30, 295cc (gummy bear) natrelle 410- Saint Louis, MO

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Pre kids, I was always a 34 A. While...

Pre kids, I was always a 34 A. While breastfeeding, I got up to a 36 C, which I loved! I didn't enjoy the extra baby weight, but loved the fullness of my breasts! (minus the milk/veins) After I finished breast feeding my first 2 children, my boobs were a 34B. And, now after breast feeding my youngest child, my boobies shrunk and don't even fill out my 34B cups anymore. Now that I'm back to my pre baby body, I'm happy with most everything, except my breasts. My husband finds me sexy, as I am, but I want to feel sexy again, for myself. He is supportive, but not encouraging me to have the procedure done.
I've always entertained the idea of a Breast Augmentation but I always associated it with large, round, fake looking, Pamela Anderson breasts. It wasn't until a friend of mine recently had a BA that I had started looking into it. When I started researching, I realized that there are other options. My desired outcome would be to have natural looking breasts, something tasteful, subtle, yet visibly noticeable to myself. I'm pretty modest in the way that I dress so I actually don't think that it will be that noticeable to others unless they see me in a swimsuit! I don't even want my parents to know, because I know they will not be supportive of the decision.
I've had one consultation, and am hoping to schedule another one with a different office in January.
Hoping that around my 30th birthday (Yikes!) at the end of the year, I can be moving toward my BA!
Is there anyone else who can speak of their experience with anatomical/gummy bear implants?

Before photos

I debated on sharing photos, but the reviews I have searched that have pictures have been so helpful to me in deciding what I want! So, I thought maybe I could be of help to someone else here. I have a consultation scheduled at St louis cosmetic surgery with dr Lund on Tuesday. I've visited one other PS office but want to know what my options are.


Had my first consultation with Dr. Lund yesterday. They have the Vectra 3D imaging in the office and I was able to view the size we'd talked about on the computer. The dr. first showed me 335cc and he says he thinks it would fit my frame. However, after looking around on here, I'm finding that many of the women who I've found to be my size have gone much smaller and (250-280) and have gotten the same result as I would like. I'll be able to use sizers at my pre-op appointment to get a better feel of how they will look, but just wondering if anyone had any input on here. I don't want to wish I'd gone bigger, but also don't want to feel like I overdid it either. :( I guess I won't know until I try them on at pre-op. After looking at the calendar, I may be able to do a March surgery date!

Rice sizers

I've been playing around with rice sizers tonight. I found a conversion chart online to use. I've seen people do this on here, just wondering how accurate it is to the final result? If it's spot on, I've found my perfect size! This is 285 cc (1.25 cups of rice) and I love the way it looks! And, If it's a good idea of how it may look, I'm fearful that the 335 I was looking at on the vectra image will be too much for me. I've been trying on different shirts and dresses with these things and I really like the size! I feel like it's modest enough that it doesn't look that different from an add a cup bra that I have.
Anyone else have input on rice sizers?

More rice sizers

Been playing around with some more rice sizers.
I wore around the 285 yesterday and they still seemed so big to me. I am trying out the 250 today and I think it fits my frame better. My desire is not to have large breasts, just ones that are proportional to my body and look good in clothing.
I've read so many reviews that put girls my size with 285cc up to a d or dd! I feel like is rather go conservative than too big.

Wish boobs

I found my wish boobs!

Looks like Nov/Dec

So my hopes of a spring surgery is not happening. I picked up a temp part time position that will help save up, but that also means that I won't be doing the surgery until at the earliest, around my 30th birthday. (happy bday to me!) Good news, I'll be able to almost pay in full I think, and also will have plenty of time to research more, think about sizing, getting in shape, etc.
Anyone else dreaming of a Nov/December augmentation?

3 weeks before Christmas?

I contacted my PS office today to find out how early is too early to schedule. I also mentioned that I wanted to wait if I could because I knew they ran a special last year with 10% off of surgeon fees in December. They told me I could schedule now and if a special comes out toward the end of the year, I could just call them back and they would adjust the fees. How awesome is that?! That being said, just trying to figure out timewise when is best. I was thinking the week after Thanksgiving. That gives a few weeks to be on my feet by Christmas. I know everyone recovers different, but is this a safe bet that I will feel ok enough to get through holiday family time? (they won't know I am getting the surgery done)

Surgery Date Booked

I can't believe it! Surgery is booked for December 3rd! So excited about this. It is quite a few months away, but I know it will fly by!

Before pics swimsuit

Pre BA in a swimsuit, size medium, Light lining in the cups.

Scar timeline

Since contemplating BA I've been noticing other girls' boobies and pondering whether they are real or fake. In fact, the husband and I joke about playing the "real or fake" guessing game.
Anyhow, I saw a lady at our pool yesterday who looked like she had recently gotten BA. I was almost positive. Then I happened to see her scars under the bottom band of her bikini top while she was laying on her back. Then I was 100% certain. :) So then I started thinking, how long will it be till the scars are faded enough to be less noticeable? For those of you who are a year out, how long has it taken for your scars to heal and are there things you can use to help that?

Aerie Sales

Aerie is having a sale until tomorrow (I think) that gets you 25% off of your order when you order through their ap. All bras are $20 right now, so that gets you bras for $15! I ordered a few bralettes in M and a few bras in a 34 C and if they don't fit post op, I can just exchange instore for a different size! I ended up with 5 bras, a $30 dress, and a free blanket for around $100. Not too bad! I know it's a while away, but I figured it's either spend the $ now or later! Just thought I'd share with you all! :)


Just a pic of one of the bralettes I ordered. And the sale ends tonight!

4 weeks away

Time has flown by so fast! I have a countdown on my phone and I realized I'm 29 days away from surgery date! I can't believe how fast it's gone by. My pre-op is scheduled for next Wednesday where I'll be able to try on sizers and get everything else I need (including paying) done before the big day. Is there anything you ladies would suggest I need for post surgery aside from what my surgeon gives?

Pre op

Pre op was today. I'm officially 4 weeks away!
I had a difficult time deciding on size, but ended up going with 335cc. Such a huge decision!
Got prescriptions filled today also. Now the waiting game!

Before PHoto

I feel so weird about posting a photo before, but I also know it was super helpful when I was deciding what size, as well as whether to schedule an augmentation. So, with blurred out nips, here is my before photo. 18 days pre op!

Silicone enhancers

Posting an image because I am curious to see the comparison between these huge silicone enhancers I purchased at a Joann's fabric store, and the real deal. I'm also wearing a padded push-up from VS. I've been wearing this combo in hopes that it won't look so obvious post boobies. (Unless I want it to look obvious)

Sizing doubts

Sitting here, only 2 weeks away from the big day. (and my 30th birthday tomorrow...Eeek!!)
Ever since my decision on size, I've been browsing 335s specifically! It's so hard to tell what the outcome will be because everyone is so different, even when they start out a similar size! Because of that I have a little bit of fear that I chose too large, like a buyers remorse feeling. :( My surgeon and I talked it over, and he says that that size will not make me look huge and if it does, on the operating table he'll put in the next size down. After all, I'm not looking to look obviously fake. I want to be able to downplay them as well as highlight them when i want to. Plus, almost every review I've read is more about wishing they had gone up a size rather than thinking that they chose too large of an implant. I think I'm just getting nervous about the whole thing. I know it's going to fly by, especially with Thanksgiving coming up! We only have 1 evening free leading up to the surgery! I'm nervous about the recovery as well, since I know people recover differently too! I have a dear sweet friend of mine who is coming to stay with me to help out. My husband will be taking me to the hospital on the day of surgery, but I'm doing it on a Thursday, so it will be nice having the extra help on Friday while he's working, and through the weekend as well. Just venting here I guess. Ready for it to be here, but yet not ready at all! :( I still feel the need to deep clean my house, prep freezer meals, and Christmas shop! lol. (thank goodness for Amazon!! ) I just feel so unprepared for what to expect ya know?
Plus this is the first time ever going under anesthesia.

Before photos- and a few short days left

This week has flown by! I cannot believe I'm only a few days from surgery! I'm so excited and just ready for it to be here and over now. I wanted to post a few more before photos. I feel like I have so much to get done before. I have some last min things I need to get done for work as well as try to clean the house as before the end of the week. A friend of mine suggested making a few freezer meals which I've done. We are busy nearly every night this week so I know the week is going to fly by! Eek! I've been trying not to freak out over size. When I let myself think about it in nervous that I chose too big, but I trust my ps. Any suggestions of last minute things to get before the big day?

Tomorrow!! What?

It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow I will be home with my newest additions! They are sending me home with a pain pump that administers meds every 2 hours to numb the area. Once the meds run out (2 days) I have to remove the pain pump and can shower.
My friend is coming into town tonight to help out with the kids tomorrow through the weekend. So grateful for her. I keep feeling like I'm going to be forgetting something that I need to get done. I'm caught up on work now, but I just feel like the house needs to be cleaner, more food should have been prepped..
I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow! I hope that tonight is not as bad. Hopefully having friends over will be a good distraction, and I have to leave for the hospital at 5am!! So even if I don't sleep well, at least I only have a few hours before I have to go in. :) I can't believe I'm actually going through with this! I'm so excited and anxious all at the same time!!! I'll try to update once everything is complete!

12 hours post op

Surgery has come and gone. It went really well. I was pretty loopy after the surgery from the anesthesia, and my husband got some embarrassing video. Lol
Was really out of it on the way home. I took a good long nap, a few hours. My husband informed me that the doc ended up putting in 295 instead of 335, which I'm actually glad of. I was nervous of the size and he said when they put in the 335 it looked obvious, and too big for my frame. They sent me home with a pain pump which has helped with numbing the area so just my ribs and upper abs are a little sore. Overall I feel pretty good.
We remove the Pain pump and dressing on Sunday. So I haven't gotten to see them yet.
So thankful my friend is here to help and my hubby was off work today.

Back to the swing of things

I'm at day 4 post op and feeling pretty good. My friend helped me remove the pain pump yesterday and I've been taking my meds during the evening but now only Tylenol during the day.
Today was the first day without anyone here with me along with my 2 and 4 yr old. I managed to get my 5 year old to school and took the other two to the library for story time. I'm feeling pretty good. I got to finally got to see my chest yesterday! I was pleasantly pleased with the results. While I don't feel like I look that big, I feel like they feel huge in my hands.
Once the swelling goes down and they soften up I'll be curious to see what they will look like and also if I'll be able to have a little more cleavage easier. It is only day 4 I suppose. ???? I'm icing at night and mid day to help with swelling but my right incision is hurting slightly. I tried on a few of the 34c bras I bought and they fit pretty well. In wondering if they will be bigger or smaller once they settle. Anyone else with cohesive a have any insight on this?
Laying down to take a short nap before I have to pick up my son from school. This weekend we went out on a few walks around some stores and I was passed out in the car before we made it home.
Here are some updates pictures with before and after too! Again, they are natrell 410 style, 295cc.

Day 5

Today I felt pretty good again. Just taking meds at night and a dose of Tylenol in the morning. I actually vacuumed as carefully as I could today and am hoping to get a short nap in soon before I pick up our kindergardener. I have continued to do the stretches my doc has requested but sometimes the implants feel so weird when I do them, right at the crease of my armpit like a creaking feeling and sometimes on the top inside of my boobs. Hoping that goes away soon. I decided to take a min to try on a few bralettes I bought prior to surgery just to take 5 min out of that dreadful strap. I feel like they are a little softer, even today, but maybe it's just because I was a little more active? I go back on Friday for my post op apt.

Size increase or decrease after dropping?

Feeling much better, in fact, I'm probably doing more than I should be at this point. I go back to the doctor for my post op tomorrow. I'll be glad to get this strap off of me and this hideous surgical bra :( I washed the strap and bra a few nights ago, and while I sat braless waiting for it to dry, I noticed that my chest still feels so heavy, even though I feel like the majority of my swelling has gone down.
I took a min to try on some of the bras I purchased before surgery, (kept the tags on in case I needed to exchange) and 34C seems to be the perfect fit. Just wondering, any of you ladies notice either an increase in size once your swelling went down and they settled in, or a decrease in size?
I got ordered a few swimsuits last night on a site because I'm anxious to see what they look like in a swimsuit. I also wanted to note that my old bras I've been selling on Poshmark. If you've never heard of it, it's basically an online consignment. They've sold pretty fast because I've posted them for pretty cheap. Otherwise they would have just went to goodwill. I'll try to post a few pictures later today to see progress.

Cleared for sports bra

Today was my post op visit. I'm healing nicely they said and I'm cleared to wear a sports bra. Hooray!! I'm so glad of that. The granny post op surgical bra was awful. Lol. And I don't have to wear that terrible strap anymore!
I went shopping today for myself and prob got too much but had so much fun trying on clothes! I also got 2 additional sports bras. Marshalls is the best for stuff like that. This one I got for 12.99 I think.
I feel like I look more round than I thought I would. I mean I know that over time the muscle will stretch on the lower pole and it will become filler but right now I feel like they look similar to regular silicone gals. (Especially in this bra)
Also, I had a question about projection. Here's what they gave me.

Sports bra

Whoops meant to upload these

Day 9

These were from day 9. I feel like they're looking fuller. I've stopped wearing the gauze on the incisions and have included a s pic. The black is of course the glue. My left is softer than my right so far but I know they can heal uneven. Curious about this...I can feel the side of the implant near my armpits. Wondering if it will always be this way just because I'm thinner?
Morning boob is no joke. I don't feel a lot of pain except for where my pain pump was removed and on the inner portion of my right breast.

Vitamin E

My doctor told me to take vitamin E for a year. Anyone know the reason for this?

3 weeks post

I am at 3 weeks post op. I had my 3 week apt yesterday and was cleared to wear regular bras. I got sized at aerie at a 34d, which I could hardly believe! i feel like they are softening up a little. I'm cleared to go back to the gym. I started on the elliptical a few weeks ago (w/o arms) and light weights today.
I know anatomical&ate three don't "drop" as normal silicone implants are but I feel like they've become less swollen and "dropped" slightly. The doctor says that they will round out more on the bottom (thankful for that) and aside from that they look perfect!
Anxious for them to get squishy.
My incisions and around my incisions/below my nipples are the only area I have any pain in. It's more of a tightness and a numbness between my nipples and incisions. The glue has started peeling off and it's hard not to try to pick at it. Will start using scar cream when the glue is completely off. I took a photo on the shirt I used for my pre photo with my fake silicone pads I'd been wearing around and I feel like they look pretty similar, which was my goal. I'm really happy about that. Anatomical gals, when did you notice a big difference in softness? I know they don't get "soft" like silicone but I know they're supposed to soften up my more. My. PS says it can take 2-3 months or more to notice softening due to adhering to the muscle.
Just an update! Hoping it will be helpful to someone else who is looking to get anatomicals because I didn't find a ton of reviews on them. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

11 weeks

I'm at 11 weeks and I feel like they are my own. I've noticed a lot more softening in them over the past few weeks. I am really happy with the size I chose. There are times when I feel like I wish I would have went a little bigger, but I am satisfied with the look I have now. I've also noticed a difference in rounding out on the bottom. I have an appointment tomorrow with my PS. I feel low everything is healing well! It's hard to believe it's only been a little over 2 months!

Before/after & progress photos

Here are better before and after photos. The one before made me look really lopsided before.

4 mo post op

I'm a little over 4 mo post op and feeling great. There are times when I feel like I think I could have gone a Little bigger, but overall I M happy with the size. I feel like I'm at a size where people could see me and think, maybe they're not real? Or maybe they are? I love that they look very natural.
I purchased some new swimwear recently and am loving them. I'm sizing at a 32d most places and can fit a 34c as well. 32 DD in pink VS but they always size larger than most places. My scars are healing nicely. I have been using the scar cream consistently. I feel that they are soft and squishy at this point.

Scar update

Posting a scar update. I'm a little over 4 months. I think they are looking good. Thoughts? I've been using the scar cream my PS suggested twice a day. How long did it take for your scars to fade to the point that you don't use the cream anymore?

9month update

It's been a little over 9 months and I feel great. The only complaint I have is my right side has a kind of popping feel when I'm laying on my left side. Asking my PS about that at my one year. Aside from that, I'm really happy with everything. My scars are healing nicely. You can't see them because they are so perfectly placed, unless you're under me or I'm lifting them like in the picture. A friend of mine saw them (who's had hers done) and she asked where my scars were initially because she didn't notice them first off. I've been asked about feel by some girls. They are jiggly, soft and squishy. I can't relate to those who say gummy bears are hard or firm. They probably are a little former than traditional silicone, but I've never had them, so i dont have anything to compare to. I chose the cohesive gels (gummy bear) mainly because of shape, and their durability. I chose shape over feel, but i don't know the difference. It's more "jiggle" than I've ever had before. Lol. I still have yet to find a bra that I REALLY love. I like the lightly lined VS Pink bras (32dd) but a lot of other bras just seem to fit strange. I'm wider on the bottom so I need a larger cup, but don't always completely fill the top of the cup. Anyone else have this issue?
Herluf G. Lund

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