months post-op

I am turning 56 next week and am delighted to be doing it looking mid-40s instead of nearly 60. I could not be happier with the results of my LSL and I have 3 more payments and my face is paid off!! I am considering having my eyes done in a year or so and you can believe it will be Dr Scheu doing the work!
Merry Christmas ladies!

16 months and my face is nearly paid off!! New pics too!

Hi girls!
I am now 16 months post-op, still happy as a lark although at times I'm forgetting I had work done because I look so natural and I am thrilled. I am considering having my eyes done as I have 2 more payment and my LL is paid off!! Make SURE you pay off your LL in the 18 months of interest-free that they give you because Care Credit charges a crushing 27% interest and it takes like 29 years to pay it off and you pay 30K in interest if you only do the minimum payment!! I divided the 6100.00 and divided it by 18 and that's what I pay every month, so it was about 338.88 a month so I paid $350 which means my last payment will be a bit less. Worth every penny. These pics were taken January 18th 2015.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Scheu was wonderful pre and post surgery. I am happy with the results and I will update as I go. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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