No Never Do This Procedure , I Had a Brow Lift, Face Lift, Eyes Upper N Lower and Fat Transfer - Sacramento, CA

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My surgery was 7/29/13 today is 3/26/14 I'm very...

My surgery was 7/29/13 today is 3/26/14
I'm very uncomfortable. My life has been changed forever. It feels like a tight band is around my forehead. At the end of the day it feels like my brow is falling down on to my eyes. Please people don't do this to yourself. Even if it makes you look better on your face you will probably gain weight because you will be limited on your activity. So is it really worth it? It's a big gamble and can effect your and your family. I will be one happy lady when they out law brow lifts! This procedure was way too much for my Dr. to handle!

Brow lift still miserable almost a rear later

It's been almost a year now... My brow/forehead still feels tight. Feels like there's a tight band around it. If I was my hear or do anything it is worse. I still can't go in the sun. Everyone says I look good but looking at my pictures before the lift and after the lift I was much prettier. Be careful for what you wish for people. Life changing surgery. I'm happy for the people who decide to have this surgery that theirs was a success. It's a big gamble. I pray my doctor didn't harm the main nerve to my forehead. We will see. Plus there's a worry he could have left needles in my head. It won't be long and I will be seeking help from other doctors.

Words came out wrong after my posting

Still miserable after almost a year...If I wash my hair it is worse. Over all still crippling and has changed my life completely.

Folic Acid

I learned a new thing today about nerve damage after surgery. Folic acid 15 mg. A day helps.

Update 2 1/2 years later

I'm still miserable. My forehead is extremely numb. The fat transfer is squeezed around mt eyes. I look Chinese. My smile is horrible .. I can't have my usual beautiful smile. I my face is uneven. I don't go out.. I don't look the same. My head hurts and is numb and my eyes feel heavy. I have to photo shop all my pictures! Or wear SUNGLASSES !

Brow lift in 2013 .. 3 years later horrible

I'm still miserable. The doctor that did this to me is now a A plus on Yelp. Before he had many many complaints.
Nothing has changed for me. My forehead is tight. My head pounds. I can not go out in the sun. My life has changed for the worse. I have nightmares every night that my head is going to explode. My vision is poor. This doctor knows I'm on Realself . My password HAS been Changed!!! Please Realself do not let anyone in my account unless you contact me first. This doctor needs retire! I pray he goes to heaven. He ruined my life.
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