Large Multi-colored Tattoo Removal with Picosure - Slay the Dragon! - Sacramento, CA

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Hello - I have been on this site off and on for...

Hello - I have been on this site off and on for various other bad decisions (ha) but this is my first time doing an "in-progress" type blog. I hope I am doing this correctly!

Anyway, I have decided to start laser tattoo removal on my calf tattoo which I've had a couple years. It was definitely my fault (of course) when deciding to get this design as I wasn't 100% in love with it. I then had it touched up by another artist, and I'm still not happy with it. It doesn't flow with my leg well and I just don't want this monster on my leg anymore :)

My first session is scheduled for August 21st (ouch), and I have to admit I'm pretty apprehensive. I would really love to remove the whole darn thing, but I think I will just have to lighten it enough for a cover-up of some sort. No. Dragons.

I'm aiming for 4 - 8 sessions (hopefully) although it has that tough teal color and the additional touch up. Sigh.

I've been Pico'ed.

I had my first treatment on August 21 (Friday). From the way everyone was talking (elsewhere on the internet), I thought it would feel like my leg was melting off or something. It really wasn't that bad. I used Dr. Numb cream about 1.5 hours beforehand, and then iced it for the 15 minute ride to the doctor. I also took two Tylenol before the procedure. I don't know how long it took, but it was quick. The RN said I was the best patient she ever had, and she's never seen anyone sit as still as me, ha ha. Maybe I have high pain tolerance.

So, I got some gnarly looking blisters as she warned me might happen. It happens the most where the ink is the most dense, or if you have a tattoo on top of a tattoo (which I do). I've been washing twice a day, and then just putting gauze around it to protect the blisters. Took some Tylenol for the pain/soreness yesterday, but today is fine. My leg is still swollen.

I'll post some more pictures once it's healed up some - I made my next appointment in three months since I'll be going on vacation at the end of October and I don't want a monster leg :)

One week!

It has been one week since my laser treatment, and the blisters are finally subsiding...still got that big one on the bottom though!

My leg was swollen for quite awhile, it was actually difficult to put a shoe on! I have been sleeping at night with my leg elevated.

Tattoo is looking dark, red and angry looking. I've been wrapping it in gauze since it's still uhm..."leaky" and the last few days it's been itchy. Using the Bactine spray idea from tips I've read on here :D

I'm so over it already...and I have quite a few more sessions to go. I think it will be better when these stupid blisters finally go away!

Slow healing.........omg

So it's been about two weeks since my Picosure session, and OMG - it's been painful. I don't know if it's because my skin is sensitive or the settings were high or WHAT, but I seriously thought about going to Urgent Care this weekend. A few days ago I noticed this "smell" coming from my leg, egads. I stopped wrapping it in gauze in hopes it would dry out some and started putting more Bactine on it. On work on Friday, I was bleeding all over my sock and shoe. Hot. I was on a conference call so I had to wrap my leg in my cubicle (which has low walls). Thank god it was a holiday weekend and not many people were in the office. The last few days have been pretty miserable, as the areas where the massive blisters were are quite red and painful. I think it's finally feeling a little better today but I've worn nothing but soft pants for these entire two weeks! No jeans!!! It's still painful to the touch. :/ I'll see if I can get a picture tomorrow of it before I wash/wrap again.

Better today, I think

I think it's better today - at least it doesn't hurt as much. The goo on it is the Aquaphor.

Where it's red is where those big blisters were...I am going to give the doctor a call tomorrow.

Ouchie :( And I definitely decided to cover it up, not go for full removal if this is how long each healing session is going to be!

Finally drying out - 3 weeks Post-Pico!

So it's finally drying out - 3 weeks later! No more goo, no more wraps, and no more smell of death :D

Pico Session #2

Just had my 2nd Pico session yesterday at 8 AM! It went fine, I don't think it hurt anymore than the first one. The nurse said she turned up the intensity on the roses, and I think for the dragon it was the same. Husband said this session seemed shorter, I think it seemed longer but that's probably because it was my leg ;)

I probably wouldn't wait 3 months between sessions again, there wasn't much difference from the 8 week mark to the 12 week mark.

Day 5 - Revenge of the Itching

So! It's been 5 days since my Pico Session #2. This time I did not develop any blisters! Woot! I iced it for the first 48 hours like it was my job, pretty much on and off every 20 minutes unless I was sleeping. It was a GIANT PITA, but really helped preventing that Blister Disaster that was my first session. But now, omg the itching has risen its head like a savage beast! I don't know what's worse, the blisters from the first session, or the incredible itching I have now. Can't win! I've been slathering Vaseline on it because it helps with the itching, and wrapping it in a gauze bandage just for protection - and to prevent dog and cat hair from sticking to it, ew. How many sessions do I have? Sigh :P

Two weeks post session #2

Just trucking along - trying not to get discouraged thinking about the number of sessions I have left. The area is flaky and peel-y, I am just using lotion and Vitamin E oil on it.

Thinking happy fading thoughts...fade...fade...fadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. FADE!

Session #3 was cancelled today - boo :(

So I was all ready for my third session today, and was actually in the car driving to the office when I they called me and cancelled. They said the nurse had an emergency, and I hope she's ok but I have to admit - my first thought was DARN IT! I already numbed my leg (using that expensive Dr. Numb cream!), iced it, took two Tylenol and requested the day off work. Grrr.

I am already over this whole laser thing, I swear. I have to schedule so many things around my sessions because I need to ice and stay off my feet for 48 hours to avoid the blister disaster that happened before.

Sigh, feeling a little down today - but I will call and reschedule next week...booooo.

Burn Day Session #3

Had my third Pico session on Monday, I was really nervous beforehand for some reason. Maybe because I know the pain is coming! I think I say this every time, but it felt like it took longer. Usually I have my sessions on Friday and I rest and ice over the weekend, but my husband changed his days off, and now it's going to have to be on Monday's...ugh. My leg and foot are pretty swollen, my ankle kinda swelled in the shape of my shoe, ha ha. Pretty raw and red, 2 days post op. I hate how dark it looks right after. Getting tattoo removal on your lower leg or foot sucks!

5 months post session #3

Wow, it's been 5 months since session #3! I guess I've just been putting it off because it's just so not fun. I have session #4 scheduled for next Monday, August 15th so I'm definitely going to keep at it. It's not like I can stop anyway, it's kind of a faded mess :)

Session 4 done!

Just finished session 4 yesterday, no pictures yet (except for my awesome plastic wrap pre-op routine) because I need to keep the bandages on for 24 hours.

I am going to be honest, this session didn't hurt very much... could be the massive amounts of Dr. Numb cream I put on beforehand. I asked the nurse to do it again when she was finished, ha! Too bad it doesn't work like that.

I also told her I was just lightening the whole thing up so I could get a cover-up and she said, "You are going to cover up all my hard work!" Ha :) I would LOVE to have complete removal but I don't think it's possible on my particular tattoo. It is professionally done, colorful, and was reworked to add more color so it's basically a cover-up!

Sadly I need to go to work today so I can't ice like I normally do...hope I don't blister up :( Pics to come soon!

5 days post session #4

So it's about 5 days since my session #4, it's been more ouchy than usual. I did get some blistering this time, nothing too major. It's healing, and I Just have one super painful spot - instead of like 10 :D

I am trying to attach a picture, but it keeps posting sideways, rawr.

48 hours post session #4

Finally got the picture to post, jeesh. Nothing too exciting here, just a big 'ole mess of goo and redness :)

3 months post session #5

Yup, still truckin' along here! Gearing up for my 6th session soon, can't believe it's going to be two years since the whole party process was started :-O

It's definitely me that's moving slowly, I could've gotten sessions every 8 weeks but hey - the more time in-between the better, right?

I'm thinking 8 sessions total, and it'll be ready to cover up!
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