24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'9", 155 Pounds, 36A - Saint George, UT

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I have always wanted to have a breast augmentation...

I have always wanted to have a breast augmentation performed, however have always been nervous to do so. After speaking with some girlfriends that I've had breast implants with Marcus Peterson, I decided to go ahead and contact him to discuss doing a breast augmentation. He was very thorough with answering any of my questions that I have, so I decided to go ahead and schedule a consultation; pending results I will be scheduled for surgery the next day. I decided to go with the inframammary surgical approach, with saline implants underneath the muscle, and round shaped implants. I definitely want a moderate profile, but I'm unsure of what size implants I am going to choose. I am currently at 36A, but would like to achieve a full C borderline D. I know when I go in to see Dr. Peterson he'll have implants for me to try on, however I want to have an idea of what size implants to look at when I get there. I am super excited to get this done, and I'm counting down the days! My consultation is exactly 28 days from today, and surgery is 29 days away. Woo hoo!

Day Of!

Well I am at home recovering; my husband has been absolutely fantastic so far. I made sure to have lots of fruit on hand, yogurt, 7-up, etc. Definitely feel the tightness in my chest, but I have been up and walking around just a little bit. Obviously I have local anesthetic still that's helping with the pain, but overall I am feeling great. I ended up going with 450 cc Natrelle Saline solution on the right filled to 505 cc's and then on the left I went with 425 filled to about 4465 cc's.

My husband keeps commenting that I look like a body builder since everything is high and tight. Now to just relax and watch some tv in between naps!

1 Day Post-Op

I met with Dr. Peterson for follow-up. So far I'm doing okay...I tried taking only half a Percocet but it wasn't cutting it so I started taking a full size tablet. Tomorrow Dr. Peterson said I can start taking Ibuprofen which will be great!!! I have some minor bruising around the incision site but other then that it's going alright! I have a job interview tomorrow so hopefully I am feeling good!!! I am surprised at how good recovery is going so far. I sleep when I need to which has been nice.

Day 2 and 3 of Post-Op

Alright so learning this program haha.

Job interview yesterday went great! Nailed it!!!

As for healing, I am actually feeling great. On day two I started taking Ibuprofen 800mg three times per day and was able to lower the amount of Percocet I was intaking. Now I'm on day three and I am only taking the Percocet at night. I have lessened the amount of time that I am icing as the swelling seems to be pretty low. I am so glad that I have been blessed enough to have time off between my surgery and starting work; I have been sleeping so much! I guess that's my bodies way of slowing me down!

My arm movements are still pretty restricted but if I move slowly then I find I am not too limited in what I can do. I know its only day 3 but I cannot wait for my boobs to drop and fluff! Trying to tell myself to be patient! haha

On another positive note I was finally able to void today! I haven't gone number 2 since the day of surgery so this was awesome! Opioids always cause me constipation but this was a little longer then normal; I made sure to start eating a lot of fruit and then I started drinking pickle juice. VOILA!
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