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I have always been self conscious of my smaller...

I have always been self conscious of my smaller chest but since I had nicely shaped, perky breasts I just went with it while they were still cute. I have stayed thin and athletic all throughout my 20's, but over the past few years I feel like I have lost volume and perkiness. I always just wore really padded bras and I feel most people didn't realize my breasts were so small. A few years ago I moved to the Caribbean and it is much more difficult to hide my small chest in bathing suits! I have always wanted to go bigger and I feel now is the time! I am getting married next year and would love to have a more feminine, womanly body on my wedding day. I sometimes feel like I have the body of a 14 year old with the face of a 30 year old. I just want my body to match my grown up self!

I have already had a consultation and a pre-op appointment. I am going back in 4 days to get my size figured out so my doc can order my implants. We had discussed doing the procedure next week and I am hoping it works out. They have been holding this date for me and I really need to get this done sooner than later! I am only in FL for another 3 weeks and I want time to heal before I go back to the island.
I am a 32A/B and hoping to eventually be a large C or small D. My PS and I have discussed anywhere from 325-400 cc's silicone unders with inframammary incision. Any input would help! Will add personal photos soon :)

Photos of what I'm working with :)

Here are some before photos. I feel so petite and young looking but I'm 30 and I just want to feel more womanly. I always used to wear such padded bras that very few people knew I was this small chested. Living at the beach has made it hard to hide

unsure about size :( He says 350cc high profile

I had my final pre op appointment today and I am feeling really good about things. My doctor really wants me to focus more on a final "look" as opposed to obsessing about CC's. I understand this because women often compare their experience to others and may want more/less according to what other women got. I sent him a ton of photos and he kind of just chose one and is going to try to give me that exact look. I love the photo he chose but the more I look at it the more I want them to be fuller and bigger. I think the model in the photo is beautiful but it is tough to know what they would look like with her arms down. For some reason I want bigger! I am afraid I will regret my decision to keep things so modest. I am very petite and already have small B's so I think with the 350 cc's in addition to what I already have will look great on me, just unsure. It seems so final!!! Also I am afraid the high profile will make them like tennis balls on my chest. It seems like they would be so narrow, but I like the wider look with side boob and great cleavage... I feel like my mind is getting tired from imagining the outcome... hahah

3 more days = 3 more sleeps on my belly!

I am quite anxious to get this over with and on to the healing process. I have purchased all of meds (which luckily only cost me about $60 without insurance) and even got my sexy (jk) surgical bra from Walmart today. Today my PS's office called and told me my Care Credit limit wasn't high enough and I had to increase my credit line, I was temporarily scared that the surgery wasn't going to happen but after a quick chat with Care Credit they bumped up my limit! Yay! I am only financing for 1 year with interest free financing. Luckily should only be about $175 a month and I have multiple streams of income so it shouldn't be a problem :) I'm thinking I will dedicate i night a month of bar tending to my new titties... hehe.

I am obviously still nervous about the surgery, but I am feeling better knowing so many of you beautiful women have been through it and were just fine. I have so much confidence in my Dr. and am now just trying to focus on being healthy and getting everything ready for my move in 2 1/2 weeks!! I know after my surgery my wonderful fiancé will have to pick up all my slack. He has been great with this and I am so happy to have him by my side though this. Today he expressed that he is afraid I may be trying to go too big. He says he loves my body how it is, but is so happy that I am getting what I want. I am blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life!!! For that reason I think 400cc's would be a little too big for my athletic/small frame. I am now totally happy with my PS choice in implant size/style/projection and excited to see my new look!

Today is the day!!

In about 2 hours I leave and head in for surgery! I am actually not that nervous about the surgery, pain, or week of laying super low... I am just nervous I am going too big. I don't want to be noticed just for my boobs. All of my friends that have larger breasts have told me that I will need to get used to guys staring at my breasts. I have never experienced that!! My Mom also expressed concern (along with my fiancé) that I may be going too big... That makes me so nervous! This is a pretty final decision and I am considering asking my surgeon to take the size down to 325 or 300... but I have seen many of you that rock your 350cc's so well!! I have always worn super padded bras and I loved how I look in those, so maybe I should just go for it and then wear sports bras and lacey bralettes the rest of my life... That would be ideal. For some reason I am worried about what other people will think. I hate to be like that, but I can't help it. I think my fiancé and I will love it, but people judge and that makes me nervous about going too big. I will figure it out!!! The next post I will be on the other side...

4 days post op

The past few days have not been that bad as far as paint goes, but emotionally I have kind of been a wreck. Sometimes I look at my high and tight breasts and wonder "what the hell was I thinking"!?? I had such a nice petite body and now I look so awkward with these square shaped breasts. I know my breasts will settle eventually but it is tough to look at them now. I can't wait for them to relax!!!
As far as pain goes, this has been quite easy! It was not at all as painful as I thought it would be. I mean my doc prescribed me heavy duty pain meds, which I am not a fan of, however they are doing the trick. I still haven't been able to have a bowel movement and I just took some laxatives so hopefully that helps with my uncomfortable belly. My armpits are very sore because the implant is really pushed up into them. My breasts also look so huge! I almost want to call and ask them what size they put in me. I know that there is a lot of swelling going on which is adding to it, but I am icing them constantly and I am just ready for this pressure to go away.

Booby Blues

I am now 6 days post op and I am sad and scared... I am afraid I went to large for my frame and that I am going to get stuck with these huge boobs. I feel so uncomfortable and I wish I chose a smaller size. I know they will drop and get softer, but I feel stressed about this huge financial decision I made. I thought I was going to be so excited about this and instead I feel regret :( I guess I just need to keep myself busy with other tasks while they do there thing and drop and fluff and stop being so swollen. I have a feeling this is a phase and I am hoping my surgeon can help reassure me tomorrow at my first post op... I think they will eventually be beautiful breasts I just think maybe 300cc's would have been a better size rather than 35occ hp.

I am thankful for this sight and my wonderful fiancé

I am thankful for all the people I have in my life right now. I think I got stuck in my own head worrying too much about how I looked at the moment, worrying about my size, my shape, how high they were sitting... When I am not even a week out. I know my shape will change, my breasts will drop, the swelling will go down. For some reason I was just so nervous about the decision I had made. As all of you know this is a big financial decision and it is tough when you feel like you made a bad decision. I think I just need to get more comfortable with my new body and embrace my new curves! I need to get out of the house and focus my attention on something else. The good news is I am moving in a couple weeks. I won't be able to lift much, but I can organize!

After my Post Op appointment

I was in tears for about an hour.... I can't believe I went this big! I feel like my boobs are HUGE and I should have gone with a more modest size like 250-275. I live in a bikini and I am very active and I feel like I will not be able to act like myself with these on my body. My Dr. seemed very pleased with his work, and I must say, they are perfectly even and nicely shaped, but I wish he would have suggested I went smaller. I know I am still swollen but I just fear that I made a terrible decision. My family was behind me as long as I chose an appropriate size, and I thought I did! I have seen many girls on this sight go for 350ccs and not end up that big, yet I am afraid I am going to end up way too large for my frame. I will upload pictures eventually. Just today I am sad about these new boobies

settling and getting softer, but still way to big...

I am one week post op and I feel like I have made the worst decision of my life. Before my surgery I looked at my finances to figure out how I could get this procedure done and now I am reexamining my finances once again trying to figure out how I can afford to change out my implants before my wedding in 6 months… I feel I went way too large for my frame and I feel so uncomfortable in my own body. For some reason this size looks ridiculous on me whereas on other woman I feel it looks just fine. Maybe I had more breast tissue than I thought before surgery… I wish I had gone with 250cc instead of 350cc. Everyone keeps telling me to wait until the swelling goes down and wait until they drop… But I have iced these bad boys non stop for a week and they honestly don't feel swollen anymore. They just feel huge… They still need to drop into place and I hope that will help me love my new breasts. I am just afraid the "fluffing" will just make them look bigger...

I came to a realization that...

my breasts are now mine for good, they may be bigger than what I wanted but they will settle, they will shrink a little. I am thankful that my PS has such talent because they are perfectly even so far, the incision site is small and nicely done. I may be larger than I wanted but me and my fiancé had a great time with them last night ;)
It had always been a bit of a turn on in a sexy move (or ok, maybe even a little porn or two) to see a woman with larger beautiful breasts and see how sexy they were. I had always been envious of that voluptuous look, I had always wanted to touch myself and feel large breasts. AND NOW I CAN!! :)
I had been stuck in my head being super negative about my decision, even considering going back under the knife almost immediately to switch to a smaller implant. But last night I realized I just needed to embrace the new me. Who cares if someone thinks I went too big... fuck them.
My fiancé and I (and our families of course) are the only opinions I really care about. People will obviously know I had this done, but who cares. I am a 30 year old woman and if I want to spend MY money on this then it is none of their business. I have felt very awkward in my clothes since my surgery and that has been the cause of much anxiety because I have had a tough time hiding these perky, large newly augmented breasts... Well I guess I get to go shopping! Not for bras yet obviously, but for some new sports bras and shirts that can help conceal my larger assets around family, or just until I look more natural.

Went to the beach

I have been on vacation with my fiancé's family and I have felt very self conscious the entire time, (obviously because this is way too soon for me to be in a bikini) but I had managed to avoid the beach and the pool this whole time. Well yesterday was beautiful and we are in FL so I put on a cover up over my least ugly bra and went down to hang with the family and look for sharks teeth. For the first time I actually felt ok about this. I got some sun, some laughs, and a little exercise (just walking a lot).
Then everyone wanted to go to the pool. I do not have any bikinis that still fit me so I wore the same thing. There was surprisingly nobody at the pool and after about an hour of hiding under my cover up I took it off and let my very long hair run over my chest to help me hide. It felt so good to be outside and get some sun that I think it has helped pull me out of this funk. My breasts feel a little smaller so hopefully swelling is going down, and hopefully that keeps happening!!! Later that day we went for dinner and I finally could eat a full meal. Ever since surgery I have not had an appetite and it felt great to eat like I used to. I even had a cider and a cocktail :)
Here are some photos of me this morning after waking up. I found a very comfy position this morning with 2 really big pillows placed next to each other with about a 5" gap. I layer on top and let my boobs fit into the gap. HEAVEN!! I used to be such a stomach sleeper and It felt to good to be on my stomach... The downfall- I could not get up!!! I had to call my fiancé to come lift me up out of it. Hahahah...

Feeling Better, yet still some worries... I want to be able to surf again...

I think the toughest part of this whole thing is watching your body go through such a transformation so fast. I went from a 34A/32B to what I honest think was like a DDD in a couple hours and it was so difficult to see my body so stretched and swollen and different from the body that I had enjoyed for 30 years. I never hated my breasts before. I thought they were cute and perky and I liked my shape. I just wanted to feel more feminine, more grown up. I think when choosing my size I didn't really factor my very narrow hips into the equation. I am short and have some thighs on me, but my hips are very narrow. With big boobs I feel I look a little odd but thankfully they have gone down a lot over the last few days. I am probably a DD-D now if I could guess. I hope they will go down more to like a C but I doubt it. These things are pretty big. I am getting more used to my shape everyday but I still feel a bit pornstarish... Any tips to help these bad boys drop and have a more natural slope? I feel like I need to hide my body because I don't know how to avoid looking so sexual with these things. I always wore tight, tiny crop tops or chest baring shirts because I didn't have much. I don't think it ever looked slutty before because I had very little so regardless I wasn't showing anything off. Now I can't even wear a standard tank top without this over the top cleavage peeking out the top! I need to learn how to dress with my new assets and do a serious shopping trip for new shirts and a nice tight rashgaurd so when I can eventually surf they can be under control.
Damn I miss the water and I miss surfing so much... I ended up so big I fear I won't be able to surf like I used to. I was never a great surfer, but I felt confident in the water, in bigger waves. Now I can't imagine laying on these and taking a beating from a huge wave and trying to protect these things. They were expensive!
It is all going to be interesting and I am excited to figure it all out. I feel sexier than ever I just need to learn how to tone it down 90% of the time, when I'm around other people. The other 10% of the time (when I am alone with the love of my life) I am very excited to enjoy them and act as sexy as I feel :)

Starting to feel silly about being so negative

Everyday I like my boobs more and more. Everyday they are a little smaller, everyday they look less swollen and less angry at me... Hahaha. My left side seems to have started to drop but my right is sitting higher, probably because I am right handed? They still definitely have a ways to go. I still look extremely fake so I am trying not to show too much inappropriate cleavage. I have bought some higher neck shirts for the next month ahead. I enjoyed shopping the other day but felt very tired afterwards. I drove for the first time too! It was a full day and I felt the need to ice the sides of my boobs after such a long day of using my pecs. I went shopping for new bikini tops too and it was kind of a strange experience. I discovered I look terrible in strapless bandeaus because it looks like my breasts are somehow defying gravity. Still way too perky to look natural. I did find a few that worked and even splurged on a really nice L Space top that made my boobs look fantastic!! There was a molded cups sports bra that also made my boobs look great, but the band was too tight and it left me feeling out of breath after I took it off. I also went through a lot of clothes and old lingerie and had to get rid of a lot because they just didn't fit my body anymore. I feel like I used to show more belly and more leg back in the day and now it just looks inappropriate with all this boob! Maybe I am growing older and just don't want to show off like that anymore. I am engaged and am in no way looking for advances from guys.
I can't wait for my breasts to drop a bit, my nipples are so low on my breast and I have so much top boob! I am ready for my boobs to get out of my armpits!!! I am not in a rush really, just excited to see where this is going! I have some great side boob happening but would like for my breasts to move closer together and flatten out. Is this because of the projection I chose? I hope despite the fact that I went high profile, that they will drop and flatten out a little bit. Again, just so unnaturally perky! On the upside I have never had much for my towel to hold onto... now I have crazy cleavage to hold it up! Hahaha! You have to enjoy the small things :)

Almost 3 weeks!

Time is going so fast! I have my next PO appointment tomorrow. In 3 days I will be 3 weeks PO and the day after my appointment I am on my way back to the Caribbean. After that I will need to have my PO appointments via Skype. That should be interesting. I feel like I am back to my normal self, with the exception of not being able to work out, yoga, morning boob and some occasional sharp pains when I twist my torso, or arch my back. The skin and muscles right under my boobs seem to be very sensitive sometimes so I am avoiding certain moves. I am still taking it easy tho as I want to avoid messing anything up. I still have the tape on my incisions that was placed there during surgery. I am a little anxious to see my incisions. They have felt so small and relatively unpainful the whole time so I think all is going well. The tape just started barely lifting up and when I looked I saw a tiny little stitch under there. I had no idea I even had stitches under there... I read that in order to avoid scarring you should remove stitches within 2 weeks. I am only a little concerned tho, my PS has been pretty right about everything so far. My breasts are starting to drop and look more natural and the incisions are right where I am hoping to have a nice little crease under my breast. I feel like larger breasts look more natural when they have a small crease or fold so I am hoping everything lines up. My left breast has dropped a little more than my right and so I am massaging my right a little bit more. I massage many times a day and still use Cocoa butter daily to help my skin during this tough time.
I am also now REALLY happy with the size I went with. I was so negative and scared I went too big just 2 weeks ago, I have learned a great lesson here. Patience is a virtue and our bodies can do amazing things... you just need to give it time. I realize now that I was just so swollen that I was much bigger than what will eventually be my finished size. They could still shrink a little and I will be fine with that. I haven't been sized yet, but I have slipped on a bra or two while shopping (curiosity gets the best of me) and so far I have been somewhere in between a 34C and a 32DD. I haven't really tried on many tho because underwires do not feel good on my incisions. I slip them on, I take them off. Not feeling right yet... I bought 4 extra cute sports bras today, 3 with super thin straps (a pack of 3 that was on sale for $1 at Walmart!) and a nice supportive racerback for when I can eventually work out again. I am mainly still wearing my supportive surgical bras, but these will help me occasionally rock a tank top or two. I started doing squats today, going very slow and not using my arms at all. I also have been stretching a lot to keep my body flexible (no arm stretches). I have lost a lot of weight (muscle) since my surgery and I feel like my bum is super flat now. Also my abs are not as toned. I can't wait to start hiking the hills once I get back to the island and get my booty back.


I just had my 3 week PO appointment and all is well. My breasts are dropping, softening and healing right on schedule. Dr. Hardy is very happy with my progress and basically told me to take care of them (keep doing what I am doing) and he will see me when I come back stateside and to email if I have any questions. He took the tape off of my incisions which hurt just a tiny bit, and he checked them out. He took one stitch out and it looked a little irritated but other than that my incisions look pretty good. A little redness because I think removing the tape irritated it a little, but I think that is to be expected. I got some paper tape to keep on my incision and I purchased some Neocutis Journée cream which was pretty expensive. It is supposed to help your scars heal much better. I am kind of wishing I did some research first before purchasing it tho... Has anyone used this on their incisions. I am about to do some research...

Back in the Caribbean!

So a few days ago we travelled back to our home in the Caribbean. It was a very long day of traveling because we had to drive a few hours to get to the airport and then we took three different flights to the island. My fiancé flew out first, then a few hours later our dog, then like 7 hours later I flew out. It was exhausting but the safest way to fly our old dog. I feel like all the lifting of bags and tugging on a leash and picking up my dog really kinda took its toll on me. The next day I felt quite sore so I have been trying to take it easy lately. I passed out as soon as we got to our new spot... but we didn't have adequate pillows, I had one super flat pillow that night. Up until this point I have still been sleeping with like 4 pillows and sleeping at a mild incline (mostly because it just feels better these days. It helps with the morning boob) so that first night of sleep was rough. I need to go buy some nice fluffy pillows but all the good stores are far away. I love living in my sleepy Caribbean town but sometimes buying things is difficult.
I also had a little scare with my incisions- which naturally I freaked out and probably blew out of proportion. My right breasts incision was bugging me so I pulled off the tape. It looked a little rough. This was the incision that looked a little pink and swollen at my 3 week PO visit with my doc- well it looked like it separated a bit and there was a tiny bit of gooey puss looking stuff in there. So I freaked out!!! I assumed I had an infection. I cleaned it with water and antibacterial soap, dried it and put triple antibiotic ointment on it and covered it. The next day I contacted my doctor before even looking at it. He responded right away (on a Sunday, he is seriously awesome) He told me he wanted me to send photos of the incision and so I took of the bandage and took photos. I immediately felt silly for freaking out. The incision was less pink, there was no puss and it basically just looked like a little scab. I apologized for bugging him. Haha! He said everything looked fine, but if it made me feel better to leave off the tape for a few days and keep using the ointment until it looked better. That was yesterday and I feel much better about ti. However without tape I feel weird wearing a bra, like the elastic is gonna rub it weird. At first I didn't like the tape- but now I feel so much more secure and safe with it on. I want my incisions to heal the best they can so I am being very careful. I Have been wearing looser bras, or just wearing them kind of high- so the elastic sits about an inch below my nipple and the incision is exposed so it can breath and the elastic doesn't rub it. Seems to work out well. I have mostly just been around the house getting settled in anyways...
I was excited to go hiking though so My man and I went for a nice hill hike so I can start working on my now super flat bum. HOLY BOOB SWEAT!! Hahaha. It was hot and the hills were steep so I was sweating bullets by the we were done. I then got nervous about sweat in my incisions so I washed and reapplied ointment to them. It felt nice to be outside and get a nice leg workout in- but it is annoying how I still feel the need to baby my breasts and constantly be thinking about whats best for my breasts. I am ready to get back to my normal routine... But this is just part of the process and in the grand scheme of things I feel lucky to have very few complications (so far, fingers crossed). Things will eventually get back to normal- I just need to be patient.
I also went to the beach with good friend of mine, she has always had larger breasts and it was always funny shopping with her before- I had these little tiny boobs and clothes fit totally different on each of us. We were hanging on the beach (My first real day in a bikini since my surgery) and I was laying down and mid conversation I had to look down to see what my boobs looked like in that position. She found it hilarious like "what, did you forget they are there?", but in all honesty I am just getting used to them. They are so new I don't really know how they behave! Do they lay flat enough when I'm on my back... Are they too stiff looking? I am still pretty self conscious about it, but I am sure this will pass. I kept my whole BA a secret from almost everyone so I am just nervous about bumping into people that may ask me about it, or weird looks from people. I even fessed up to my sister the other day about my BA. I showed pictures of myself in potential wedding dresses (through text) I am looking at and I figured I needed to tell her. She was like "I knew something was different!!". She seemed fine with it and dare I say, proud of me... hahaha! We had talked about it a few times and she had even expressed interest in it as well. She was a little smaller than me before she had children, but when she is done having kids I could kind of see her doing it as well. And I would support her 100%

Feeling great

I am settling in and unpacking and doing laundry and it feels great to be able to do all these things without any discomfort. I am still taking it easy though. Every now and then I do a move and feel it really sharp under my breast. I take it as a little message to move a little slower. I'm gonna start stretching my arms and shoulders more. I still haven't really tried to stretch with my arms totally up, as when I start it feels a little uncomfortable, but always in the thin skin/muscle right under my incision, like it is a tiny muscle that hasn't been stretched in a month. Kind of strange.
My breasts are starting to feel more secure in my body lately also, like when I hopped off this high curb I felt my boobs bounce a little without any pain or strange feeling. It was a welcomed feeling as for weeks I have felt really delicate with their weight, with my thin, stretched skin and healing incision. But now it is all just feeling more natural. When I massage my breasts I honestly can't feel the edge of the implant at all and can't really decipher where it starts. Visually I can still see an unnatural "shelf" up top but it is very slowly receding as my breasts continue to lower and my nip seems to be moving higher up my breast. I do kind of wish my breasts were a little closer together, the gap between my breasts in not big, but just enough that I wish they were somehow closer together. I can easily pull them together in a tighter sports bra or bikini, but I had hoped they would naturally hang together more. Should I massage the inside cleavage in hopes of loosening the muscles a bit??

Almost 1 month... and Mondors Cord

Last night as I was getting ready to get in the shower I reached up to put my hair up and realized that I had these (for lack of a better word) cords connecting the bottom of my breasts to my ribcage. It didn't really hurt, but I definitely felt it. It restricted my movement in a way, almost like those cords were connected to my shoulders and when I reached up they pulled too tight!! I have 2 on my right side and 1 on my left. Luckily, I had already read a lot about this and know it is nothing to be concerned about... I let my Dr. know (and again he responded immediately at like 8PM, he really is super responsive and I love that about my experience) and he told me that it was no big deal, and it will resolve itself eventually. I read that very light massaging can help so I have just been slowly and carefully massaging my upper ribcage area just south of my incisions. It is kind if a bummer because I was looking forward to starting to stretch my arms more and begin regaining strength in that area, but it looks like I will probably need to wait a couple more weeks. Oh well it could be worse! The healing continues...

5 weeks PO

Hello everyone! It has been a whole 5 weeks and I am feeling great! I rarely notice my breasts anymore, they are feeling a lot more like a part of me. They aren't as squishy and soft as I would like but I feel like they are slowly improving. Up until a few days ago I still had 3 stitches in place (they are at the ends of my incisions, my Dr. took out 1 at my 3 week PO visit) I felt it strange that they were still there, but my body pushed them out naturally. I usually leave my paper tape on my incisions for 4-6 days, and this last time I took off the paper tape 2 of the 3 came off with it. A day later in the shower the last one came off easily while I was washing my breasts with antibacterial soap. It appears that my incisions are FINALLY 100% closed. Obviously not totally healed, but there is no scab anymore. I feel like my incisions are a lot darker and more noticeable than other girls. I am afraid that my time at the beach has affected it. While I am always wearing my paper tape, sunscreen/scar healing lotion and a bikini, I fear that the small amount of UV rays that may have reached them may have darkened them slightly. I am going to be more careful from here on out.
My breasts have dropped a bit more, but not as much as I want them too. I still have an unnatural fullness on the top and I still don't have a little crease under my boob, which I was really hoping for (to help naturally hide my incision scar). I take Ibuprofin twice a day to help with the inflammation of my Mondor's Cords that I have in each breast but haven't seen any change as of yet. It really doesn't limit me much except when I really try to raise my arms super high or when I attempt some yoga.
My new breasts had a sort of unveiling this past Saturday night when I got dressed up for the first time since my surgery for a friends wedding. I didn't buy a new dress and instead wore a tight cute coral one that I had before my BA. I didn't wear a bra, just nipple covers to hold down my overly excited nips. I definitely got some surprised looks even though I did not play them up at all. Then after a couple hours of drinking a guy friend came over and said- "Wow, both you girls got new titties!" The friend I was standing with used to be very flat, but recently had a baby, and he knew that, so I think it was basically his way of pointing it out to me that he new I had recently gotten a BA. I wasn't mad or embarrassed, just surprised and didn't really know what to say... so I mumbled something and walked away. Hahaha. He was the first person to really call it out. The next day there was a pool party and I went in my most modest bikini hoping not to garner any unwanted attention. A girlfriend I have not seen in a while came over and quietly pointed out that "I was looking a bit more full up top" I told her I had my breasts augmented and she seemed shocked! She asked my why I did it and we ended up having a really great conversation about it. She said she never thought I would do something like that and she was just so surprised to hear about it. I think she secretly suspected that I may be pregnant and was just showing in my boobs first... Hahaha. She admitted that she has considered it for years and now that she had her son she may do it. She had many questions for me and it felt good to be able to openly answer her questions and help her understand certain things. At one point during the party everyone was taking a group picture in the pool and I went to walk one way and didn't realize that there was a drop off on the pool floor and I walked off of it. Up until now I have not submerged my breasts in pool water or the ocean because I am just trying to protect them from bacteria and chemicals. Well I sunk right in and was surprised and had to use my arms to swim to the edge. It didn't hurt so I just went with it. I mean they were already in the pool so what else was I going to do. So I popped my boobies swimming cherry and everything was good :) Hahaha. The healing continues and everything is going as well as can be expected :)

sleeping positions

So this morning I woke up in this awkward side sleeping position with my arm under my boob and I was so pleased to realize that nothing hurt, nothing felt weird, there is no more morning boob to bother me in the mornings!!! I even did this big morning stretch with my arms over my head and nothing felt weird (not even my Mondors cord). It is a very welcoming feeling to finally feel like these things are a part of me. It was really rough sleeping on my back for the past 5 weeks but I am officially sleeping on my side. I still try to go to bed propped up a bit as my breasts are still dropping, but I let myself roll onto my side in the middle of the night. I just try to even it out. If I wake up on one side, I will switch to the other to make sure I am not causing anything to become asymmetrical. I know this isn't much of an update, but it is a small victory in an otherwise long recovery :)

Getting softer, but still looking unnatural

I am still massaging my breasts and while they have dropped some I feel like they still have a fake look. My left is more relaxed and has a better slope than my right. They just still have a bit of a shelf where the implant starts. I can't feel it when I massage them, I can just still see some unnatural top bulge that I had hoped would be gone by now. Maybe it is because I had such a boney chest before. You could literally see my ribs above my breasts. I am just super thin through my torso and I guess don't have enough meat to cover the implant edge. I am thinking this will improve with time as my muscles and skin relax even more... I'm trying to be patient and just enjoy my new breasts! I have never felt sexier and I think it was definitely a fun addition/change to me and my fiancé's sex life. I am trying to work out where I can but I still am not comfortable running or doing yoga positions or anything resembling a push up. I am regaining my flexibility in my arms and shoulders slowly, but I am still not quite there, probably somewhat from the Mondors Cord.

2 months with big boobs :)

Yay! 2 months! Time is really going by fast and everything is going great. I am getting more comfortable in my new body. I feel like it is different recovering somewhere very warm. It is difficult to hide your changing body because the only way to escape the heat is to wear less clothing... Also, I want to protect my incisions by covering them as much as possible and avoiding all sunlight, but that is easier said than done, I spend a lot of time at the beach and the sun here is super strong.
I love my new body but I feel like I let the surgery be a reason to get out of shape. I just really took it easy for a while because I didn't want to fuck anything up! So it is time to start working out way more! I haven't worked out my arms at all yet. I used to do pushups daily and I can't even do 1 right now... That kind if bothers me but I don't want to push it. I have a feeling I am not going to work out my chest/arms nearly as much as I used to. I get quite a bit of separation when I use my chest muscles and it looks very unnatural. I feel like I may be embarrassed about this if I do anything too physical in front of people... Again, I hope that gets better with time, but I also know that is a risk of going under the muscle. I am just going to start really slow with upper body. I get married in 4 months and my fiancé and I are making it a reason to be in the best shape of our lives. (Wish us luck :) ) Because I am kind of out of shape I don't feel as stoked about everything but I really do like my breasts 90% of the time, just sometimes I feel they still look fake, but I still think they look sexy and I like how I look. I think I still have more dropping to do because they are kind of uneven and my nipples are still a little lower on my breast than I would like. Just playing the waiting game and hoping there is a little more change over the next couple months. I go braless sometimes to help with that, but for the most part I just wear a comfortable sports bra or bralette. My breasts are getting really soft and I like how they feel. My incisions are still pretty dark unfortunately. I always keep them covered with paper tape and then some scar cream with a tinted SPF in it that I got from my PS. I also purchased some silicone scar strips because I have seen a lot of success with those as well, but I haven't used them yet. It seems like my Mondors Cord has resolved itself and I no longer get that strange feeling under my breasts. My new breasts now feel quite a bit like a part of me. I even woke up this morning sleeping on my stomach!!! I know it probably isn't recommended right now but I rolled over in my sleep. It didn't hurt or anything. I am not going to make a habit out of it. I still try to sleep on my back but I often sleep on my sides as well. I just try to alternate so nothing gets uneven. I have been taking all my vitamins and I am taking Vitamin E twice daily to help my skin heal.
My opinion on my breasts still changes often- Sometimes I feel like I should have gone a little bigger with the same projection to make them wider, maybe keep the same size but with a lower projection? I wonder if I had gone with the shaped implants if I would have a more realistic top slope of my breast... Realistically though I try hard not to let myself think like that. I shake off those thoughts and I am happy with these perky rounds awesome boobs I now have :) I feel more confident and proud in my sexuality and it has definitely been a fun month if you know what I mean... hahah! Happy Anniversary tetas!

3 1/2 months

It has been about 3 1/2 months and I am starting to get really comfortable with my new body. I feel so much more voluptuous and sexy and I find myself prancing around the house in side boob baring shirts and/or just in a bra and it feels so good to feel sexy and womanly. My breasts are still getting softer and they feel great! I can still somewhat feel the implant, but I have accepted that this is how it will be. I mean who gets a boob job and ends up with 100% real feeling breasts. I think it is close to impossible. I can really feel the implant on the underside of my breast (near the incision) but I had so little tissue there before so I saw it coming. I am even getting an ever so slight crease under my boobs which is what I was really hoping for. With boobs this big I think it looks more natural with a crease. My incisions are still pretty pink but they are starting to get lighter. I use silicone strips for a couple weeks then I alternate paper tape with my Neocutis Journee cream for a couple weeks. I only do this because after 2 weeks with my silicone strips I started to feel a change in the feeling of the scar, like it wasn't as flat as before. Now I try to vary my treatments so it will keep the scar flat (I hope)
I still massage my breasts all the time. It is not a problem because I work from home and I simply love the feel of these things. My fiancé loves them too and he is stoked when I ask for his "help" with massages. My new nickname from him is "Tits McGee" ... its like he is a teenager discovering breasts again. Hahaha
I am excited that my breasts are looking much more natural, even in a cleavage baring shirt they look great and still only have a very slight fake look. As they fluff and my muscles continue to relax I think the implant is taking it's shape better. I no longer attempt to "hide" my breasts. I have been going to the beach in bikinis and have just accepted that people I know are going to notice and wonder and maybe even ask... but thats ok. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I had this procedure done. In some sense I am even proud that I had the guts to go through with it.
The only downside to my procedure so far has been that I started with perfectly even breasts and my PS was excited because he said I had a great starting point for the procedure. Unfortunately now my breasts are uneven. It seems like my left breast has slide down and out just slightly more and the right is not catching up. When I am in a top or a bra or swimsuit I would never notice, it is just if I sit and stare topless then I see the slight asymmetry. It doesn't bug me really I just hope that over the years it does not become more noticeable. For that reason I feel that I am careful not to go too long without a bra, or I always try to make sure I have support. I fear the implant will continue to travel down and that would be terrible. When I say" travel down" it is not like the pocket is dropping, it is like the implant is sliding down my chest. The incision has traveled up the bottom of my breast slightly and no longer sits in the crease the way I would like it to. I have an appointment with my PS in a couple weeks when I fly back to the States. I am anxious to see what he has to say about it. I hope my right drops just a little more so they look even again.
I have also found that when I bend over without any support I can see a small amount of rippling in the lower/outside part of my breast. I was super disappointed the first time I noticed it. I thought that by going with silicone I would be able to avoid this, unfortunately I am just very thin and my skin and tissue doesn't cover the implant enough (especially on the lower/outside part. Luckily it is only when I am naked, and it is only when I bend over, and only when I look for it...

So there are some unfortunate things going on with my boobies, but they are minimal, and I am just so excited with how things came out in other ways that I don't care so much. Like I said just hoping my left boob doesn't continue to "travel".

I still have not really been able to go bra shopping yet except one trip to Marshalls. I was shit outta luck because they didn't have anything in my size (after internet research on how to properly measure myself I have figured out that I am something around a 30D) I am excited about this size but it is difficult to find bras in that size- and since I haven't actually tried that size yet I'm not sure if it is right. I bought one bra simply because I felt like I needed a good underwire to hold everything in place. It is my "around the house" bra because it makes me look pretty pointy and weird, but I feel so nicely supported- it is a 32C but over the last month I have started to bust out of it. Leading me to believe that I am now a D cup :) perfect

Sometimes big boobs suck!

Keep this in mind ladies when choosing your size. I live somewhere super hot and humid and am very athletic. Lately I have been fearing that my breast implants are dropping too much. My upper chest is so thin and flat and as my breasts drop I am not getting the natural smooth slope I wanted. I fear that they are dropping too much because my incisions have slid up my lower breast a little. It makes me nervous and I will talk about it with my PS when I see him in 2 weeks. Because of this I have been wearing very supportive bras lately... BUT IT IS SO HOT!!! I used to just go braless and I thought it would be awesome to do the same with big boobies- but it is different. I feel like I NEED support now or my breasts feel sort of heavy, which would be fine if I didn't think the weight was affecting their healing process. I think I need to start working on my chest muscles a bit and hopefully the firmer/stronger chest muscles will give them some needed support. I hate working out my chest now because they look so weird when I exercise. I guess I just need to get higher necked sports bras and forget about it- these boobs are here to stay! Does anyone know- will this get better with time?

You guys are awesome

I enjoy the support that all the women on here give each other. We all go through such transformations (physically and emotionally) and I think it is wonderful how sweet everyone is to each other. Thank you all for being there when I feel like I am obsessing over little things. Such a great community of women :)

Got sized... 30DD!!

I had ordered a size 30D pretty lacy bra online at Adoreme.com and it felt so good!!! It felt so amazing to put on a thin, non-padded, beautiful lacy bra and have it fit and look so beautiful. This was what I was looking for all along!!
I just recently got back to the States and I finally had the opportunity to go to a store and take my time and shop for bras. I walked into the department store and began shopping around for what I thought was my size. I had measured myself quite a few times and I landed on 30D. This size is so difficult to find! I didn't try anything and the sales associate saw me wandering around for 10 minutes and offered to help. She asked my size and when I said "I think..." She suggested to measure me. I was happy to have a professional do it and she got 30DD... I was shocked... My sister size is 32D and that is a much easier size to find so we started with that. I tried on a few bras and they all felt so good!! They were having a big sale in the store and of course there were very few options for me but I continued to search and found a few winners. Then I went to check out and none of them were on sale... I was so bummed. I didn't want to leave empty handed so I bought one gorgeous lace supportive bra and put back the rest.
I later went to TJ Max and found one of the exact same bras that I had to put back earlier-for less than half the price! SCORE! It was a comfy off white everyday bra that I really needed so I was excited about my find. I am really enjoying wearing these beautiful and supportive bras. My boobies are very happy :)

I am always so back and forth about my size...

Over the past few days I have been going to fittings for my wedding dress. The dress I have is a very small size and therefore doesn't have big enough cups for my new breasts. I was really kind of bummed because I look really top heavy in this really small dress and it kind of makes me sad. I got these breasts to feel more womanly but I still kind of feel I went too big. I think if they hung more naturally and had more of a crease I would feel happier with them. I also wish they were closer together. The projection sticks out so far and it just makes them look fake in my dress :(
If I could do things over again I would have gone with 300cc and with a moderate plus projection. I really wanted to look natural in my wedding dress but I don't.

I had my appointment with my PS the other day and he seems very pleased with his work. I think with what I started with they look good, however I am already thinking that in 10 years when it is time to replace them I think they will look even better with a slightly different implant.
With regards to my incision he said that it is difficult to know exactly how your skin will respond and it is most likely the exterior thin skin that rode up slightly more than the actual pocket of the implant sliding down. Also, I have read that often it is recommended to place the incision slightly higher than the crease so that if you raise your arms in a bikini people won't see your incisions if your bathing suit rides up. This makes sense to me... I no longer think my implants are bottoming out, I just think the top part just needs to relax more so they don't seem to look so obvious. My appointment with my PS went by quickly and I kind of forgot to bring up how the look of my breasts are really affected by my chest muscle flexing. They look so weird when my chest muscles flex!!!
HIs response to some of my inquiries (like my rippling) is that they look beautiful in their natural state- which is standing up, and it is difficult to control how they will look in every other position our bodies can take. It seems pretty logical to me, and when I asked if this may get better he said most likely not. I appreciate his honesty, but was a little bummed by his answer. He said if I had more body fat then he could take some from another part of my body and potentially cover it- but I'm not interested in gaining weight to do this and I do not want another surgery or to spend more money. I am going to continue to be patient and hope they become more natural looking- which many of you have suggested. I am only 4 months PO and I hear the next 6 months will give me the more natural look that I desire. fingers are crossed...

Almost 5 months

Just wanted to give a little update on my healing process. I feel 100% back to normal with the exception of strength in my chest. Everything is starting to look more natural however my breasts seem to be getting more and more uneven. My left breast naturally hangs to the outside more and has also dropped slightly more. I don't notice it until I stand and stare at my breasts in the mirror. It doesn't really bug me, but obviously I wish they were a little more even. I am thankful that none of this is noticeable in a bikini.
My incisions continue to lighten up and I am pleased with their progress. I feel like I saw a noticeable difference after a few weeks of using my silicone scar sheets. I swear those things do miracles. They are still pretty pink but fade more and more each passing week. My scars were significantly larger than I expected them to be so I am happy that they are fading. I am starting to get little creases under my breasts which I am very happy about. While my incisions are not in the crease they are pretty close and it has actually worked out well once or twice when a bikini has rode up slightly and my strips were still concealed. The placement now makes more sense- however one is still higher than the other.
My boobies are happy now that I have some nice underwire support for them and though I still wear sports bras most the time, I enjoy balancing it out with my lightly lined underwire bras. I am still shocked that I measured so big. 30DD or 32D is what I ended up with but I feel like I do not look that big. I sleep in supportive sports bras at night for added support. I sleep on my sides mostly but try to switch sides often...
I am still massaging my breasts once a day and they are nice and soft and squishy. My Dr. told me I had "ideal" results as far as that goes. I really wanted to feel natural and I think we accomplished that.
I go back and forth about my size still. As I get more natural looking I do not wish I went smaller anymore, however I do often wonder if I went with a shaped implant would it look more natural on my chest. My chest is so flat and boney and I feel like it is not a smooth slope into my breasts, but I still like them. I do feel more feminine and even when they are squished into a sports bra, I think they are plenty big for me.
If I could change a couple of things about my boobies it would be:
I wish they were more even
I wish they were closer together
I wish I had a more natural top slope...
Regardless- My fiancé and I enjoy these new boobies often and I enjoy the new attention. I never felt so sexy walking around naked :)

Almost 7 months

Hello! It has been a while since I updated. I recently got married and that was a big to do. Having all the family in town and dealing with all of the craziness was intense! However, one thing I rarely thought about.... was my boobs. It feels really good to feel so comfortable with my body. My breasts feel natural now and really do feel like a part of me. I am now so used to my breasts that I kind if forget when I see friend I haven't seen in a while. They hug me and kind of look at me as if they can't figure it out... Then eventually they just ask- When did your boobs get so big!? I never get asked if I got a boob job. Recently at my wedding a college friend mentioned that my dress made my boobs look fantastic! I was like, no, my boobs make my dress look fantastic :) hahaha. I later told her I had gotten a boob job and she was shocked. The few people that I have told are just very surprised that I would have this procedure done. I think many people have the preconceived notion that only shallow girls get boob jobs. I am an earthy, athletic girl that doesn't wear much makeup, and doesn't really get dressed up often. I hope I can help negate the stigmatism with breast implants. Women rarely get breast implants to show off (I'm sure some do... but regardless) it is often just to feel more womanly and make them feel more proportionate. Shortly after I told my college friend about my augmentation another friend from college (who is super petite like me and recently had 2 kids) came up and was really curious about my procedure. She said she had been thinking about it for years and it felt nice to give her a little info on it. That was the night of my wedding so we didn't get into details but I am happy she knows she can come to me with questions.
I still feel like my breasts could look a little more natural on the top- my super flat chest wall and my HP implants do not transition as smoothly as I would like but I have totally accepted them. When I wear a bra it is less noticeable and when I don't wear a bra I feel like you can kind of see the roundness in the top area of the implant. But thats ok. I love my new sexy body, my implants are super soft and that is my favorite part. I think they have moved together ever so slightly and also have a nice crease now. I am stoked on my implants and enjoy the added sex appeal :)

I recently got the Real Friend Badge and I am happy that I have been able to give a lot of girls good advice on this subject however I do not feel like I will post on this forum much more. I was so boobie obsessed for over a year while doing the research and all throughout the healing process. I am ready to kind of forget about all this and just focus my time and energy on more productive, important things than titties :) I will keep my review up and may possibly update at a year, but I am going to embrace my new body and move on with my life. Thank you all for your support throughout this very interesting and emotional time.

9ish months... Surfing info and update

I haven't updated in a while and there is something I have never talked about that I think could potentially be valid for other women planning to go though with a BA. When I was first doing my research one of my biggest questions was regarding SURFING. Would it feel weird to lay on my implants on my board? Would they get in the way?
Well I have been surfing for a few months now and I am ready to give my review regarding breast implants and surfing.
I surf often. I moved to the caribbean because I love surfing even though I am not very good. I love living in a bikini and I am proud of my athletic figure. For the past couple of decades I have always worn padded bras to give the illusion of bigger/perkier breasts. Living here on an island in bikinis made it impossible to continue that illusion so I started researching a BA. Being so petite and thin I was worried that the top edge of the implant would be visible so I opted to go under the muscle. Even though I did this, the top is still somewhat visible and I still have rippling... The problem I have now is that I have become very self conscious regarding the movement of my implants when I use my chest muscles. Which in surfing... is ALL THE TIME! Specifically though, after I catch a wave and I paddle back out to the lineup and then use my arms to sit myself up on my board my boobs pulls up and outward in a rather noticeable way as I use my chest to push my upper body up. I feel like they look obvious and super weird when I do this movement specifically. When I am laying on my belly and I am paddling around it does feel like I am laying on something, but I have been occasionally laying on my belly in bed and I am relatively used to this by now. They never seem to get in the way, but I feel them and am very aware of them while surfing. When I duck dive under a wave I feel the same awkward pull to the outsides of my chest and my implants awkwardly shrink up and out... I have avoided most chest workouts because I hate how my body looks when I do them and I don't want to mess anything up. But now the muscles in my chest are small and weak and I think causing the edge of the implant to be even more visible and I feel it is affecting my surfing. My paddling power is nowhere near what it used to be. After a long surf session I feel as if my breasts are slightly further apart and tense since my muscles have been used so much. Has anyone else had this sort of issue? I am now looking for a higher necked bathing suit to protect both my sun damaged chest and to cover up my awkward cleavage while I am surfing...
Other than that I enjoy my breasts like 90% of the time. I love my size, I just wish they looked more natural when it comes to the top slope. I feel like I can see where the implants starts. I love that I have little creases under my breasts and I love how soft they have become. I feel like when it is time to update my breast implants a better option could potentially be anatomical implants above the muscle... Perhaps my petite frame would look more natural with that approach. I also could stand to gain a few pounds so perhaps a lot of avocados could help me add a little padding to my top cleavage :) I hope this review can help someone


This is my progress at 10 months PO. I feel like my breasts are at their finished, healed state. They are super soft and squishy and I feel like the pockets they are in are plenty large enough for them to more freely like real breast tissue. I really hope they do not drop anymore as I feel they are hanging a bit lower on their own (I have a really long torso, so I think it is just my anatomy)
I still have issues with the muscles in my chest and have finally developed enough courage to show you the issue I am having. I have purchased a few high neck tops and it has helped me with my confidence while out surfing :) I have been doing more pushups and hope that my muscle returns in my chest.
I love my boobs in sports bras, I love the fullness in underwire bras, but sometimes I feel my breasts look more augmented when I wear a bra with a lot of push up.
I am not a fan of how my breasts look when I lay on my back. I feel they fall too much to the sides and my bony chest is really visible. I feel like I could have fit a wider/lower profile implant... but that is just my non-doctor opinion creeping into my judgmental head.
My scars are healing but are still quite large and visible. I have been really good about protecting them from the sun even though I live in bikinis. I think they may be more visible because I am so fair skinned. I may tan my breasts a little in the summer (after a full year of healing)- they are so white!!
I have been so busy and working a lot and have had little time to work out properly and eat a balanced diet. I would like to gain a few lbs of muscle as my work flow decreases. I like being fit- not skinny. Everyone has their own struggles I guess.
I hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing to all of you :)


It has been well over a year since my breast augmentation and many things have changed. I am more confident in my body, I always wanted to be curvier but I lost weight after the surgery and ended up smaller on my lower half as a result so I kind of feel more top heavy now. I guess curves aren't always balanced. I really like how I look naked and I enjoy feeling more womanly. There are things that did not really turn out the way I had hoped tho. Some of the things I did comfortably before my BA now cause me anxiety because certain movements cause my breasts to do weird things. I have been a bartender for years and movements like unscrewing a tight bottle or more commonly muddling a mojito or any other drink make me feel very self conscious. My breasts pull out to the sides when I make these movements so drastically I try to hide it. When I muddle a drink my right pec moves so noticeable I fear everyone notices it. The gap between my breasts becomes so large and even in the tightest of bras it moves. Even in a high necked shirt you can see my whole breast tighten up towards my armpit. The same things happen when I do certain exercises at the gym. I have stopped doing certain exercises in public and I now wear higher necked shirts to try to hide it. I used to be STRONG and very fit and I feel like my augmentation has definitely changed that. Considering that these movements take up less than 1% of my life I do not regret my decision but it has helped me to move on to my career as an artist instead of continuing to work as a bartender years after I graduated. Exercises like pushups can be done at the privacy of my own home and I think I am starting to regain some strength in my pecs. I hope that improves the transition from my ultra flat/narrow chest wall to my high profile implants. My implants settled a little lower than I had initially hoped and while I still like them, I wish they started higher on my chest. I am happy with the size I have (350cc) I just wish I went with a lower profile to fill in the gap between my breasts and maybe make the implant start higher on my chest wall as well as not stick so far off my chest. I also think down the road (like waaaaay down the road) I may possibly switch to anatomical implants due to my implants having the noticeable transition from ribcage to implants. I'm thinking the taller ones would fill in the area I currently am not a fan of.
Despite all of these things I still like my breasts. I feel sexier and I love how I fill out clothes. My scars are still quite noticeable but I am very fair skinned so I expected to see them. I used scar strips for a few months and that helped a bit, then I didn't use anything for a while and now I just started another round of scar strips. I hope they fade a little more. My scars ended up riding up my breasts about 3/4 of an inch. That was not something I expected and at times made me wonder if I was bottoming out. I don't feel that way anymore and as my scars fade it bothers me less and less. When I look at myself in the mirror I can't see them.
My husband has always been a very kind and loving guy and while he always acted sweet to me and my body I kind of feel like my new big boobies have brought out a boyish side to him. He sneaks up behind me when I am changing and slips his hands around me (like a handbra, hahaha) and gropes my boobs whenever he gets the chance and he really seems to like my new additions. I thought he would become a little weird about me showing off my body in tight dresses or lower necklines but he seems to be ok with it. We are married now and perhaps that commitment has changed his outlook on stuff like that. It's official- these boobs are his too :)
I hope this information helps women who are looking to get a BA in the future. My biggest downfall has been the issues with my pecs moving my implants alot but I am getting over it.
Bottom Line- If I could do this all over again I would still have this procedure done. I always wanted boobs and now I have a lovely set :) I hope all is well with my ladies in the Real Self community

I was going to update with photos but Real Self says there is an issue. (I have never had this issue before)


Here are the photos I was trying to add before :)

A year and a half

It has been a while since my last update so I figures I would post. I am to a point where I really like my boobs now. There are still times that I think I should have gone a little smaller and asked for a lower profile. I always like breasts like Emily Ratajkowski that hung slightly more flat and lower and very natural. But I loved that inside crease and natural cleavage too. I think I made the mistake of choosing wish pictures that I thought were sexy, but not exactly what I was going for.

I still love my breasts and the confidence it brings me. I almost always wear a bra as they feel kind of out of control when they are not strapped in. I always sleep in a bra, but I feel like bras without an underwire don't give me enough side support. So I sleep in underwire bras- but since I am a side sleeper the inside of the underwire always cuts into the inside of my boobs. I had thought that my final bra size was a 30DD but after about 14-16 months I started noticing I was spilling out of the top of them... Could I possibly be a 30DDD?!?!?! That just sounds crazy since I only got 350cc... but everyone is different and I think I realized after my BA I had been wearing the wrong bra size all along. I think I was possibly like a 30C.

My breasts are now very squishy and soft and bounce nicely when I walk or run. I am still very active but have put on about 5 lbs since my BA. When I was having issues with rippling and you could see my rib cage above my implants I actively made the decision to eat better and be more conciencious of eating more often and trying to gain a little bit of weight. I think it worked pretty well for me because my slope is a bit better and I don't have nearly as much rippling on the sides when I bend over.

I have been having a little bit of pain in the armpit region of my implants lately but I really think it is just because I have been stepping up my game in the gym. For over a year I did not work out my chest muscles because I hated the way they pulled to the sides. But I honestly think working out has helped them look more natural because I have more muscle over the top half of the implant. I have been doing way more pushups the last couple of weeks so I assume that is why I have the soreness in that area. Sometimes I wonder if the Dr. could dissect the inside of my pec muscle a bit more to alleviate some of the muscle distortion when I flex my pec muscles, but I would honestly wait until I switch them out in another 9 years to do that. I do not want to do any more unnecessary surgeries.

My scars are larger than I expected but at a year and a half they have faded a lot and are now 1.5" little pink scars underneath my boobs. They don't sit in the crease unfortunately but they are low enough that they are not noticeable unless you are really looking for them.

One of the strange things that I did not expect about getting breast implants are the chest wrinkles!!!!
I sleep on my side and when my breasts squish together all night I wake up with the worst chest wrinkles and it stays very crepey looking for an hour or so then fades away. I am happy they fade- but hope it does not start to stay that way over time. I am looking into options to help alleviate this problem to avoid it becoming permanent in the future. Do you ladies have any insight for me??

Nightlift bra

As I may have mentioned in past posts, I started getting some pretty intense chest wrinkles over the past 6 months. I have always been a side sleeper so I did a little research into this and discovered that side sleeping causes more wrinkles (on your face too!!) than sleeping on your back. I always wear a sports bra or underwire bra to bed for support or else I feel like my boobies are all over the place when I sleep. My breasts healed very soft and sometimes I think the pockets may be a hair too large for them because when I lay on my back they tend to really drift apart into my armpits.
I got a few suggestions from RealSelfers and after doing some research I decided to try the Nightlift bra. It is $98 but I wanted to protect my investment and try to stop these chest wrinkles before they get too bad. I have been trying my hardest to sleep on my back more, but it is tough to train yourself to do something in your sleep. Anyways, I got my Nightlift bra in the mail today and I tried it on... I am having a hard time telling if I bought the right size. I purchased a 30DD but I feel like the band is too loose and the cup is too small (It is on the tightest hook) - however they do not offer the bra in a smaller band size. As I adjusted the shoulder straps a little it began to fit a bit better, but I still think something is not quite right about it. I will say this for sure- it holds my breasts in place easily and without any wire, the fabric is super soft and the way the straps hold my breasts I think it will really help with the chest wrinkles. It's a pretty unique design and quite comfortable, except for the straps that go over my shoulder. I have extended those all the way and they still seem quite snug... Is this verifying what I feared I already knew? Do my boobies sit exceptionally low for someone of my build/stature?? I'm not really worried about it- but let me know what you think

My docs pics pre op/post op

I just realized my doc posted my case in his profile and I had never seen these photos until now. While I still wish I had a more smooth and full upper slope and a bit more full inside cleavage, I am pretty happy with my results and my decision to do this for myself. I think this was about 4-5 months post op. If I ever exchange my implants I think I would stick with the round smooth implants but would go up in size slightly (maybe 400-425) with hopes of filling in the inside gap a little and improving my top cleavage. That option is hopefully a long ways away...
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. James E Hardy is such a nice guy and always takes ample time to answer all of my questions. My surgery is this Thursday and I am very excited. I used to be so nervous but him and his staff have been so helpful. They really take there time to explain everything to me. We have gone back and forth in emails many times and I am now so stoked to get the breasts I have always dreamed I would have!!! **Added later~ I am very pleased with the amount of aftercare Dr. Hardy provided. I am sad when I hear other women never even seeing their PS after their surgery... That is ridiculous to me. I just had my second PO appointment with him and he was there again to sit with me and answer any questions and provide ample aftercare instructions. He seems to really care about your end result and making you happy with your body.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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