Old Man Utilizing the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Protocol - Sacramento, CA

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A friend of mine was noticing my ruddy completion....

A friend of mine was noticing my ruddy completion. She stated to me that it would clear up easily with some new products she ordered from watching an infomercial. I told her that men didn't utilize such products or people would have a different prospective of them. She asked me "do you really care what anyone thinks". I said no. She came over to me with a tube of Neck Treatment and rubbed it It on my neck. Then she put serum on my face. After a few minutes she came over with a mirror, my neck wrinkles had almost gone away, my face had smoothed out. I was kind of ok with it. Four days later I went to eat food at her house and she did the same things. I was happier the 2nd time.

She gave me a new box she had ordered and told me to use this Cindy Crawford products daily. I told her that at home I take the shower, comb the hair, put on the cologne and get dressed, the time it would take to use women's product would be counter productive to my day. She got mad at me and told me that I would have to include the Meaningful Beauty protocol treatment to my morning regimen. So............I began the journey. It takes an extra 12-15 minutes to goop up my face, neck, chest and legs.
1. I put the serum on my face.
2. I put the Lifting eye cream around the eyes.
3. I rub in the Skin Brightening Neck Treatment on the neck and chest.
4. I rub in the a mixture of the Neck Treatment and the serum onto my legs.

After one year:
I've noticed that my face has become softer to the touch, smooth and free of blemishes, my neck has become more wrinkle free, the dark rings around the eyes have dissipated @25%, my legs look very nice and smooth with no scaly dry spots, my wife likes them since I've been in the sun and they are receiving some color.

I have to say that I've never utilized any products on my face and body prior to these. This has been an eye opening experience for me. The Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty protocol has worked for me with flawless execution. I feel better about my looks, but I'm still an ugly old man. My face, neck, chest and legs (no more dry scaley spots) look surprisingly better, perhaps even younger. I'm 60 now, but a younger lady at the gas station said I appeared to be 45 to 47 and asked if I drank coffee. I explained to her I was married, elderly with 5 kids and 9 grandchildren and that I didn't drink coffee and quickly drove home. My friend continues to provide me with your product for which I am eternally grateful to her.

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