One month away from having my dream bootay!

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I'll start out by the basics. I’m full Mexican....

I'll start out by the basics. I’m full Mexican. I'm 5'3 and 145lbs. My normal weight is 125-130lbs but ever since my car accident last year, a nasty long-term relationship break-up and turning 21, I put on about 15-20lbs.

I have about almost 3 weeks of 5 days a week for 2 hours a day straight cardio and also I’m eating better. I'm not really dieting per say. I'm just more conscience of what I put in my body. I cut out all sugar completely (no wine, no soda, no candy, no treats, only fresh fruits) and I drink 2 liters of water a day. So I’m trying to get back to my normal weight. I do have ONE cheat meal within 7 days. Hey a girl sometimes wants some chicken Alfredo and a glass of Moscato haha!
I had always had problems with my body image growing up. I was a stick skinny 11-12 years old with a B cup. I grew up being made fun of for having such huge "girls" and being so skinny. Well until high school guys loved it and girls were envious. Finally I did get more meat on my bones and became super curvy not just stick thin with big girls. But in the ending of middle school beginning of high school I started noticing the flatness in the top part of my booty. It's funny because the bottom part of my booty has fat and a nice curve to it so it fits my body perfect. But just the top part of my booty, there’s no fat, no curve, no plumpness, just flatness. Then I started growing love handles too and it made my body look off (especially naked or in a bikini) But with certain clothes I’d buy I could hide it. Don't get me wrong I feel blessed for the body I have. I know it could be worse. But it took me awhile to realize that. Today I love my body and the skin I’m in. I have thin small arms. DD cup size. Nice thighs. I have zero cellulite and BARELY any stretch marks (and not on my breasts I got lucky) I just can't stand my love handles (flanks) from the back and the top FLAT part of my booty! I know if I had all those little problems fixed I can be 100% happy with my body. And come on, who doesn't want to be 100% happy with their body?! Especially if you're doing any procedures for YOURSELF. Nothing is more horrible then to change your body for someone else's happiness. If someone doesn't love you the way you are before or even after a procedure then they aren't worth you!

Any ways..

One day I was talking to one of my co-workers and I told her I've been looking into getting a BBL. I have been thinking about it ever since I was in middle school. But that recently turning 20 and then 21 this year, it's been on my mind NON-STOP! So I told her I’ve been reading into it a lot on Realself and all over the internet. She told me she was super interested in getting a BBL herself and told me she had found a doctor on the internet. That she's a doctor from Salt Lake City but that she also has a little office down in our city and comes once or twice a month. She told me that the Dr. would even text you and let you send her pictures of your problem areas. So I had text her and she answered later in the evening but then for some reason I didn't get back to her even tho I thought I had haha. So I got a call a few days later from her assistant/nurse asking if I wanted to set up a free consultation since she'd be down at my town that day. So I ended up making the appointment and boy I am so happy I did! Dr. Allen is so beautiful and such a sweet woman. She made me feel very comfortable and she was super easy to talk to. It felt like I was talking to a close friend. Her office is small but was so homey, clean, and relaxing. She asked me first about my problem areas, what my wants and expectations were. Then she went on in telling me how she did the procedure, the risks, the recovery time, and basically everything! And I knew a few things from reading a lot on Realself so I asked and she answered all of my questions. Then I got half naked :P and she took pictures of my booty and what she imagined to do. She got me exactly. Everything that I wanted she said she could do! Also another thing I really liked was that she said that the surgery time was about 4 hours but that she’d probably take 5-6 hours to make it PERFECT! And that’s great with me because I want a doctor who wants to take their time, do things right and perfect. Not like some doctors who want to make their money, get you in and out ASAP. After that she wrote up the costs. Amazingly the price is better than I could have asked for! I still need to come up with half the money and figure out the time off cause of work. Either in March (spring break) or July (summer vacation) I’ll be for sure getting my BBL done. I’ll update when I have the full amount and the dates set for sure!

Thanks for reading and any questions just ask!

I'm gonna post a few pics of me to show you how my...

I'm gonna post a few pics of me to show you how my booty is now.. still gotta take a full back booty pic but the first pic i posted of the patients before picture is 95% similar to my body and booty from the full back!

I got a little update! Got my settlement money and...

I got a little update! Got my settlement money and putting my deposit down in Jan. for the sx in March!!!!!!! I can't wait! It's really happening!

I met up with my Dr. Allen in Jan. to pay and go...

I met up with my Dr. Allen in Jan. to pay and go thru and sign all the paper work. I had a huge car expense come up which ended up costing me a little over $1000. So i couldn't pay her the whole total. I paid $4000 so I still owe her $500 which i'll pay the day of surgery. I showed her my wish pic that i posted. She said that that patient in that pic has my same body type and booty issue haha! I signed everything and my mom came with me and asked a million and one questions i had already researched and talked to Dr. Allen in my consultation appointment. Regardless if i'm almost 22 years old my mom still needs to know what's going on haha! She's awesome. Any ways she wanted to know how to take care of me after surgery. The doctor said to gain maybe 5-10 pounds since it goes straight to my love handles (flanks) and stomach. Still don't know the date exactly but it's either the 8th, 9th, or the 11th of March. I am so so so so so excited! Not even nervous i wish i was having the surgery tomorrow! I need to take some pictures so you all can see full from the back pic. But as of right now my wish pic the Before (black thong) is pretty close to how i look now. Any ways i'll keep you all posted!

Opps i forgot to ask... Does anyone have any...

Opps i forgot to ask...
Does anyone have any ideas or recommend something after surgery to sit on? I only got 2 weeks off work and i'm a full time receptionist so i'm sitting on my butt Mon-Thurs 9am till 5:30pm and Fri. 8am till 330pm/4pm. i've seen a lot of ppl mention Bobby pillow if anyone has any advice on what to help me sit on i'd really really appreciate it. :)

Since my surgery is about a month away I've been...

Since my surgery is about a month away I've been looking more into what i need. If anyone has a little check list they could let me know what are the MAIN things they DID use. I see that a lot of people saying they spent money on things that they never used...

-I got my prescriptions already. $5 for all the antibiotics and pain meds (luckily I have amazing insurance)
-I got a big hospital blanket so i don't get fluid on my bed. I hear a lot of people say they got a shower curtain? How did any of you use that? Do you lay on it? (Sorry for any stupid questions)
-also start taking Vitamin C and Iron 2 weeks prior to surgery.
-no Vitamin E or basically anything else from what i see. I only take that probiotic digestive pill. I wonder if i need to stop taking that? If any of you take that, did you have to stop taking it and when? (i'll ask my doctor these ?s too of course) Also was/is anyone on birth control pill? I am, so idk if i need to stop that too?
-dial antibacterial wash
-arnica pellets (walmart)
-2 or 3 bobby pillows (craiglist)
-wedge pillow
-cleanse body wipes
-pee cup
-mederma (to reduce the scarring)
-eat light (as healthy as possible) food. Like soups, salads, jello, applesauce and water
-anything with fiber to help with #2. I guess a lot of people have gotten constipated.
-set up appointments for the massages after surgery (my moms also gonna massage me at home ;)
-comfy stretchy clothes.
-stage 2 compression garment (but i guess i don't have to get that till later on)

Idk what else i might be missing..?
Any advice, suggestions or tips?

I'm just gonna be home for 2 weeks. So i guess i'll just rest and walk around there. I got Netflix, movies and the internet so i don't think i'll get that bored. It'll be nice to bum around for 2 whole weeks. I know it'll be uncomfortable but at least i'll be chilling. Also i'll have my mama home with me for one whole week and with my 30 year old sister, She's coming to visit me from Mexico so she'll be here with me for the whole two weeks with my new baby nephew i haven't met yet! So i'm super excited for that!

Also when i go back to work.. I'm a receptionist so i'm sitting down basically all day every week day. Any suggestions on how to sit at work? Just with the bobby pillows?

Also something I've noticed.. Idk if i'm just not finding them but i don't seem to find many women closer to my age (21/22 in July) with really good health, no children (so no stretch marks/c-section scars) on here. I've just read and seen older women reviews. Women who have a lot more fat (not trying to be rude or anything so please don't take this the wrong way), women who have all types of health issues like diabetic, high blood pressure, etc. etc. So it's hard to read their reviews and compare it to me. My doctor told me that recovery does have a lot to do with your health background, age, what your bodies gone thru (child birth changes a woman's body), the way you eat, take care of yourself etc. etc. I'm way healthy in the sense of illness (occasionally i have my glass of wine or sweets), i'm not allergic to anything that i know of, i'm not medically overweight/obese, i don't have anything in my family of health issues such high blood pressure, diabetes, etc etc. I've put under for my tonsils and also for my wisdom teeth and i recovered fast and everything went good. So my doctor said i'm a perfect candidate for this surgery. I have really soft skin no cellulite or dimples to worry about for the lipo. I only have like tiny little stretch marks on the top part of thighs but i have to actually stretch that part of my skin to see them it's weird haha. ANY WAYS sounds like i'm bragging now that i look over what i wrote but i'm really not I just wanna put 100% in being honest with every detail of my experience. So please no one get offended, it's really not my intention it's just from what i've noticed on RealSelf from all that I've seen, read, also from what i asked my doctor, all those things go in a count how your recovery will be... Any ways i'm not feeling nervous at all idk if it just hasn't hit me but i'm way more excited than anything! Have a wonderful big booty day! :P

So excited and less than a month away!

So excited and less than a month away!

One of my co-workers was interested in doing a BBL. She told me of a doctor that she found on the internet who has her main office in SLC but also has a little office down in my town. I looked at her website, i text her, she got in contact with me and it just felt right to go with her as my doctor.

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