33 Year Old Mother of Two Needing Help with Stubborn Belly/baby Fat! - Sacramento, CA

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After much thought I have decided to give...

After much thought I have decided to give sculpsure a shot. I've struggled with my weight in and off my whole life and have been a yoyo dieter achieving highs and lows. After have 2 kids my stubborn belly fat is something that won't budge. I'm still currently eating healthy and staying active. I decided to treat 3 areas, upper stomach, lower stomach, and flanks. I will have one treatment today and another in 6 weeks. Fingers crossed it helps! I'll try to update as changes are seen. Height 5-5 weight 159. A few starting pictures.

Dang that hurt!

So the procedure was not what I expected at all. I was told to bring a book or something to do to pass the time, that it only hurt for a few minutes and then got better. Wrong!! The 4 plates are rectangles and can lay in different combos to cover the best area for your body. I did 4 across the lower abs, then 4 across the upper abs and last 2 on each flank. Each section takes 22 min. There are 4 levels you can go up to depending on comfort. The first few min felt fine and then when she increased to the second level things got painful. The heat was intense and would go from ok to crazy hot/stingy 10-20 sec of bad followed by 10-20 second of cool. I typically have a high pain tolerance but not for this. The pain Wouk build similar to a contraction and then fade out. I tried to tuff it out but I was hot and sweating and feeling sick So we turned it back Down. Even after that it was really hard. I went back into labor mode and used breathing and counting to get me through. The second area was painful too but not as bad. I tolerated level 2 the whole time. There was still breathing and counting but it was better. The last area was the flank and it was fine. One side was more uncomfortable then the other but really no bid deal. After the appt I was able to drive home no problem but really felt like I had been beat in the stomach. The pain was constant. Once home I iced it which helped a ton. The lower abs are by far the most sore. I had a meeting for work tonight and there was no way I was wearing jeans. Leggings it was... They told me to drink tons of water today and to massage the areas for 5-10 min at least 2 times. I found icing first then massaging worked best. Headed to bed now and I've noticed I have a few welts in the sore areas. I'm hoping for a good nights sleep and a pain free day tomorrow!

6 weeks post

Tomorrow is session 2 and 6 weeks from session one. I'm down 7 lbs but I've been watching what I eat and staying active. I've maybe lost 1- 1 1/2 total inches but I'll measure in the am. At this point I'm not seeing any difference but hopefully it just takes the full 12 weeks? I'm super scared for the pain. I'm hoping this time it's different and I can tolerate much more. Fingers crossed that it's quick, painless and that I didn't just throw away $3200!!!!! ????

Round two not as bad!

I am so happy to report that round two of sculpture was not as painful as round one. I have no clue why but the nurse performing the procedure said she's heard that more then once. I had the same 3 areas done, upper and lower abd and flanks. I tolerated level 2 on the abd on level 3 in the flanks. At the peek of the heat it still hurt and a few times but I was able to get through it and even talk throughout. I was so scared! After the procedure I was sore (and still am) but again it's not as bad. I'm getting ready to workout and wasn't able to do that due to pain last time. I am swollen and massaging is sore but overall doing great! In total I'm down 2.5 inches (measuring waist, belly button and hips) and 7 lbs. I will go back for "after" pictures in 6 weeks. Here is a picture of after with a swollen, lumpy belly.
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