Velashape - Waste of Money and Unrealistic

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I had traditional lipo in 2006. I had gained some...

I had traditional lipo in 2006. I had gained some fat back under the bra line and aross my low back. I was one of those starry eyed people excited about the promise of non-invasive and "affordable" cellulite/fat reduction. Of course, they just happen to have the buy one get one free promo (that ended the next day) so I was pressured to sign up ASAP. I read the reviews on this site AFTER I plunked down 2k cash and it was too late to back out.

The technician was very nice and she knew what she was doing. I had good heat and she spent a great deal of time with me... but it had ZERO results after 10 treatments. Forget about asking for a refund, it's not going to happen.

I shouldnt say I had ZERO results, there was a...

I shouldnt say I had ZERO results, there was a slight reduction but nothing worth what I paid for. I sent a letter to them expressing my disappointment. They emailed me right away and assigned me a ticket number. The local clinic manager called to speak with me, but when I called back I got voicemail, I am cautiously optimistic at this point. Ethically, they should refund the money - but I wont hold my breath.

Updating due to new comments and recent class...

Updating due to new comments and recent class action lawsuits against American Laser Centers. ALS was sued for false and misleading advertising. I dont recall the outcome, but I think I got a 20% coupon that has long since expired. Big deal! I would not go back there if you paid me!

Secondly, Velashape may work for cellulite and small regions of fat - not for what I was dealing with. I will call it "Post Lipo Fat Shifting" in that I gained a large layer of fat from previous lipo in an adjacent area in 2006. I was trying to avoid the costs and risks of surgery, more scars, but in the end that was what I ended up doing and I am happy now. My body looks normal again.

As far as those thinking I am a lazy fat slob looking for a quick fix that needs to hit the gym for 2 hours a day - perhaps several hours every day at the gym would have yielded the same result over time, but considering I work outside of the home 10+ hours a day, it was not practical for me.

Instead I chose liposuction surgery and can now maintain the shape by biking and kayaking or whatever else I am in the mood for.

If you are considering Velashape, please be sure it's done by a qualified technician and for the right reasons. If you need to lose fat, this will not work for you.
American Laser Center

They were very friendly and accomodating and talk a good talk, but Velashape treatments just dont work. Save your money - if you really want fat reduction get lipo or vaser lipo. It costs more, but at least it works and is permanent. Just dont gain the weight back...

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