SAFE TCA Peel at Home - San Antonio, TX

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As a 48 year old with many years of sun damage and...

As a 48 year old with many years of sun damage and those pesky newly appearing age spots, I decided to uncover some new skin without the high price of a spa or dermatologist.  You CAN do it safely if you are very careful.

Start with only a 12.5% solution (a small bottle of this can be found online for about $25).  Begin with only a one layer peel the first time.  Complete instructions are usually included....always follow them!  If you do okay with a 1 and 2 layer peel, you can add layers each subsequent treatment, spaced 3 weeks apart.  You will eventually know how much your particular skin can tolerate.  I have not done more than a 3 layer peel.

Never buy a strong solution.  There are horror stories out there of people using 50 and 100% TCA, with terrible consequences, including permanent scarring.

Just as a guideline, I only dip my Q-tip into the the solution once for a single layer on my whole face.  Always wait 5 minutes between layers.  I have also done 3-layer spot treatments on age spots -- it takes a few treatments for them to completely disappear.   A small bottle of the solution should give you many muti-layer treatments, saving you $100's over going to a specialist.

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