33 Year Old with 3 Kids Wants a Flat Tummy Back - Sacramento, CA

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Hi, I am a mother of three kids, after my...

Hi, I am a mother of three kids, after my pregnacies, my stomach was not the same and I lost my confidence.So I finally decided to get a tummy tuck done. I booked my surgery for august 23 with doctor yamahata in sacrament,feeling excited but nervous at the same time. Just hoping I will get great get results and finally gain my confidence back.

Three days to go!

So,it's saturday, so close to tuesday august 23;for the big day.Im feeling anxious but still excited, I've been waiting for this moment to happen for years. I still can't believe this going to happen. I have everything ready for my recuperation, things like my meds,comfy clothes, and my healthy meals to heal faster. Well that's it for today i will be updating before and after pictures soon. Can't wait!!

Day before surgery

Woa!I can't believe that tomorrow it's going to happen! I think I have everything ready, today I ran some errands,cleaned my entire house and took care some of the kids and my husbands laundry. I just want to make sure they have everything they need ready to go. I dont know if I am going to be able to get some sleep tonight. I'm just praying to god that everything turns out good and alright because I know my kids need me. Wish me luck! I will be updating again tomorrow.

This was my ugly reality.

Three days since surgery

So it has been three days since the surgery. It's been very tough,not easy at all. I have to say thanks to my mom, and sisters, they helped so much go through my healing days. The most difficult part so far was the soreness of my muscle repair and my back was killing me for being hunched all day. Although, as the days are going by I'm healing and feeling much better compared to the first day. This Tuesday I will visit my doctor and finally take a peek of my tummy and I will be posting after pictures,can't wait and so excited to see how my tummy has been progressing these past few days.

more before oictures

More before pictures

My after pictures 6 days after tummy tuck

So couldn't sleep so just decided to update, and post some pictures. And so far im loving my new tummy!!i i still can't belive it's me.

three weeks from surgery

Hi girls sorry for not been updating my recovery but it's been three long tough weeks since my surgery. I have to confess it hasn't been easy. First by the way you have to sleep so uncomfortable, second problem was constipation and then dealing with all the swelling which is going down and I'm happy to see that i lost 6lb already, and now dealing with felling bloated in the afternoons, but thanks to my mothers care and help with the kids my recovery was is going smoothe and fast. I had my three week appointment on thursday and felt a relief hearing him saying everything looked great and that i was recovering fast, and also gave me permission to finaly to sleep on my side thank god everything is going great. So now just feeling happy and loving my results.

three weeks from surgery

Still a little swollen but loving my results!

the swelling time!!!

Hi girls here I am dealing with the swelling,it is annoying theres good days but today Is one of those bad days. I feel like a preagnet woman lol and some pressure on my insicion I called my dr and spoke to a nurse and just told me is totally normal.I read alot of reviews and heard about all the swealling you get around 3 to 8 weeks after a tummy tuck but was praying it wouldn't be as bad, just praying that it goes down soon.

a little progress

Can't belive it's been a montha already.

some products that are helping me

Some Products that are helping with my swelling.and my scar treatment.

Some products that are helping with my swelling.and my scar treatment.

I think the swallon is going down

Hi Girls!here are some updates of my progress it has been a long journey but thank god things are looking better day by day.
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