Picosure Treatment #1 Week 8 - Sacramento, CA

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I'm actually having my tattoo removed from my neck...

I'm actually having my tattoo removed from my neck because I'm looking into joining the military!
I've had my first session on May 9 2014!!! I was really skeptical about it at first because it was kinda pricey other then going with the original Q laser witch would have takin over 15 sessions an more then a year in a half to completely remove it!!! But I'm glade I found out about the picosure clinic in Sacramento because after the first treatment it really faded most of the out lining of my tattoo so I'm pretty amped about going back in July for my next treatment!!! The result are amazing you just have too give the skinn time to break down the ink an you'll start seeing the result shortly after!! It took I say about a week and a half before I started to see results. Right after the skinn started to heal it's self it's just mainly your body breaking down the ink an pushing it out your skin!!! So if any one is looking into removing any tattoos I'll say go with the picosure laser it's quicker an just about $199 a session!! An I'm sure you can find other clinics around the bay that may be a little lower on the price!!! But overall I'm pretty saticfied with my results so far!!!

Before treatment

Second day after Treatment #2

It's gotten pretty darker an is really sore at the moment

Treatment #2 week 3

Treatment #2 week 3

Couple weeks after treatment 2! looking pretty good

treatmen #3 day 2

This one was a little more painful. I think she raised the levels to the laser so its more swollen and darker

treatment #3 day 3

treatment 3 week 3


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