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So far I went to one consultation and felt super...

So far I went to one consultation and felt super excited and comfortable with my two surgeons! I originally wanted a rhinoplasty and chin liposuction but then later decided to do a fat transfer to my lips to help balance my face better. Also both surgeons suggested for me to get a chin implant, I decided to go with it because they both explained how it will help make my nose look better. So far I'm super happy and feeling blessed for this opportunity! I've waited over 20 years and finally feel ready! I will post some before photos and after :) super excited to share my experience and hopefully answer anyone questions after my procedure is done!

Before photo not smiling.

Before photo not smiling. You can see my nose from the side, I did contour with makeup.

Side view picture before surgery

In this picture you can see my largeness of my nose a lot better and see my chin better too. Sorry it's not the best pic of me but oh well lol.

Day 1

Got my surgery done! I wasn't nervous at all and the pain isn't too bad. The swelling is pretty bad and is making it hard to eat and take my medication. I have only taken Tylenol because Norcos make me feel like throwing up. The only bad part was when I first woke up, I felt super hot and threw up 4 times I believe. It was all blood but I feel better now that it's out of my system. I'm really excited to get the packing out because I hate breathing through my mouth. So far so good!

Pics from day 1

Almost 9 hours after

Day 2 after my surgery

I got the packing out of my nose and got it cleaned. It was not fun because all my stitches are so tender still. It's making scared to get my stitches out on Friday but hopefully it won't be as bad. My right eye is super swollen I'm not sure why because my left barely is. So far the pain is till okay not to bad. I just can't wait to breath normally through my nose again :). Till then I'm a mouth breather and I'm not used to it lol. I can't wait for everything to be healed.

Day 3

Last night was horrible. I couldn't sleep and felt nauseous. I haven't felt nauseous since the first day of my surgery so it was not a good night. Besides that my right nostril keeps bleeding which I hope will stop soon. And my face is extremely oily I tried to use a wipe wipe but it wasn't much help lol. Those are my only complaints so far. I am still very swollen and I wish I could see my finally results now haha but I know it will still be awhile. I am also really bored so all I have been doing is watching tv, I like to watch keeping up with the kardashians since I know they all got surgery I don't feel so alone lol. Oh! I also took a bath which was nice I hadn't taken one since my surgery so that made me feel a lot better.

Day 4

So I slept on my side which I know I'm not suppose to but I kept my head as high up as I could because I can't sleep on my back anymore. I miss sleeping on my sides haha. I took a bath again and got my hair wet, I couldn't wash it but I got to put conditioner in it. Also my eyes have been getting better, probably because I have been taking all my medicines. The cast on my nose is getting annoying I want to scratch it and wiggle my nose so bad but I can't :(! Oh well. My chin is still very swollen and feels numb when I clean it. I see improvements in my nose when I clean it I can see it healing :) also I barely take any pain medications which is nice because the strong ones make me sick. So far so good.

Day 5

Everything is okay so far, I feel better each day and more strong. I'm excited to get my cast off so I can wash my face because it's so oily! Besides my oily face my swelling is going down which is exciting :) I can also eat a lot better now! Pretty happy so far I just want to see the final result :)

Washed my hair and face yay!!

Took a bath and used a cup to wash my hair. My eyes are getting better as well but get itchy sometimes. Also used a wash cloth to wash my face. I use a tiny bit of face wash and then ring the rag out to get it all off. I miss doing my everyday stuff!

Day 6 (technically 5 I counted wrong)

I noticed on my last post (day 5) it said day 4 so I think I went up a day to fast. Anyway I tried to clean my nose really good today and get some dried blood off. I think I did as best as I could. I used tweezers that I cleaned and tried to chip some off inside my nose then go back in with a q tip. I think I did good for the most part :) also I had a dream last night that I was fully healed and no one even knew I got a nose job because it looked the same lol. That was my first dream since my surgery! Besides that I haven't been sleeping on my back directly because I can't it's so uncomfortable but I am on my back with my head up all day besides when I sleep! Haven't noticed any difference in swelling or bruising since yesterday. Hopefully by Friday it will be better. Still scared to get my itches and splints taken out ????

Stitches on my nose

Cleaned them good today and got a lot of dried blood off in my opinion. There still is some I can't get in the top corners of my nostrils but I'll try again today. I wash my stitches about 4 times a day.

A before picture

I feel like this is a good photo because you can see how long my nostrils were and how large my nose was. I'm excited to see a after photo and see the difference. Everyday before my surgery I would look at my nose from the side and hated it because it came out so far. Also my chin was very small too. I want to be fully healed :(!

Day 6, getting my cast off tomorrow

I'm pretty nervous but excited. This cast is so itchy and annoying! And I can't wash my face or hair good so I'm super excited that I'll be able to shower again, yay!!! I really want the swelling to go down so I have a better idea of how the end result will look. From the side I already see a difference but up from my tip looks kinda big still. Anyway I'm going to take a anti- anxiety pill I got a prescription for that was taken before my surgery that really helped. I hope it will mellow me out for getting my splints and stitches out. I will post some pictures after I get it off. Here is a before and after photo so far.

Cast removal today, feeling depressed

Today I get my cast and stitches and splints taken out, yay! Not excited actually more nervous. I had a meltdown last night, not sure if it was the week of not being able to breath through my nose or my anti- anxiety pills I took to make me less nervous for today but I cried a lot. I felt like my nose looks huge still, my lips don't look different at all and they didn't take enough fat out of my chin lipo. My mom kept saying it's only been 6 days you need to be patient. But I feel like whenever I see people get their casts taken off its already a huge difference! I know my main focus was my nose job but i felt upset because my lips barely look bigger and I didn't want to get any fillers I wanted the fat transfer to successful and I feel like it wasn't. Also I feel like my chin lipo wasn't done as much as I would like :( kinda upsetting since I put all this time and money towards something I always wanted and it didn't really turn out how I wanted. Obviously there's a difference but I guess I need to be patient like my mom said :( hopefully I will feel happy after I get my cast off :(

Cast off and stitches off!

Omg soooo happy I can breath! And it was not as painful as I thought it didn't even hurt. So happy just for that factor lol. My nose is really dirty and gross so I'm going to post more photos later after I shower. It is still swollen as well but here is a side picture so far.

Feeling better and like Ms.Piggy

I was so nervous yesterday to get my splints and stitches out for the pain factor. It actually wasn't bad at all! I was so Shocked! One of my two surgeons did it and he was super gentle and talked the whole time with my mom and it made me more calm. Only 3 stitches hurt a little and the splints did not hurt at all. It felt so amazing to breath again. That alone made me so happy. I like the side of my nose so far because it's shorter and straight! The doctor told me every part of my nose is very swollen and I need to focus on healing and not results. Right now the tip is super turned up and I feel like a pig lol. They also told me that will go away soon. I feel more hopeful then I did when I had the cast on because I know it will only get smaller and look better from here on out! So far I am happy with the results. I'm not used to looking at the side of my nose and seeing it look so good, it used to have a huge bump and was really far set back on the beginning of the bridge then just got bulbous at the tip. I'm happy my surgeons fixed every aspect of my nose :)

Tip went down a little

So far I have just been cleaning my nose. I went to Target to get out of the house which was nice. My eyes are getting better and the incision mark on my chin is almost gone. I also think the tip of my nose went down a little so it isn't as turned up anymore :)

Super busy but got ready today

I have been really busy because I am moving in 3 days. I haven't seen a difference in my nose from the front, it still seems very swollen. I wish the swelling would go down faster :( I made a hair appointment that is in a week since I am feeling better. I feel fine for the most part, my nose hurt a little today since I was going back and forth up 3 flights of stairs. But for the most part everything is going good :)!

Sorry for not updating in so long!

Hello everyone sorry I've been missing for a while. I moved and been catching up on work and bills! Moving is expensive lol. Everything has been going good finally settled in. My nose has been a lot better. Still swollen but not as bad as it was :) I'm freaking out right now as we speak because I think a scab just came out of my right nostril. I'm so scared! I texted my surgeon but it's 1 am right. My tip is still hard and numb but my chin feels better. Still hard and numb too but not as bad as how it was. I feel happy with my surgery but I just want to be more healed lol. Besides my scab I've had no other problems but I'm very scared and worried about that :(! I'll post some photos. It's been about a month and 7 Days! Yay!!

Almost 3 months later

Very happy I had my surgery! I have my 3 month visit with my doctors this upcoming week. My nose at the tip still feels swollen and it's hard to clean my nose sometimes because it's swollen. Just feels like it's clogged and I can't breath great but nothing bad. My chin implant is fine I feel like the swelling went down a lot! Most of the fat transfer to my lips went away which sucks but I wasn't expecting it to be perfect because fat transfers to lips normally don't last long. Overall very happy just healing still and swollen!

7 months now I believe?

I have been M.I.A! Sorry for not updating. My nose has been swollen a lot because I keep getting a sinus infection. I notice days that it much smaller and sometimes it gets swollen and bigger other days. My lips definitely got smaller after the fat transfer. My chin is just fine!

Updated side profile

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Syke, Dr. Kiener Both Doctors are awesome and super helpful. They knew so much and answered all my questions and concerns. I knew after my consultation I was going to go with them. I'm happy I chose these two because they both work hand in hand together and had good ideas for my surgery so I learned a lot from each two. Sykes and Keiner are really nice too! I felt a safe knowing they are going to do a awesome job and I wouldn't go anywhere else/ choose any other doctors. I am super excited for my actual surgery!

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