35 Years Old, 180 LBS, Bra Size 36N- OFFICIALLY over These BOOBS - Saint Louis, MO

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Where to start? I've have boobs since the 5th...

Where to start? I've have boobs since the 5th grade. I was wearing my mothers bra in middle school. While in high school, I was 98 LBS and at least a 32 D. Victoria's Secret was my shopping spot. That didn't last very long at all. While in college, I gained 10 pounds and grew out of Victoria's Secret. I didn't know what to do. I cried my way to Fredericks of Hollywood. Yes, they had odd sizes. I got married at 22. I couldn't find a bra big enough. So, I used an ill fitting bra and duct tape under my wedding dress. I was 115 lbs and a 32 F. Things were okay for a while. I liked having big boobs. They got my lots of attention but I was growing out of clothing. After adopting 2 babies, I gained weight. It was more weight than I was use to and I was too exhausted with the twins to work out like usual. My bra size quickly went from 34 H to a 36 N. I'm 40 pounds heavier than I want to be and my breast are seriously getting in the way. Stretch marks, rashes, cysts, shoulder grooves, breast pain, neck muscle spasms, neck/back hump, boob sweat for days, blood clot in left breast, $50 - $75 bras and what the heck comes after 36 N. Nothing good can come from them growing anymore. The blood clot was the stray that broke my back. It was painful and scary. I want a better life. I'm tired of dropping food on my breast. I'm sick of crying in specialty bra shops. I'm tired of crying during massages that don't quite soothe my pain. I'm tired of knocking down small kids because they're standing under my boobs and I can't see them. I want to stand up straight and dress for the job I have. I want to be free with little, big boobs that don't make me cry or go to the hospital for muscle spasms or cyst removal. Let's do this.

Crying Hysterically

My insurance says it will only cover my breastf reduction if I have breast cancer. I didn't know they did that. I'm lost, right now.
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