Careprost... Is It Working? - Sacramento, CA

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My lashes used to be long and pretty but after...

My lashes used to be long and pretty but after wearing falsies a few times I lost my lashes to the adhesive that was used. So for the longest I've been wanting to try Latisse after coming across it on a youtube video from me googling around. Finally last month I decided to go for it but didn't want the expense of Latisse. Researching a better price I found Careprost which had just as good results. I ordered from a site called DHGate and after a very long wait for shipping my package with 10 bottles in it arrived. I've heard of a lot of fake Careprost being out there so I was skeptical but for the price I went ahead and took the risk. I can see some changes in my lashes in just 2 weeks. They are definitely thicker and looking like I have mascara on when I don't. I must admit that it stares to only apply to upper lid but I'm applying to my lower lid as well. I'll update in another week or 2 and see where my results are then. I've had no side affects at all.

Here is an update at 18 days

I haven't been using it but once a day for the last week because I'm out of state away from home and I didn't pack enough for more use. So I've narrowed it down to once a day so I don't run out and miss any days.

11 days after last photo

And 29 days total. I'm not sure I can see a dramatic difference from before. I know I do with my eyebrows though. I am actually going to get them waxed tomorrow and I will post how they came out. In the meantime I bout some mascara that I'll will be wearing in tomorrow's update photos and hopefully we can all see the affects of the Careprost on my eyelashes better.

27 days after first use...

I was way too busy to post yesterday but here is an updated photo after using Careprost on my lashes and brows for 28 days. I'm loving the results this far. I have mascara on and just had my brows waxed. Finally my brows are full again.

At an angle

So length can be seen better

53 days in...

I see the difference from my last update. I'm almost 2 full months in. I'm looking forward to my results at the 4 month mark.
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