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I finally had Smart Lipo today (2/9/09) in Santa...

I finally had Smart Lipo today (2/9/09) in Santa Rosa, California. It was a super pleasant experience. The staff were attentive, the Dr was professional and fun, and I ultimately felt very little anxiety or pain.

They put me in a robe and paper panties, I got my area marked (saddle bag/outer thigh) and then got the sterile scrub down. This part was very cold, and I was naked and getting a sponge bath with anticeptic soap in front of two nurses. I layed down on the table, which was heated, and waited for the Dr to come in.

After hthe Dr came into the room they rolled me on to my side and did 4 little shots to numb me up for the holes to be cut in my skin. Those little shots didn't hurt at all. Then they used a big long needle to numb me up. Most of the time the numbing needle didn't hurt, but occasionally it got to the edge of my saddle bag area (into a low-fat area) and it hurt.

Once I was filled with the tumescent fluid from the big needle I really couldn't feel a thing. They then used a metal insturment like a cheese grater to "tear up" some of my fiberous fat (they told me I had very fiberous fat). This felt like someone was using a metal insturment in my leg, but like my leg was that of a dead animals. It didnt hurt, it just felt like there was a lot of back and forth and breaking up of stuff in my numb leg (this may have been the worst part- just because it seems a little barberic). Then came the laser and the suction, both of which were a total non event. No pain, no rough sensation at all.

Then he flipped me over to the other side and started the process all over again. All in all, 400cc's was removed, and they only used less than 1 bag of tumensend fluid  to numb me up.

I am laying in my bed now- writing this- and experiencing no pain at all. But I have peed a few times and my right leg has been shooting out some fluid every time I sit down. Everyone says to be prepared for this- but it really takes you by surprise!

I will update with pictures once I can get the garment off...

Updated: February 20, 2009

Now- 11 days post op I am totally happy. I am uploading some before and after pictures.

My only concern is the scars! I have 4 on each leg, and half of them are healing really well- the other half are looking red and like they are forming scars. I have been using neosporin, vitamin E, calendula oil, and a natural scar oil that is a blend of different herbs and oils.

Anyone have any experience with those silicone pads or anything that really worked? Regardless- I am so happy with my results!

Anyone have advice on how to monomize the scars...

Anyone have advice on how to monomize the scars from Smart Lipo?

Well- it exactly 3 weeks today post op... I think...

Well- it exactly 3 weeks today post op... I think my shape looks great! Just waiting for these scars to get smaller. I know, 21 days is no time at all... I am hoping by June I can wear a bathign suit and nobody will notice my scars!

I am starting to use a product called Bio Oil today for the scar fading...

I am 5 weeks opst op today. My ass looks great! I...

I am 5 weeks opst op today. My ass looks great! I do have two areas of slight unevenness.

1) there is a scar where they went in on my left leg that is in the middle of a divet. It is like there was a little extra sucked out right at that insertion point. Not really bad, but noticable to me!

2) Under by left butt cheek there is a little groove that is the same shape as my butt cheek, but about 4 inches below it. You may be able to see in pictures.

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