Crooked Smile After Chin Reduction and Neck Liposuction - Sacramento

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3 weeks after surgery my smile was still quite...

3 weeks after surgery my smile was still quite crooked. My surgeon told me that I shouldn't worry and that my smile should return within 2 to 4 months. I got a second opinion from a different facial plastic surgeon and a third opinion from an MD off the internet. It still didn't make me stop worrying, but it gave me the patience to wait for my nerves and muscles to recover.

MY SMILE IS BACK! By 2-4 months I obtained a completely normal smile and am very happy I had the surgery done. I have some residual numbness on my chin, but that lessens with each week that passes. I also had upper and lower eyelids done, along with and endo browlift. I will list what the surgeon said the retail price would be, but I did get a professional discount due to working in the same medical system.

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Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Because I assisted him as a surgical RN for many years prior to making the decision to have surgery. I was confident in his medical background, knowledge and skills. The ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon Fellows in training work under him in the final years before they are out on their own.

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