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This is my first post but definitely not the...

This is my first post but definitely not the last. I have been overweight due to Thyroid issue and less exercises. Finally I found a doctor here in Switzerland who is under taking to operate my belly waist and bra rolls for just 4500 Swiss Francs.I am suprised because I was avoiding his website because at the back of my mind I thought he's expensive.
I had gotten a rejection from a famous clinic in Czech public.That I need to loose some weight. Hmmm it broke my heart but Luckily I found this one near my home.
They Praxis assistance gave me some antibiotics to take 1 day before and during the operation day.
I was informed that I should bring a loose change of clothes; That the operation will take 3 hrs; I will be awake;That someone should pick me up after the operation since I'll be feeling funny and avoid self drive.
Who else is having her operation around this time?
NB from the papers I was given to read it's Indicated that 3 areas liposuction and fat transfer to booty is CHF 6000. ...I am considering taking the 6000 offer instead of 4500 one.
I fear injections but I am going to be strong Cannula


I am extremely excited but nervous at the same time. The only operations I have had in my life beside Dental care are nose and ear piercing.This my good friend from Dominican Republic she want to come with but she's too loud and ask everyone every question and I am the shy type. I have cleverly told her the op is on the 16th but it's 15th (God forgive me) The least I want is unnecessary noise on this day.I am nervous that I will lose her as a friend when she discover I played with the dates.
I will get compression garment but I have odered 2 extra ones with Thermo effect. I don't know if the Thermo effect is a good idea.
From the some reviews info here I have increased my water intake to at least 3l a day .Goody dolls

2 Nights to go

I had a last minute decision to use my fat for Bbl .
I am going to have body jet lipo and fat transfer to booty. The cost will be 6000 Swiss francs by the same doctor. Fingers closed


I am doing fine.The op was 3 hrs I slept through out the op but the doctor did not do BBL.He just filled a few dents on my booty. Fluids are flowing down.But I am on zero pain only a little discomfort but standing up and sitting down .I was so nervous because some dolls rate the pain high.
The only drawback is I vomited after dinner and my 1 dose after op.

I am 8 days post op

I am 8 days post op but the pic here is one day post. Linde


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