43 Yrs Old, 2 Kids (2 C-sections), Want my Old Body Back... Only Better - Saint Cloud, MN

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I have a deposit down on a local doctor for a...

I have a deposit down on a local doctor for a mommy makeover and I'm nervous! My doctor seems really nice, but I'm having a moment of panic. I'm going in for another consultation because I don't really feel like we covered everything the first time (my fault- I always thing of a dozen questions an hour after I leave the office).

T minus 14 days

Had 2nd consultation with the doc and feeling better about the whole thing. Still nervous, of course, but I want to do this.

Rude nurses

So, although I feel really good about Dr. Yang, I've now had 2 unpleasant run-ins with his nurses (actually I don't really know what their titles are). #1 was a woman who, while guiding me to the exam room, told me repeatedly that I was "fine". On my second visit my husband accompanied me since he will be my primary care giver and he also had some questions. After getting all of our medical questions answered I tried on some different sized implants and was trying to decide between 330 and 350. I turned to my husband so that he could compare the two and the nurse says, "oh, I think he'll love you no matter what." WHAT?!

I was so dumbfounded that I didn't say anything. Of course now I'm absolutely seething! Where do these people get off thinking that they know my motives or presuming to know ANYTHING about my relationship with my husband?!

Day 8

Well, it's day 8 and I'm mostly functioning. I drove for the first time, but I still can't quite manage a gallon of milk. All in all I'd say the recovery is pretty much on par with having a baby via c-section.

Now, for the actual experience..... the week leading up to the procedure I was stressing about whether to go with 330cc's or 350cc's. About 15 minutes before I went under the doc says that he ordered 375 and 405's. He recommended i go with 405's because there's really only about 2T difference in volume and......" and then my head started to implode so I don't know what he said next. Geez! I just wanted to beef 'em up a little, not get a job at Hooters!

I said 375, but I'm wondering if I should have said 350 or I walk. Somebody please tell me that these things are gonna tame down in a little while because this is more than I bargained for.

3 months post

Glad I did it


I meant to put pictures in that last one.

I'm glad I did it, but if I could do it over I'd choose smaller implants. Still a major improvement.

1 yr post op

Very happy with results but still would have gone smaller.
Dr. Yang midsota

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