Anxiously Waiting! - Saint John, NB

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I was approved for surgery 4 weeks ago and told it...

I was approved for surgery 4 weeks ago and told it would likely be 8-12 weeks before I got the call for surgery. Now I wait, anxiously obsessing and stressing out. Am I doing the right thing? Will I be happy? How will recovery go with a three year old at home? I am 5'2" and 124 lbs, small framed and 34DD. I have gotten mixed reactions from friends when mentioning what I am going to do. Some are so surprised and just say I am perfect and lucky to have decent sized boobs. I know they aren't HUGE in comparison to some others. But they are heavy and cause neck and shoulder pain and I've wanted this for years. Why do I let other people's opinions make me doubt my own. Ugh, just need a call for surgery so I can get this process started and stop stressing about it. Going to be reduced by half. Not aiming for a certain cup size. Will be an anchor incision with no lipo needed and internal dissolvable stitches. Nervous!


Surgery is booked for Nov 10th!!!
I am so excited and yet so nervous about the surgery and about being put to sleep :(

Words of wisdom needed

I am 14 days away from surgery and getting so scared. I have wanted this for a long time. My fear now is "how am I going to feel naked?" " what will I see in the mirror"---- I have looked this way for so long. How do you prepare for the adjustment and to see scars?? I am yet to post any photos as I have been nervous to. I want honest opinions... so here goes nothing....

Maybe my previous photos were too flattering? Haha

Cannot wait to not have this look when I bend over!!

Looking back!

Looking back I went through with my surgery and I am SO happy did. Don't ever worry what other people think!! Do what you have to do for you!! Currently 22 days post op!!

A little over 6 weeks post op!

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