Hoping I Can Have These Two Scars Improved - Sacramento, CA

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I have two scars on my forehead I am unhappy with....

I have two scars on my forehead I am unhappy with. On the left side of my forehead toward my hairline, I have a indent from an injury as a child. In between my eyebrows I had two chicken pox scars sewn shut in 2009 before my wedding. I had a reaction to the stitch and developed an indent from that. Time has gone by, and I have lost my "baby-fat" in my face. This loss of sub q fat has
made these scars more visible and I hate them. :( I am having rhinoplasty on Tuesday and after that I plan on consulted with a different doc in my area who specializes in scar revision. If I could at least get the one in between my eyebrows fixed I would be sooo great full. I asked my PS during your BA consult about the scars on my forhead, but he seemed to think they were okay and not much else could be done. What do you guys think?

Going to the skin and laser clinic today...

I am not loving the idea of surgery to fix my scar. Hopefully I can try a laser or a filler. I can live with the line, but the pock mark is the one that bothers me.

Going to try juvaderm and then laser

My appointment went well at the laser and skin clinic. I am going to get 1/2 syringe for my upper lip, forehead scar and a tiny scar about my lip. The nurse thinks that filler will definitely make my scar less noticeable. A month after that she is going to laser it. I feel good about this, now to schedule :)
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