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I had Lipo in my abdomen and love handles back in...

I had Lipo in my abdomen and love handles back in 2007. I gained some weight of course. And yes that weight goes to other places when you gain it. Haha. So the fat went to my mons pubis (vaginal area). Even when I lose weight, it's still there as large as can be.
Ready to get some more Lipo I don't regret my first surgery but regret not maintaining it. Wearing the garmet constantly and keeping weight off. I'm hoping that this will be an incentive and fresh start.
Scheduled for water jet assisted Lipo May 13 on upper and lower abdomen and love handles.
I hope to help other people thinking about this procedure through my two experiences. My second surgery will not be with the original doc.

Pre-Op done

Went for my pre-op yesterday. It was basically filling out paperwork, getting perscription info, a lab slip for blood test. I was expecting to meet with a nurse to go over what to expect the day of. I had questions about the medication so the front desk staff asked a nurse to come speak with me. I am glad I asked for that because the nurse walked me through everything and even showed me the OR. Now I will be less nervous the day of since I have seen the facility and met the person who will be monitoring me.

Getting antsy

Even though I've done this before I'm still nervous. I'll be doing IV sedation. I am sensitive to meds and other times I've had iv sedation I've not woken up or remembered anything. But there is always "what if?". I look at this site all the time. Some results look awesome, some look like a sack of potatoes. What if I end up looking worse?

Blood work is done

Had my blood taken today to make sure I'm healthy for surgery. CBC panel, quick and easy. Tomorrow I will go pick up meds. I believe it's Adavan to take prior to the procedure. I'll update when I get them.

Had procedure today

They gave me Xanax, norco, and an anti nausea. Sat and relaxed for a bit. Then got antibiotics through IV. Went to operating room and they scrubbed me up so I was sterile. Then gave me the sleeping time through IV. I was knocked out. Then I woke up. My eyes were open, I was looking around and saying hi to people. I remember there being pain and sort of wimpering. I kept telling them I could feel it and they said it's ok you're almost done. I told them I'm alright, it feels like tattoos. I have many many tattoos so I've got a high pain threshold. I really just remember wimpering and saying keep going don't stop. After that I remember them putting the gamet on and my underwear over with a pad. I am on my period. I asked to see the fat. I think they showed me. Things were blurry. I was put in a wheelchair, from there I know nothing. I was put in my bed with puppy potting training pads under me. Then I slept. Just woke up. Feeling spacey. Leaked on my comforter. So I'd recommend putting a blanket on your bed that you don't mind staining.

Day 2 post

I'm doing pretty well I would say. I've been drinking cold pressed juices, no food yet. Taking pain meds every six hours but I'm not in pain. The only time I hurt is when I get up to go pee. Soon I will change the pads in my garment. In the meantime I'm watching tv, sleeping on and off and drinking lots of water.

Day 3 post op

Laying more upright in bed has kept me more comfortable. Getting up and down is rough but I do enjoy walking around. Being squeezed together with the garmet and extra wrap is the worst part. I just want to take a deep breath. No more leaking which is cool.

Bandage change

I learned the hard way that when you take off or loosen the binder or garmet you should lie down, wait 10 minutes before standing. I changed my bandages standing and got hot flashes and woozy. As soon as I zipped up I was better. No more leaking!

Post op appointment

I went back and met with the nurse who was with me the day of surgery. Everything is good. I'm to continue to wear the garmet, binder, and foam. Finally took a shower today. Everything just feels strange. You touch your stomach and it feels like someone else's. I took some pics after the shower but didn't look at myself in the mirror. I think it's important not to prejudge Lipo since it takes months for the true results to show. I'll say that I'm much smaller than when I started.
I have been drinking cold pressed juice and soup. Being all binded doesn't make you want to eat. Plus I'm not expending calories watching Netflix. Taking this opportunity to reset.

Feeling great, here's why

No naps today! I was up doing dishes and tidying. Still on the couch for most of the day but getting up and down is so much easier. The numbness is wearing off, I can feel my muscles working. I've been eating extremely well and I really think that is aiding in such a speedy recovery. I was brave enough to step on the scale and happy to see that I'm 4 lbs down. From reviews I expected a gain due to water weight, swelling, etc. So my strong advice is to use this time to clean up your diet and feed your body only what it needs. You're not expending much calories in bed recovering so it's not necessary to eat as much as usual. I see some posts saying that people are eating fast food!!! Why do you need an 800 calorie meal to just lay there? Minimal sodium should be high priority as well to help with bloating and swelling.

Finally washed garmets

They've got me in a compression garmet that zips on the sides, a Velcro binder for the waist, and a foam shield for the mons pubis. It was starting to get real stinky so I washed everything on hot water. Was out of my binders for about 45 mins while I wore tight shorts and tank. Yes it feels like your skin is dossconnected from your body but so worth it to not have smelly undergarments.
The foam is really making a difference with swelling. My hips don't have any added compression so they're the most swollen. I have yellow bruising in the hips and mons, some blue on the ribs. Minimal bruising considering how pale I am.

Today is annoying

Everything is irritating me today and I'm in a funky mood. The whole middle of my body aches, inches, sometimes pins and needles. It's all normal stuff but extra annoying today. I just want like a three hour break from this.
I'm still looking good. I've got one bump on my flank that I'm massaging. It's from a buckle in the garmet.

5 weeks post op

Everything is going well. I am extremely happy with my results so far.

Feeing good

Every day is a new day. Some days I feel less swollen than others. I am thrilled with my results and can't wait for more swelling to go down.

It's been months now...

Things are still good! I'm very pleased with my results. I continued to wear compression through December. I do believe that helped. If you're thinking of getting lipo just remember that to optimize your results you need to eat well and move. If you don't keep up with your health you will gain fat back, trust me. A second round of lipo has given me confidence and motivation to not let myself go again rather than permission to eat 10 cookies.


Seems like a great guy. I liked how straight forward and to the point he is. He was very clear on expectations.

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