Ugly nose no more, surgery was 9/3 :)

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I have always hated my nose. In fact, I remember...

I have always hated my nose. In fact, I remember the exact moment when I was 14 years old that I noticed I had a large nose. Ever since then I have assumed I would fix it at some point. As for my breasts, I am a 32A (if that). All the woman in my family have a larger chest, except for me. I figured out that a perscription that I took from age 7-17 is the reason for my poor breast development. Now, the drug is not even perscribed to girls under the age of 18. I am married and have two children under the age of 2, work and am in nursing school. My school only offers two breaks a year, so 3-8 is the only time I can have the surgery with 10 days to recover. Even though I have always fantasized about having these procedures done, I do not think I ever actually thought they would happen. I also never anticipated being this nervous and scared! I trust my doctors abilities 100%, and am hoping that my pre-op today at 5:30 will help ease my fears. I think my two main concerns right now are the IV sedation, and the pain meds after. Hydrocodone has caused me urinary retention before, so I hoping there is something else I can be given that will be effective. I did not take any pain meds after my last c section for this exact reason. :( Next is the IV sedation. I have had a "twilight" procedure before, and had no problem with it. The surgery on my forehead, and I remember maybe two minutes of it but no pain. I am so afraid of the IV sedation for procedure though. Not so much for the breast aug, but for the rhino. I am having a basic, open rhino. He is smoothing my dorsal hump, making the tip smaller, and shortening my nostrils to make everything even. I have done a lot of reading I guess my main concern is not having my airway maintained during the surgery. I read with a rhino, blood will pool at the back of the throat which can cause problems. Going under general is quite a bit more, and with me upgrading to silicone implants I do not think we can afford both. I would love to hear some positive stories from other people. :)

I stumbled upon this site expecting it to help me...

I stumbled upon this site expecting it to help me through my surgeries and healing process. What I did not expect was it assuring me that I my second thoughts on the surgeries are valid and SHOULD NOT be ignored. Through my research I was always finding all the things that could go wrong, and the complications that I could be left with. IE: I have small nostrils, so surely I am going to have valve collapse, he is doing to much to my nose, though I understand his reasons, there was no photo morf, he pretty much let me chose my implant size, did not explain how I could develop scar tissue and be in constant pain for a very long time. The list went on and on until I spoke to my PS and felt better. But after coming home and sleeping on it, the anxiety set back in. Here is what I know. I am Croatian and have a nose that reflects that. I am very small chested, but I have also had three babies, breastfeed two and my ta-ta's are very perky and pretty. Even my PS said I had lovely breasts. I love yoga and feel like they will get in the way. I am a curvy girl and I feel like the BA will make me look heavier. I have worked very hard to lose 60 lbs of baby weight, and am now at 132 lbs ( size 6 ) 5'7. I am 37, 29, 38 and my chest is 32A. I have read about so many small breasted woman regretting their surgery, and rhinos not coming out right. I have always gotten attention from guys, and I am married to a man who loves me exactly how I am! In fact, most people I asked about my nose said they liked it. (That baffles me, but whatever) I just envisioned myself going into surgery smiling, but crying on the inside because I wasn't sure it was what I wanted. Once the doc makes that cut, there is no going back to what I was. I am beautiful just the way I am.

Surgery re scheduled for 9-3

I have posted before about having this procedure done. I have a BA and Rhino scheduled 4-5 months ago and I cancelled both of them. I freaked out and felt I rushed into things. I convinced myself I was happy with how I was, when really I was not. The fact that I could not get this off my brain convinced me that I really did want this. So anyway, I rescheduled my BA and had that 1.5 months ago. Lets just say I love my new ta-tas :) Dr. S. Green in Sacramento was my surgeon and he is going to do my rhinoplasty on Sep. 3. I hate my nose, I truly hate it. I think I freaked out about having so much work done on my nose. I did not expect my surgeon to suggest an open procedure. I went into that initial consult with minimal research on the surgery itself. From what I can tell, those who have septoplasty done in addition have a higher risk of the need for revision and just issues in general. My doc plans on an open procedure, no nose breaking, shaving down my bump, and basically making my nose just a little bit smaller all around. He said that my surgery was nothing complicated, and they he preferes to do open procedures because he can see more. Closed rhino's go more by feel and he thinks require more revisions than an open one. I am going to use IV sedate because general causes me major urinary retention issues. During my breast aug. I used IV sedate and had no pain or anything. Now I will say that I did have unexpected bleeding in my left breast the evening of surgery and I did have to have another surgery to clear out all the blood and put in a drain. (holy shit did that ordeal hurt) But, even with that, I still have awesome results. I know that that complication had nothing to do my surgeon, just more with my bodies ability to clot. So this time I am going to avoid all foods in addition to the meds that can thin by blood. So, here I go once again down this path. :) I do not think I am ugly and I know that there is risk with any surgery. All I can do it follow my heart, and for right now this is the direction it is leading me. Please take a look at my docs before and after shots and tell me what you think about his work. What I like is that at his practice, out of the 6 or so docs, he is the only one who's rhino photos are posted online. They are on the practices website and his own. I also like that he has 5 star reviews everywhere I look and that he did such a great job on my BA. His name is Dr. Scott Green and he is in Sacramento ca.

Update pics

I forgot to add something about why I like my plastic surgeon. His patients still look like themselves after the procedure. He takes their original nose and subtley changes it. I love that is patients have their own unique nose and are not left with a generic one-fits-all nose. :)

I added some less flattering angles on my nose.

One month to surgery.I had a dream about my surgery

Last night I had a dream about my operation. I was watching my doc work on my nose and was telling him to be careful not to make it crooked. I woke up still excited about my surgery. :) I saw my doc last wed and we talked about my surgery. He told
me that to achieve best results he would have to break my nose. :( I don't know why this scares me
so much. I guess I do not understand why I need that if my nose is not crooked at all. What I do know is that I trust my doctor completely and that I know he will do his very best to achieve a favorable result. He did tell me again that my case is not a complicated case, so that makes me feel good. :)

One month from today I will have my new nose. :) I also have been analyzing my nose from all angels. Like most other people, my nose is not perfectly symmetrical. The right side looks a tad different than the left so I have to keep telling myself, that when I am swollen and recovering that asymmetry may be noticeable.

1 day post op

The procedure wasn't bad under IV sedate. I am majorly swollen on the right side. :( I can tell already how my side profile is smaller. :)

2 days post op

The swelling is slowly going further down my face, but I still look like a panda bear. Yesterday I tried to go without my pain meds, but I hurt to much so I caved. Monday can not come soon enough! I would settle for even being able to breathe out of my nose. How long till that happens? I don't have any internal splints. I still am in pain and I have managed to sleep propped up which helps. My cheeks are less sore today so the swelling should be on its way out.

Day 3 post op-swollen jaw

I am in less pain today, the swelling has moved into my jaw and I hate it. Any tips to reduce it?

Day 3 evening-a glimmer of hope?

I have a question, when will I be able to breathe through my nose? I feel like there is a bunch of mucus (more likely clotted blood) in my nostrils. I do not want to clean them out because I am afraid to mess with them. I have been drinking lots of water to try to flush out all of this swelling. I have been taking Arnica since before my surgery (not that it did much) but I do think it is helping fade the bruises I developed. Today I bought witch hazel and topical arnica. I have been applying those every couple hours so hopefully they will help. Is it monday yet? I will say this, the swelling is starting to go away and I can kind of see my old self in my puffy painted face. :D

I think I may be more swollen today :(

I hate swelling, I hate swelling. :( How long till I should expect this jawline and cheek swelling to go away? Help!

5 days post op-I can breath!

I took a bath tonight and afterwards I carefully cleaned out the lower part of my nostrils. Gobs of bloody gunk came out and I can now sort of breathe through my nose. Not completely, but I am loving this little bit. My swelling went down quite a bit (thank God), but the bruising is still very much here. Can't wait till the morning to get this thing off :)

6 days post op-splint removal AND re-splinted :(

I saw my nose just now. I like it :) I am still really swollen so I am try to take all of that into account. My doc is really happy with my nose so far and said that it looks exactly like it is supposed to. :D I had a minor panic attack when my husband saw nose, he saw it before me. He said, "it looks different". Then I saw it and understood what he meant. It is different but that is what I wanted. :) My doc said that I may never breath the same out of my nose which scares me. Right now I can barely breath out of my nose so I hope it gets better. Any thoughts?


One week post op-just waiting

Eyes are still black. My lower right cheek has a yellow tint to it from the swelling. I'm actually going to go into work like this on Thursday. That will be interesting for my patients to see me like this. (I'm a phlebotomist) Can't wait until these bruises are gone and this splint is off forever :)

Mini freak out, ahh

I allowed myself to do one of the worst other patients bad outcomes. ???? I am now freaking out that my nose is going to twist and collapse and that I may never breathe again properly through my nose. I didn't have that big of hump, and I don't think my doc even messed with my nostrils and my tip was very mildly resuced. I'm scared :( I can handle slightly uneven nostrils and my nose not being 100% perfect, I never expected that. What I cannot handle
is a C shaped nose and not being able to breathe. :(((

And I am getting sick ????

My lymph nodes are swollen and sore to the touch. Hopefully my nose doesn't get more congested!

8 days post op

I am breathing slightly better today. I think I may have to re-train myself to breathe through my nose. I can kind of do it, I just can breathe as deep as quick as I used to. I work a 4 hour shift tomorrow so that will be interesting.

Splint off for good tomorrow!

Breathing today is about the same, but I am also sick.

I'm really starting to like it :))))

I got my cast off today for good! When I first saw my nose I thought, "quack quack". Really. I thought I looked like a duck with all the swelling. To be honest though, I think I am just not used to my new nose. I love that it looks so much like my old nose in the tip and from the front. The nurse said compared to most I am not that swollen down my noses midline. My swelling is mainly across the bridge. I went home and got all dolled up for the first time since starting this process. It feels so good to look mostly normal. My eyes are still sort of black and I have the blood in my right eye, but it is fading slowly. My breathing is getting better and better which would make sense because my swelling is going down. ???? That is me, rejoicing!

One more

Breathing getting better and better

I am still definitely swollen, but that's okay. I can breathe! I could breathe perfectly if these darn stitches would dissolve and the gunk on them would go away.

I am so glad I did this!

I love my new nose. :))) Today was not to much different in the nose department. I can breathe 98% normal from my nose. That two percent is the gunk stuck on my stitches. I should mention this too. Before my surgery when I inhaled deeply my nostrils would close. Now they stay open and I can breathe as deeply as I want :) I also thing nostrils look pretty symmetrical right now.

Two weeks: anyone else have scar tissue on the inside of their nose,

What I thought was gunk on the inside of my nose, is actually scar tissue or something like that. It feels like I have a massive booger! I tried to get it out tonight, but I can't because it is literally tissue. :( I will call my doc tomorrow and make an appointment. Beside that, my breathing is still great and I love the look of my new nose. It still feels sore, and it gets cold really easily!

More pics

Not too much has changed. I think my nose doesn't look to great from the front, but I am hoping it is just swelling.


3 week post op

I saw my doc today to ask about what seems to be swelling in my nose. He confirmed that I am still about 30% swollen and that my breathing will continue to improve. :) He also told me that nose looks perfect and he doesn't expect me to have any twisting or problems. I know no one can predict the future but it makes me happy to hear that he is so optimistic and pleased with his work.

One month-looking uneven due to swelling

Not much has changed with my breathing. I still like my nose. :) However, it is started to look crooked/uneven due to swelling. I don't think it is that bad though.

Pics one month

1.5 months post op

My nose is still changing. The tip has dropped some and I continue to have swelling that can sometimes cause an uneven look to my nose. I do think my nose still looks pretty straight. From the side it almost looks like my bump is coming back, but doc assures me it is just swelling. I also still feel stuffy most of the time. I am hoping that this will subside as I know I am still early in the healing process.

I think my bump is coming back, but I don't think I mind

2.5 months post op

3.5 month update

The swelling on my nose is still going down, and the left side is still more swollen than the right. I don't mind, I still love my results so far :)

4.25 month review

I love my nose this month, even more so than last month. My nose seems to have gotten skinnier and has more of a slope :) My breathing is fine although I notice I have a hard time clearing out boogers. Every morning I have to use a q-tip to clear stuck gunk. My tip is still swollen, which is to be expected.

6 month review

I still love my nose, I think it looks very natural and I still can notice subtle changes. My tip still has some swelling I think.

another pic (6 month)

Wrong pic above

11 month review

It has almost been one year since my rhinoplasty. :) I can say without a second of hesitation that I am beyond pleased with my results. My nose really has not changed that much in the past four months, so I think the major changes have already happened. Dr. Green is an amazing surgeon, hands down. I cannot believe how good of a job he did. My nose looks (to me) natural and fit for my face. I love love love it! :D

18 month review

I love my nose. :)
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