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Jan 4, 2012 was my surgery day. I have had a good...

Jan 4, 2012 was my surgery day. I have had a good experience thus far. I read a ton of blogs off this site the day i got home from my surgery. This site has helped alot with questions i had. It seems like everyone has gone through pretty much the same stuff.

I was not put under but I was medicated enough to not care. I took my vicodin every four hours the first four days and felt no pain. I started my rinses a couple days after surgery while taking Arnica for swelling. I had a huge black eye the first week and a ton of swelling close to my eyes.

Jan 11, 2012.. I got my cast off this day and they placed tape on my nose and was left on for four days. I had stitiches at the bottom of my nose belowe the tip in order to relieve the muscle from bringing my nose tip down. I feel like when one of the stitiches where taken out, it may have infected the inside of my nostril. inside my left nostril next to the septum, i have a bulbous growth. My nostrils were perfectly even while the cast was on and know i they are not even. I think they got stretched out when the splints where pulled out :( I hope my notrils go back to how they where when the cast was on. When i took the tape off, I was really happy. My nose looked really skinny and small with a good shape.

Jan 24, 2012.. It has been 3 weeks and i feel like my nose is getting bigger and i feel like it's starting to look like it did before. I really hope this is just swelling and not the cartlidge growing back so soon. It feels hard and sore still. Im so scared my nose is going to go back to its bad self again. I guess time will tell

Dr. Donald Clutter

Dr. Donald Clutter

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