Venus Legacy NOT WORTH IT!

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Fourty year old fit female seeking skin tightening...

Fourty year old fit female seeking skin tightening in the abdomen area. Ive been looking for pictures of Venus Legacy to see the gradual improvement but so far all i can find is before and after pictures so i am documenting my results to be more helpful for others looking for simular feed back, i will post pictures of the process when my treatments are complete. So my package is 8 sessions one week apart, although they say it is pain free the procedure can leave you a lil sore and swollen for a couple days, the heat can be a bit uncomfortable at times but i made it through the session, i felt like i was on my final set of planks the last few minutes seemed like forever lol. So due to minor swelling i didnt see results the first day, but a few days later instead of seeing skin tightening i noticed my tummy was flatter, in the lower area where exercise doesnt really help when you have that after child birth bulge I have added 150 situps to my everyday workout since the nurse said that will help, so we shall see, next treatment is in 2 days i will keep this post updated



1st & 2nd treatment

Update after 2nd treatment

Sooo after the second treatment i noticed my stomach got a lil flatter in the lower area but the skin wasnt getting tighter as a matter of fact with the lil fat nelting away it made the skin appear looser, so if ur looking to melt fats just try Vela shape its half the price lol, so i cut my loses and called in and canceled the other 6 sessions n paid full price for the two i used, i figured id cut my loses but they chose to charge a extra 500 to cancel so 1500$ no results at least i didnt oay 2940.00 lesson learned!!!

Final update

After writing my last review I recieved a call from the Supervisor regarding my cancelation, and she advised as a courtesy they will not charge me for the upcoming apptmnt that i canceled so instead of losing 1575.00 im only losing 1050.00. Had I been satisfied with my body the way it is i would not have loss any money, lesson learned have a blessed day!
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The nurse who performed my my treatment was pleasant

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